Monday, 11 March 2013

Titsicles, winter's back!

What an absolutely freezacious Monday it had been!
Some time ago we set up a bird feeding station on the balcony and earlier today our little feathered friends were sent tumbling when caught by strong and icy cold gusts of wind.
I chopped up a suet & seed ball and stuck in a bowl on the floor, in an attempt to make it slightly easier for them but then it started snowing, och!
I'm chuffed to bits with the amount and variety of birds that are regular visitors now...
blackbird, chaffinch, robin, sparrow, starling, wood pigeon, blue tit and this morning we were even visited by a very inquisitive magpie.
It's lovely to just sit with my cup of coffee, watching the birds pick away at the seed balls outside.
 Yes peeps, it's official, I am a birdwatcher.
We're going through bags of seed every week so it's just as well that you can pick them up from the pound shop. 
I do want to try and make my own seed balls though and I've found a good tutorial on a blog called Dry Seasonings, so I'll give that a bash at the weekend.
Lilo and friends also get their daily visit without fail. 
On a day like today one could be tempted to give the pond a miss but I don't want my angel-winged pretty going hungry especially when it's as Baltic as it has been today.
They were filming something in the park, there were loads of lorries and one of those double decker catering buses parked on the basketball courts. 
I didn't spot anyone famous but I may have done?
 Especially if the celebrity looks like a hairy gaffer, cause there were a fair few of them about.
We were interrupted three times by crew peeps as we were trying to snap the outfit pics. 
I was standing there thinking...
"Excuse me, can you hold on three bleedin' seconds please, I'm getting titsicles standing here!".
'Titsicles' is pretty self explanatory I guess but just in case you are perplexed, it is the word my husband chooses to use for a pair of extremely cold boobies :)
Vintage 60s psychedelic print dress, 90s faux-fur jacket, 80s boots, tights, mohair hat, gloves & Frocktasia earrings & horse brass necklace.
In the pictures above you can see me clocking bearded men just about to walk right in front of the camera... you would have thought being in 'The Biz' they would know bleedin' better but I guess not.
Today's tune is by lovely Leslie's very talented son Erik, enjoy :)
Erik will be playing a six song gig at The Old Queen's Head on Sunday the 24th of March.
Mark and I will be going :)
Loads of love,

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mums are amazing

Last time I wore the dress I am wearing today was on the 18th of May 2010.
Now you're probably thinking that something very special happened on that particular day or that I have a photographic memory but the truth is I cheated.
By looking back in my old style diary ;)
I know I haven't worn it since cause it has been carefully stashed away in a bag of vintage frocks in the loft until yesterday.
This flirty vintage mini frock was a gift from a dear friend that used to live with us, it belonged to her mother who wore it to various dances in Fort William back in the 60s.
This is another one of those frocks that I couldn't possibly bear to part with.
I actually feel as if I'm its safe-keeper rather than owner and I therefore want to keep it pristine should Claire or any of her nieces ever want it back.
I only have a handful of my own mum's garments from the 70s/80s in my wardrobe but they are highly prized possessions indeed. 
There's something really special about wearing them; the feeling is akin to getting a really loving hug just when you need it the most.
I've blogged about my mum's vintage clobber before, you can check the posts out here & here.
My mum is a wonderful & wise woman, she is the kindest and most patient person I know. 
She's been a solid rock for all her six kids throughout our lives and whenever we've fucked up, no matter how many times, she's always been there to bail us out and get us back on track.
When we were on holiday together over Christmas mum was feeling quite overpowered by the heat and even a small physical exertion made her feel almost faint, when they got back to Sweden she went to see her doctor and was diagnosed with an outrageously high blood pressure. 
The doctor even told her that she'd probably had a narrow escape from getting a stroke out in Thailand.
 She's now on pills that are slowly bringing the blood pressure down but most importantly she's lost a bit of weight & knocked booze on the head which is very good. 
You can't tell her to take it easy though, cause she just won't, she makes a workaholic look like an idler. 
She runs her own business, selling mainly kids stuff on Swedish eBay and works on average a ten hour day, I only wish I had inherited her gusto for hardcore toil.
It's not mother's day in Sweden until the last Sunday in May but I'll be sending my beloved mamma lots of positive & loving vibes tomorrow anyway :)
Vintage 60s psychedelic print dress, lurex tights, 80s boots, retro PVC coat, lurex bucket hat & Frocktasia earrings.
Here's the outfit that I wore on the 18th of May 2010...
it's a bit Pippi Longstocking meets the Twilight Saga-esque, not sure if that was what I was aiming for ;)
Hope you will all have a lovely day tomorrow.
If mummy is still around make sure you take the opportunity to reach out and tell her that she's AMAZING!
If mummy lives in your heart, then why not wear something that she used to love in honor of her memory.
Here's to all the mums that have been, are and ever will ROCK!
Loads of love,

Getting high on flash fumes...I wish!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, winter comes back like a fierce predator and nips you on the neb.
I kick started my spring cleaning this week thinking that spring was here to stay,
how wrong was I?!
I managed to completely gut the kitchen and scrubbed all those manky surfaces that I never normally get around to doing. 
The top of all the cupboards, skirting boards, ceiling, walls and underneath the fridge, washing machine & cooker.
Spring cleaning is the proverbial can of worms, cleaning one corner makes the rest of the room look even more filthy and there's no bleeding end to it either.
After five hours of almost scrubbing your fingers to the bone, you think it's all done, so you boil the kettle to make a cup of celebratory tea, sit down to admire the fruits of your arduous toil only to find that the underneath of the blinking cupboard needs a jolly good scrub too, argh!
The skirting boards laugh in your face and the knobs of the cooker flip the bird in your general direction..."Hehehe, missed a bit!"
We've lived in this flat for over ten years, we rent, so in all that time it hasn't been decorated and it is really starting to show now. 
Everywhere you look something is flaking, corroding, peeling, cracking, breaking or is already broken.
I try to make it look nice but it really needs more than me donning marigolds for a week on a cleaning mission, it needs money spent on it.
It needs new carpets, new kitchen, new bathroom and a proper decorator coming in and giving the place a long overdue face lift. 
This is the big draw back when renting, you are having to wait until your landlord sees it fit to do something about it, which in my experience tends to be NEVER or just after you've moved out! 
It may sound as I'm making excuses but it is truthfully nigh-on impossible to get this place looking clean even if I spend days on my knees scrubbing till my hands are almost falling off and my lungs are getting sore from breathing in flash fumes.
You do what you can and that's all you can do, eh?!

It was drizzling all day today and even though we made our daily jaunt up to feed little Lilo and the other birds it was just way to dreich to get the camera out to shoot some outfit pics in the park.
We quickly nipped out onto the balcony when we got back home to snap a couple...
Vintage 70s lurex leaf print kaftan dress, vintage boots, Ankh earrings & gloves.
I bought this Miss Jeannie dress from a market in July last year and today was its first outing.
I used to have one in teal blue that was sadly a bit too big for me so I sold on eBay back in 2005. 
These were  the auction pics...
Wearing this frock with my Ankh earrings today made me think of Egypt. 
It is almost a year since we went there now.
I totally fell for the place, the lovely people, the awesome diving  and the totally amazing scenery.
Here are a few of the pics from the two little desert photo sessions that Mark and I did. 
If you want to see more you can either go back and check my April posts of last year or have a peek in this folder that I made on facebook :)
Hope that the start of your weekend went off with a bang and that the rest of it will be fantabulous too :)
Lot's of love,

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'm with the band

Many moons ago when Mark & I lived in Glasgow, we had a band called 'Gretchen'.
The boys (Mark, Jim, Dave & Allen) and myself practiced every Sunday and gigged regularly for a year at intimate venues like 'Nice N Sleazy' and 'The 13th Note'. 
We never got to the recording stage before splitting up but thankfully Mark bought me a four track recorder, so I do have a whole heap of live demos, from various rehearsal sessions, that I like to dust off and listen to every now and again ;)
The band didn't split up because of artistic differences, it was simply life pulling us all in different directions.
Mark and I moved to London, Jim changed career and relocated and Dave became a father.
Allen is still living the rock and roll dream though, playing bass in Maiden Scotland an Iron Maiden tribute band.

I actually still have both the trousers and the jacket that I'm wearing in these pictures...
The striped cami was my mums from the early 80s, the pink boucle jacket was bought from the Benetton sale in '96 (with some tax rebate money), the mad space boots I bagged in Copenhagen in '99, they were originally priced at over £100 but the zip was "bust" so they had been marked down to a mere £20. I took the boots to a cobblers in Copenhagen and he had them fixed in two minutes flat and didn't even charge me for it. The trousers I bought in the Topshop winter sale in 2000.
I'm amazed at how brand spanking these trousers still look cause I've worn them a lot...
I know that I usually harp on about how modern High Street clothing have no longevity because of  poor quality but I may have to eat my hat about this conjecture, cause in some cases it is obviously not true.
I told you the lurex jumper would get a few more outings this month...
number one and counting ;)
It was so nice outside today I didn't even have to wear a jacket or coat.
The fabulous fuchsia pink felt is by St Saviours Hats, these hats usually retail at over £50.
Needless to say I paid rather less than that, cause I am the original bargain bint ;)
00s Topshop trousers, cropped lurex jumper, vintage 60s psychedelic print shirt, Indian block print silk scarf, St Saviours  felt hat, velvet gloves, mini cross & safety-pin earrings & 80s boots.
Before I sign off I'd also like to tell you that I have made a fabulous new addition to my little gang of  Legendary Frockstars, namely Ariane of Style Sud-Est
She always bowls me over with her amazing style! 
If she's unknown to you, go check her out, you won't regret it :) 

I did want to share a song that Mark and I wrote a few years ago but I can't upload it, so here's a tune that we covered back in the gigging days in Glasgow, enjoy :)
Almost weekend again, huzzah!
Lot's of love,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lost and found

A conversation between a husband and wife in a North London home on Tuesday the 5th of March 2013...
-Mark, have you seen my Helga hat?
-Your what?
-My Helga hat; the hot pink & purple hat that Helga sent me.
-Nope, it wasn't my colour, so I put it back.
-You what?
-No, I haven't seen it, have you lost it?!
-No, it's right here but I thought I'd just have a good old look for it anyway!
-Do you want me to help you look for it?
-Oh wait, I think I've found it! Will you bring up the salad tongs please?!
-What for?
-I need them to grab the hat, it's stuck behind the shelf.
Hubby came up the stairs with the salad tongs and rescued the Helga hat from its captivity or perhaps rudely interrupted a fabulous party it was throwing for some of the more glamorous dust rats...
who knows about the secret life of Helga hats?!
I mean here we have a hat that has seen four and a bit decades pass by, lived in both New Zealand and the UK and Gourd only knows how many heads its graced in its lifetime?!
It is a fabulous hat that was sent to me a few years back by an equally fabulous woman, namely the blogosphere's much beloved and renowned Helga Von Trollop :)
The vintage maxi dress that I'm wearing today is an eBay buy from many moons ago. It's one of the very few frocks that I paid well over the odds for. 
I couldn't help myself, I fell head over heels in love the print, as did somebody else. 
A fierce bidding war broke out in which I came out victorious but significantly poorer.
I do love it though and it's one of the few frocks that I really couldn't bear to part with.
I actually had a rather strange dream a few nights ago about being at a car boot sale and I finding a jumpsuit in the very same fabric but the seller wouldn't sell it to me cause she only accepted gold coins and I had only pounds. When I begged her to sell it to me, she threatened to release a little leprechaun that she kept in a glass jar underneath her table, he looked like miniature Francis Begbie in a green suit and hat, so I ran away. 
It would be absolutely fab to come across the jumpsuit in reality but I think I'd rather leave the strange woman with her Begbie leprechaun in the realms of dreamland.
I'm also wearing the beautiful cameo necklace from Lydia's Lockets that Mark won for me in the tombola at The Dandy Lion Market.
I scored the fabulous suede waistcoat from a vintage dealer friend a few years ago, it has been a staple piece in my wardrobe ever since.
I love the design on the back and it's a really well made garment.
Although spring is still only teetering, today there is definitely a feeling in the air that winter loosing its steely grip. 
The suns rays feel much more warming and nourishing for the soul. 
Bring on the spring!
Can you see why I went bonkers for this frock?
It is a psychedelic print extravaganza that positively swings open the doors of perception.
 Who needs mind bending drugs when you can gaze upon this fabulous kaleidoscopic fabric all day long?!
Vintage 60s Helga hat, 60s psychedelic print maxi dress, 60s suede waistcoat, 70s suede jacket, 70s boots, velvet gloves & Frocktasia earrings.
Today's music clip is by Loafer the band that the delectable Helga sings in, enjoy :)
Hope you are all having a great week.
Lot's of love,

Monday, 4 March 2013

I spy

When I first started blogging back in 2007 on a Swedish fashion blog platform called Modette, my daily blog  post would usually only consist of a picture and a short description of what I was wearing that day.
I blogged on Modette for a year before the site was bought up by a news company that decided that they wanted handpicked & trendy bloggers rather than people like me, so my blog was unceremoniously binned. 
Then I started my first blogspot blog called Calamity Jem's Vintage Vaudeville and although I spent a good few years blogging about charity shop bargains, car boot sale treasures and my daily get-ups (mostly photographed in the same spot on the balcony) I never felt entirely happy with the blog itself.
 So in 2011 I decided I needed a change and Frocktasia was born.
To start off with I had this idea that I wanted to keep my "daily ensembles" in a separate place, however slowly but surely they've crept back in to my regular blog content.
I love looking at other people's outfits and I love sharing mine, it's as simple as that really :)
Here are my February 2013 outfits...
Have you got a favourite?
I really loved wearing the cropped lurex jumper and I'm sure it'll get a fair few outings this month too :)
Today's ensemble was a bit 'Cold War Spy'...
...mixed with a large dollop of 'Comic Strip Heroine'...
I bought these trippy tie-dye tights from a Swedish High Street store called Indiska in their sale when I was across two years ago. Shortly after I returned home they disappeared without a trace. I found them again the other week whilst going through my stash of vintage bags, they were stuffed inside a very elegant 50s handbag. Very odd but I'm sure that it must have made perfect sense at the time ;)
Vintage 70s leather coat...I do love a good leather coat! I know, I know...not very vegan of me :(
Vintage 80s jumper, satin & lace corset, latex belt by House of Harlot, vintage 80s boots, faux-leather hotpants, opera gloves, Indian sari wrap as scarf & Frocktasia earrings. 
What is your view on outfit posts, do you love them or loathe them?
How many pics of the same outfit do you think is overkill in an outfit post?
I'll leave you with a wee ditty by Norwegian singer songwriter Mikhael Paskalev
enjoy :)
Lot's of love,

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Day I became a Dandy Lion

Yesterday Mark and I primed our bags with vintage goodies and made the trip to The Dandy Lion 'Ladyfolk' Market at the Oxford in Kentish Town.
I was so impressed with the pub, it is the perfect setting for a craft/vintage market. We were given a cracking pitch and were set up a whole lot quicker this week, I've been practicing at home you see ;)
We had such a wonderful day and I was so inspired by all the fabulously creative sellers there.
I'd like to introduce you to some of them because quite frankly I think they ROCK!
First off is the lovely Camilla, she is a fellow creative Swede living in London... 
She makes brilliant 'bookish necklaces' and super funky vinyl record bookends.
I am going to link all the wonderful sellers (when possible) so that you can check them out for yourself, should something catch your eye.
Camilla has got an ETSY shop and sells her fabulous and very affordable wares to all over the world.
The second seller I would like to give a shout out to is Amanda, she makes gorgeous handmade cards & funky wee gifts. She doesn't have an on-line shop as yet but she's got a Facebook page, The Prettiest Thing...
Julia of Collar Me Happy makes stunning bespoke and ready to wear collars...
 I fell in love with a few but I am still on a "buying ban"...och!
I think that's what they call "being good", alas not much fun when faced with so much awesomeness...
Astrid Vaswani was there with her gorgeous daughter Jessica (out best customer) selling a wonderful array of funky jewelry.
Annemarie is behind She's Got it Made and she makes fabulous cushions,  cats and owls from groovy vintage fabrics.
Claire's stall Bright River was selling an array of fabulous cards and prints including some drawn from her mothers artwork.
The creative genius behind Words & Roses is called Luisa Cotardo and she makes some very romantic and stunning rose themed items...
Julia of Jamilicious were there to tempt everybody with handmade preserves and sweets.
The fabulous ceramic pots and ornaments are handmade by SuzanArt
Fellow first timer Lydia's Lockets sold beautiful handmade jewelry and I was lucky enough to win one of her lovely necklaces in the tombola, needless to say I was chuffed to bits, it's gorgeous! 
 When we first arrived in the morning I was quite nervous but after being beamed a fantastically warm and friendly smile by Mark of Gorgeous Jewellery I just knew it was going to be a fabulous day.
We had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Mark's very lovely wife Sue later on, she is the 'creative genius' in this fabulous team.
I didn't catch the name of the lovely chap that was in charge of the tombola but he did a sterling job at beaming out positivity too, what a fabulous bunch of people :)
 Shonel of Poetic Solace makes some seriously funky jewellery, she will be trading at the Craft Jam Fair in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street here in London next Saturday, if you pop along have a look out for Camilla of 'Mind The Book' too.
Bestitched  make fun and quirky framed cross stitch and they also sell funky cards and labels/tags, they have a bigcartel shop.
I hope I haven't missed anybody out and if I have, I apologize profusely...
I'll get you next month ;)
There is one seller that I haven't mentioned though...
the remarkable woman that made all of this possible and what a darling marvel of a woman she is!
 Leslie puts her heart and soul into organizing The Dandy Lion Market and she does a BRILLIANT job!
I've only known this woman for a week but it feels like we've been pals forever, I think Leslie is amazing!
So a big thanks to the woman that made it all happen, to the inspirational & talented sellers that were there on the day and of course to the lovely customers that came through the doors :)
Both Mark and I had such a fantastic day and we can't wait for the next market....
Frocktasia has finally grown a pair of wings and it is wonderful!
A few pints and some cracking company marked the end of  a perfect day :)
Loved every single minute of it!
Hope you have all had an equally fabulous weekend.
Lot's of love,