Saturday, 14 April 2012

¡ Ay Caramba !

Frock number seven puts the rackage on display...
The Frock:
I scored this fabulous 70s frock from my vintage dealer friend a few years ago.
This alluring number is best teamed with a pert pair of ample dumplings but as mine are neither pert nor ample I had to resort to the usage of some serious scaffolding for this one.
The frock features ruffle trimmed wide sleeves & a row of fabric covered buttons underneath the bustline.
There is no label present indicating the maker or brand but there is a label stating that it was made in England.
The Shoes:
If I was going to wear this frock for a night out here in London, I'd probably opt for an elegantly towering heel but I didn't bring any of those to Egypt, not very practical footwear for traipsing around the great outdoors it has to be said. 
I usually pack three or four pairs of shoes when I go away on holiday and this time was no exception.
I brought my glitzy jazz dancing shoes that double up as trainers, great for travelling in, a pair of embroidered flats, my vintage St Michael raffia wedge sandals and the vintage Pierre Cardin metallic sandals featured in the above pics. 
I bought these from a local charity shop some years ago and they look great incorporated in most outfits. 
They are both versatile & supremely comfy, just what you need in a holiday wardrobe.
The Throwing of Shapes:
I like to inject a little bit of theatre and movement into my pictures and that is why I'm often snapped with an arm flung up in the air or a leg aloft.
Truth is I'm just a big sausage of silliness that likes to have fun & play dress-up and I don't think I'll ever tire of it.
I'm so happy it's the weekend, for a four day week this one certainly dragged its sorry arse...good riddance!
I'm starting to get the "back in Blighty blues" and a sore throat to top things off, och bugger!
Have a nice relaxing weekend peeps, enjoy ;)
Lot's of love,


RETRO REVA said...

Geat frock, great boobies!
i got a frock yesterday I know you will love and will let you know when i post it!

Perdita said...

There is really nothing better that a cleavage-tastic 70s maxi!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Fabulous pics, Jen, I always love your wild theatricality - and your boobs look killer. Sarah xxx

Scarlett said...

Fabulous pictures and i love the print on that dress - is there anything you look bad in? ;o) Scarlett x

Krista said...

Egypt I can't believe you went to Egypt! You desert shots have all been so beautiful, you are so beautiful! I love that enjoy dressing up so much, you are most creative with your appearance! Thanks so much for your insightful comment regarding beauty, I wish I had met that gal that had such a profound effect on you.

Sara said...

I am LOVING your holiday show & tell. :D You look like you're on this fabulous femme planet of mystical frock-licious wonder. Also, I am beyond honored that you're following me, 'cause you are one of my favorite blogs! Thank you. :)

I adore this frock. It fits you like an absolute dream, and the print is fantastic! You are beautiful!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Eep, you look amazing! Dress and setting are both totally stunning x