Sunday, 16 October 2011

The day I met Jesus at a protest!

Today hubby and I went along to the city to take part in the Occupy the London Stock Exchange protest. When we first arrived the boys in blue weren't letting anyone near Paternoster Square and had cordoned off all the streets leading to it. They were lining up in large numbers, which made it virtually impossible to sneak through but we wandered around the area until we found a chink in their armour and made our way in to the heart of the protest. It felt very important for me to be there today cause I've been very much a slacktivist of late & the truth is that sitting on your arse, simply frothing at the mouth over how unfair things are, will never change anything. Like the great Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". I know there's a lot of sceptics out there that think that these things are totally pointless cause they seemingly achieve very little and on the surface it’s probably true, cause yes, the fat cat bankers will still ride into town on Monday morning on their gold plated stallions after a weekend of fine dining & posh pursuits but this is not the frigging French revolution and hopefully it will never have to come to that either. I for one wouldn't want to see bankers being guillotined just sharply reminded that they are part of the human race and not masters of it. I could go on & on about this but I’m not going to, instead I’m going to share our day in pictures with you…
The Latin motto of the City of London is "Domine dirige nos", which translates as "Lord, guide us"....sometimes I wonder what Lord they're talking about?!
"The world's leading business and financial centre demands a bespoke police force, which is equipped to protect and support this unique environment, and to meet head-on the policing challenges it represents. This force is the City of London Police."...Amen Corner to that!
The city is home to more than 450 international banks, it is the recognised world centre for the insurance industry and home to the headquarters of countless multi-national corporations. They all need to be well protected from the proles.
The City is not one of the 32 London boroughs. It is governed by the City of London Corporation.
Cameron's dad was a banker, so I'm sure he feels very at home in the city and has many wealthy banker friends that like to "help" his party out with no ulterior motive whatsoever of course.
An expression says more than a thousand words,eh?! Poor thing looks like she's about to burst into tears, so would you  if you read this article about the UK national debt :(
...that will not be mentioned in this years Fortune Five Hundred list!
I have a dream that an economist messiah will appear on the scene. I mean with all these great thinkers and Nobel prize winners, surely there must be one that can think of a way to sort this out and lead the way out of  this disgusting 'profits before people', war-based economy?! 
On the face of it things do look pretty grim but we have to keep believing that another world really is possible, one in which love, kindness & universal solidarity will prevail.
I hope this is just the start of a movement gaining momentum. Human beings working together in harmony can make amazing things happen!
It's time to pull down the temple of Mammon & throw out the moneylenders yet again....but this time around we have to remember not to let the buggers back in!
I commended this guy for recycling but he could have atleast scribbled out the web address. I'm not sure which I dislike most banks or estate agents?...och, it's a very close call!
I spotted a very colourful & glam senior lady in the crowd. I wanted to go up and ask her about her fabulous hat but she was listening so intently to a speaker so I decided not to interfere.
Today's ensemble:
DIYed poncho wrap, mottle dyed Indian pants, vintage 80s reverse batwing top, longsleeved cotton top, suede ankle boots, leather belt, vintage 70s sunnies, DIYed necklace & bracelet cuff.
That's all for this time peeps, I hope you are all having a fab weekend!
Lot's of love,


Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's really humbling and really interesting too. I'm definitely more of a slacktivist so good on you for getting out there. On a completely superficial note, it looks like a great day for it!

Ivy Black said...

I'm with you on this! I hear on the news the boyz in blue have been accused of heavy handedness.
These protests aren't going to die down, if anything they're going to get louder.

sacramento said...

My dear jennie, I couldn´t agree more: bankers are the cancer of all ages. The good thing is that we know more now. People like you who move and stand to be counted,will make a difference, hopefully
I love the: I trew out the moneylenders for a reason.
Loving, and WANTING your belt.

Franca said...

I'm glad these protests are finally happening, I hope they will lead to real change and not just fizzle out. I've been studying economics this last year and let me to tell you there is nothing in the theory that says that the banks should be allowed to just do whatever the fuck they want. I really hope at some point soon, an economist comes forward with a real alternative that puts into practice the philosophy of fairness and equality that these protests are about.

Louise said...

I totally commend you on this, I do tend to sit on my arse and froth at the mouth, but vive la revolution!!! x

La Dama said...

I am loving your protester fuck the bankers biatch outfit! I would of went just to see Jesus. granny's hat is amazing.I'm a sucker for granny colorful hats.
so proud of ya!

Victoria said...

Hi my first time in your blog! I really enjoy the post and you and your lovely Jesus husband! I do wonder why only 1% of the whole population have everything and dominate everything I guess they have a secret formula maybe a pact with the devil anyway I love your look and pose you know how to do it! xx

Taryn said...

Very glam for a protest =)

Ewa said...

Underbara bilder! Och du Jennie med Jesus är en klar favorit som ska få pryda mitt skrivbord ett tag framöver!
All the Best from your Swedish Fanclub

Krista said...

Wow Jennie, really enjoyed this post. We are also having Occupy Portland and although I have not participated I do think things must change. Our economy in the US has come to a screeching halt, it makes me nervous but I still have to get up everyday and try and make a buck. I just don't know what I can do, except vote for Ron Paul in our next election. I say get rid of the federal govt. altogether. Most think that's crazy, I get tired of people wanting the govt. to take care of us.

You looked gorgeous btw :)

Kavery said...

Loved seeing the protest up close. And your DIY poncho is fab

Katryoshka said...

Thanks for the inspiration and indeed sitting on ones arse is never the best option. Love the outfit too!! Kat x

NESHA said...

hehe Jennie, I'm 100% with you! Liking your outfit btw.