Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Frocktasia Christmas Special

Hope you've all had a wonderful & chilled out Christmas!
Hubby & I spent a few days over in Sweden with my folks and it was absolutely fabulous.
My mum cooked up a storm and we all had several "food hangovers" from stuffing ourselves like little pot bellied piglets...oh, the joy of not giving a toss of how many calories one has consumed in one sitting!
Mum has been studying vegan cookbooks all year and managed to pull off some spendiferous dishes for me, I especially loved the meatless Swedish Christmas "ham" and fishless pickled "herring"...yum!
When we arrived it was snowing but the weather was too mild for the snow to stay put.
We squeezed in a trip to Myrorna where I was thrilled to find a pair of  vintage 70s beak boots. 
I've been on the hunt for a pair of these for years and my heart almost stopped when I spotted the shop assistant putting these out on the shelf. 
She said that they very rarely get them in nowadays and when they do they usually get snapped up very quickly, LUCKY ME!
I was so chuffed with my score that I had to put them on straightaway, they are just perfect.
I was also chuffed to bits will all the wonderful Christmas pressies that I received this year. 
Dad had bought me a stunning traditional Qatari dress when he was in Doha a while back and mum had bought a whole collection of African jewellery on Tradera for me.
I also got some awesome vintage magazines from the 1930s, jam packed with inspirational photos & drawings.
However the best present of all, was spending a few wonderful days with the people that we love!
Hubby & Julbocken (the Christmas goat) in Orebro.
Me, happy as a pig in mud! Vintage shopping at Myrorna in Orebro & finally scoring a pair of beak boots...YAY!
Festive wreath, hand made by my dad.
Amazing Christmas spread, lovingly cooked by mum!
This years Christmas frock! A fabulous vintage 1950s extravaganza ;)
Pressies & sweets galore!
I also came across a very tasty Scottish non-alcoholic beer called 'Nanny State'.
It simply wouldn't be Christmas without Kott-tomten (pinecone-santa).
The vintage magazines my folks gave me.
We've been back home for a couple of days now and I'm gearing up for a January of hardcore eBaying...
the 'TO BE LISTED' pile has officially reached hazardous heights!
Take care peeps...lot's of love,