Sunday, 21 July 2013

In Your Arms I Feel Sunshine

It has been a busy wee weekend for Mr & Mrs Mcletchie.
On Friday we enjoyed our daily little picnic in the park, we had wraps...
An arachnophobic would probably have jumped out of their skin to find this little critter crawling on their straw hat but I quite like spiders.
We managed a quick catch up with the geese...
...before going home to get ready for an evening at the theater.
Three of my friends are in The New Actors Company and they were staging a play by Peter Ustinov at the Southwark Playhouse called 'The Moment of Truth'. 
In the intermission Mark and I made a pledge to go and see more plays, we really enjoyed it...
On the way home from Elephant & Castle, a little impromptu posing ensued  ;)
I wore: 70s Russian scarf print maxi frock, 80s Pierre Cardin sandals & Leslie Works button bracelet.
Mark wore: 70s shirt, jeans, DC shoes, watch & man-bag.
Then on Saturday morning we hopped on the train to Wraysbury to go diving.
Although we hooked up with our fabulous pals from Dive Wimbledon the dives we did were unsupervised fun dives. This was a bit of a milestone for us as thus far we've always had either a guide or instructor with us. So we 'planned the dive and dived the plan' as it goes in the PADI manual, it was lots of fun and I have to say that I totally feel like a proper diver now, yay!
Mark had to borrow a pair of fin boots, the Blue-footed Booby springs to mind ;)
We will be continuing our dive education next month by doing the Rescue Diver Course, needless to say I am very excited.
It is tradition to have a plateful of cheesy chips when we dive at Wraysbury, just the picture of them is enough to clog an artery or two.
The dive centre was rammed with people, lots of dive clubs doing courses but we stayed away from the training platforms and explored the less popular spots of the lake. There are plenty of wrecks scattered about and Mark did a grand old job navigating from one to the other through the next to no viz water.
Here's a little funny trailer that Mark made up from some of the clips he took with his GoPro camera ;)
Yesterday it looked as if the weather might be on the turn and in the evening rain clouds were looming above but this morning we woke up to another brilliantly blue sky, so there was nothing more to it...picnic in the park time ;)
Another scorcher is forecast for tomorrow but it looks as if we may be getting some rain next week. I think the plants will be rejoicing when it comes but I for one hope it doesn't linger too long.
Right now I am feeling incredibly upbeat and centered, like I am riding a wave of positive energy.
All of a sudden the inclination to get things done has returned with renewed zeal.
Life is just so much better when it's sunny outside :)

I'll love you and leave you with Moloko, enjoy :)
Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend.
Take care,


Connie said...

Awwwww. I like spiders too. And I like the Mister's California shirt!

Underemployed said...

You two are adorable! How do you eat all that food and stay so tiny?
BTW, I hate spiders. In a completely irrational sort of way. Unless I'm drunk.

Vix said...

The sun keeps me solar charged, too! I rush around like a maniac getting everything done so I can bask in it's rays as soon as possible. Wish it would come back, I blame all the moaners who've littered my Facebook feed with complaints about being too hot!
Lovely Russian scarf print dress and glorious picnic. Your sequins and wide legged pants make you look like a glamorous 1970s film star! xxxx

pastcaring said...

Love that maxi dress, it's a beauty.
You are certainly making full use of your local park, eating outside is such a pleasure. Salads are all very well, but man those chips look delicious! xxxx

Harrie Hattie said...

Wow!! He is a scary spider. I do like them tho and diving I would just love to do that, it's a dream I'd love in the great barrier reef. Life is an adventure ;) yummy food and fun in the sun. Love it! Xx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Jag hade varit mer bekymrad över gässen än spindeln ... typ skiträdd för närgångna fåglar. Härligt med sommar picnics!

thorne garnet said...

YES, go see more plays! HA, I would say that. Haven't be able to eat in the yard even thought the weather has broke, it keeps raining, which is why the weather broke, ect.....
But I have been able to get out in the mornings and tend to the flower beds, AKA the overgrown hot mess.

Consider my arteries clogs!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are the prettiest gypsy in that Russian scarf maxi.

Mrs. D said...

Isn't the Summer weather just glorious? Glad to see you're enjoying it to the fullest!
Love that black dress with the Russian embroidery.