My name is Jennie Mcletchie 
I live in Scotland
with my gorgeous hubby Mark
(pic by Joe Whitney)
I'm originally from Sweden but I moved to the UK in '94.
Hubby and I met in the Highlands of Scotland in '97 and got hitched in December a year later.
I've always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole but oddness suits my spirit.
I'm a proud tree-hugger...
I'm fascinated by nature, love spending time in the great outdoors and I absolutely adore animals. 
I have a real soft spot for birds, particularly pigeons.
Most of my personal wardrobe consists of second hand, vintage and homemade attire.
 I love wigs and quirky get-ups...
and posing like a peacock in supermarket aisles and other random places.
Spending an afternoon in my creative corner
Taking lots & lots of photos

I took my open water diving certificate in February 2012 and have recently become a certified PADI Rescue Diver.
I've been veggie for years but nowadays I prefer vegan fare.
I'm also a big fan of a relaxed pace of life.
 I have been a passionate collector of vintage & unique threads since my teens.
I peddle my fabulous vintage and retro clobber at markets and fairs and I also have an online store on Etsy.
In the hopefully not too distant future I am hoping to start PADI Divemaster training so that I can finally climb onto the first professional rung of the scuba diving ladder.
The plan is to one day go and work for a dive school somewhere warm & fabulous.
So that's who I am, I'd love to know who you are so before you fly off to your next blog destination  why not leave a comment & introduce yourself, don't be shy now ;)
Loads of love,