Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow is Magic

I love snow so for me these past few days have been a real treat.
At lunchtime we swung by the £1 shop to get some grub for the wild birds before hitting a nearby parkland trail.
En route we ventured into the snow clad undergrowth to place fat balls and scatter some seed mix.
Not that I think that our feathered friends in this area are particularly hard up but it's a nice thing to do just in case there are a few of them going hungry in these snowy times.
We spotted a black bird and a robin but both were way too fast for me to get a photograph.
There were a lot of people out and about walking the trail, many more than on an average Sunday.
What I like the most about snow, is its seeming ability to make strangers smile at each other and even spontaneously break into conversation, something that is sadly not commonplace in London.
Snow is magic!
It wasn't actually that cold but  that probably had something to do with the umpteen layers that I had piled on. 
Re-emerging  from the undergrowth. One chap stopped and asked if we'd lost our dog to which I replied "No, we're just feeding the birdies", he did look a little bit bemused...hehehe!
Once we'd reached the end of the trail Mark and I rewarded ourselves with a quick pint at an all but empty pub before making the trek back home.
Hope everyone has had a brilliant weekend!
Lot's of love,


Sacramento Amate said...

Magic indeed, dear jennie.

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear! Lovely photos and we also have been feeding the birdies this winter, it was lovely to see such a variety in the garden this weekend before the snow really settled! xx

Olga Rani said...

Snow is beautiful on sunny days and it is fun to have it for a short time. But when everything is covered with snow for 3 months, like in my native Belarus, you get really tired and sick of it :))

Devil made in Heaven said...

Great photo's. :)
I love snow, and overhere we have a few stands in our garden to feed the birds and all the other little animals who need food. It is funny to see all their little feet in the snow. :)