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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Buy or DIY - Poncho cape wrap

The other day I spied some rather nice looking poncho wraps on the Accessorize website...
 I’m a big fan of ponchos, capes & shawls for autumn but rather than paying £35 for one on the High Street, I like making my own...
I always like to have a good old rummage through the remnants box at the fabric shop & last year I found a lovely piece of woven fabric that I thought would make a really funky reversible cape wrap.
I copied the dimensions from a vintage 80s cape wrap that my mother-in-law had given me.
This DIY is so ridiculously simple anyone can do it...
*Find some fabric that you like!
*Cut your fabric into a square; my square measured 60” by 60”.
*Zigzag around the raw edges or leave edges raw if you want a fray-trim.
*Fold the square in half & cut a slit measuring 30” along the fold.
*Zigzag or reinforce in some other way around the end of the slit to prevent the fabric from ripping any further when worn.
*If you’d like a neater appearance you could even add a plain or a decorative border trim all the way around the edges.
Like I said an easy peasy lemon sqeezy DIY and just think how many pennies you'll be saving by making one yourself.
You could even recycle an old lightweight blanket or throw to do this.
  It's a really funky not to mention versatile garment and it is just perfect for autumn.

So what's the verdict BUY or DIY?

Lot's of love,