Sunday, 1 January 2012


Last night I had the most wonderful dream.
I dreamt that my husband and I took a trip up to the very north of Sweden.
It was wintertime and we were staying with Sami family in a traditional lavvu.
One evening the two of us went out to see the northern lights and walked out onto a frozen lake.
Above us the sky was like a velvet cloak pierced with a million points of pale light.
The soft glow from the stars illuminated the ice but when I looked down I realized that there was also a faint light coming up from deep beneath it.
The glow suddenly became more intense and seemed to be rising upwards.
All of a sudden we were lifted up and gently spun around like feathers caught by a twist of warm air.
We remained weightless, floating above the ice as it started breaking underneath us.
Through the ice an intense strobe of luminescent light broke free like a missile of energy rocketing straight out into the night sky.
From this extraordinary column of light a being released itself and came towards us.
It looked like the dancing flame of a candle & it radiated positive energy, warmth, love, hope, health & happiness.
The being came up close, spread out and entirely enveloped us; it felt like being immersed in healing warm water, like momentarily being back in the wombs of our mothers, safe and complete.
For a moment we felt the pulse of all creation & witnessed time without end.
Then all of a sudden the being came away and we found ourselves standing by the side of the lake.
The beam of light was still flowing up towards the sky but now we could see that it was a stream of souls coming from deep within the earth, travelling out into space.
Then the beam of light ceased but in the place where it had been pointing towards in the sky was now a bright star.
The hole in the lake rapidly closed over & when we walked out and stood where we had previously been standing, all was as it had been before.
The only evidence of what had taken place was the bright new star shining above us.
A star made from everlasting life energy.
Needless to say after such a beautiful dream I couldn't help awaking feeling tremendously joyful with a heart brimming of hope that 2012 will be the year of compassionate and positive changes in the world.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
Lot's of love,


Krista said...

This dream is heavenly and I would not have wanted it to end EVER!!!!!

I saw Sigur Ros once and it was the closest thing to a religious experience I ever had, they are magical!


Kitty said...

Happy New Year to you two too darl, good to see you back.xx.

La Dama said...

aww that dreams means your souls are highly connected..are you guys having babies?
besos and Magical New Year!

La Dama said...

forgot too say My brother got me into
Sigur Ros! they make me feel very spiritual.