Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Groove is in the heart

Today my outfit made a dude burst into song :)
When we were taking these pics he passed us with his pit bull terrier and started singing  the chorus to Deee-lite's Groove is in the Heart.
I guess there's a wee nod in the direction of the fabulous Lady Miss Kier in this get-up ;)
90s T-shirt dress (Benetton), Tie-dye footless tights (Indiska), Clogs (Buffalo), Aviator sunnies (American Eagle), Handmade Turkish necklace (gift), Frocktasia earrings + handmade bag  & loadsa colourful bangles.
 On Monday I met up with Jo again, one last time before she headed back to the US yesterday. She very kindly treated me to a spot of lunch and then took me to a secret location.
Before lunch we popped into Traid in Dalston and both of us were sighing in unimpressed unison as we perused their rail of overpriced, crap quality quasi-vintage garb. I did like their Traidremade stuff but their vintage sucked!
 After lunch, a short train journey took us to Rotherhithe (don't worry I can't pronounce it either) and the secret location that Jo's lovely partner had stumbled upon recently and that Jo wanted to share with me, what a fabulous friend she is...
The Rotherhithe Picture Research Library is a tremendous treasure chest of inspiration. A vast collection of visual references for sets, costumes and a wide array of other subjects.
It is open weekdays 10am till 4pm and as an educational charity it offers free access to all this magnificent material, all you pay for is if you want to take photocopies.
Jo asked if we could have a look through some of their vintage fashion magazines and the lady in charge let us grab a whole heap of them before perching ourselves by the glossy green table.
We spent a couple of hours pouring over Vogue magazines from the late 60s and early 70s, chatting quietly and taking pics of anything that we deemed inspiration folder worthy. Jo was keeping her eyes peeled for hand-painted shoes, belts and bags and I was thrilled to come across several wig adverts.
I sent these pics to Sam and wrote that I'd love to see a Tangled Wigs advert in a modern issue of Vogue.
You could easily spend an entire day there and not even make a dent in their stash of thousands of books and magazines. This will be my go to place from now on, whenever I hit a bottleneck creatively and need some inspiration to get things going again, what an amazing place. Thank you Jo for sharing this fantastic "secret" location with me, you are a star :) 
Before getting back on the train home, we took some sneaky outfit pics. As I was giving my closet-goth tendencies a good old airing on Monday I thought it was rather apt for Jo to take my pics in a tiny graveyard. 
Jo will come back over in a few months time and hopefully there will be many more days out and dress-up fun on the cards then :)
This one is for groovy bloggy pals...
 Loads of love,


Trees said...

How can you be so continuously fabulous? I'm not surprised you can make random strangers burst into song!! ;) I love that look of that reading room - I could spend LITERALLY days there!

Shybiker said...

Now that's an outfit! Great enthusiasm.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love me some Lady Miss Kier!!! What a find Jo shared with you---lucky girl!

Style Eyes said...

That dress is fabulous. Loving the colours!

Louise McDonagh said...

Any outfit that makes a person sing at you is fantastic because it's bringing a little bit of happiness into the world. It's a lovely bright look. Xx

two squirrels said...

Oh I have that song springing in my head is your outfit......amazing.
The secret place is truly wonderful......what a Aladdin's cave of treasure to feed the creative wee bunnies in all of us.

love V

thorne garnet said...

oh man , I'd so get lost in that "secret location" for a couple of weeks.

Sacramento Amate said...

How lovely to meet friend bloggers.
I hope we meet one day, Jennie.

Mrs. D said...

Fantastic dress, wonderful colours, it really is one of those dresses that immediately lifts up one's mood!
I had a gander at the website when you posted it on FB the other day, what a fantastic little place!!!

Emalina said...

What a fabulous colour pop of a dress!

Panty Buns said...

Love your cheery and colourful outfit. I like those 70's fashions and hairstyles too. What do you think of the bouffant hairstyles that were so prevalent back in the 60's? For me looking at photos from that period is nostalgic since I lived through it. I think it would be fantastic if Tangled Wigs could somehow wind up featured in Vogue.

pastcaring said...

Great groovalicious outfit! Love the colours.
What an amazing place Jo took you to, so much fascinating stuff to look at. xxx

Jet Kuhn said...

What a fab dress! I would've done the same, very Deee Lite! I knew Lady Miss Kier & worked in the same club with Dimitri (the DJ) so this brings back loads of happy memories! Happy Midsummer, wasn't that a fantastic moon? XXX Jet