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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Peace and Dandy

 Right now I'd love to ride out of town with hubby and a tent, hit the coast of Cornwall and just spend a month walking along the cliffs and feeding off the powerful natural energy that place holds.
 In the summer I loathe living in a big city. I miss the sea, the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, the lovely smell of seaweed & taste of salt in the air. 
This mornings walk to the post office assaulted my nasal passage with a stenchfest of  feculence and decomposing scraps from the butcher. Often the street outside looks as if it's been cluster-bombed with dog turds and I find myself  almost hopscotching in order to avoid all the filth. Retch-inducing mattresses (complete with piss stains and bedbugs) are just dumped in the street and left for days. The only slight refuge from reeking refuse is the park. Thank goodness for the park!
Thank goodness for its beautiful inhabitants that put a smile on my face every day.
This is Baby Grey that I've mentioned before but he's not so Baby anymore. He should be ready to try those pretty wings of his out soon, I'd love to be there to see it when it happens :)

Today I've been busy preparing my stock for this coming Saturday's Dandy Lion Market...
 This month I decided to do something a little bit different and throw a few more separates and some funky 90s clobber into the mix as well. I've been making and revamping stuff for next Sunday's Mini Festival but I'll be bringing a few of the choice bits that I've made along to The Dandy, like this funky PVC leaf necklace/headdress...
 I made an even bigger one for someone who likes to make a bold style statement and like me lacks a soft-pedal when it comes to dressing ;)
I got severe cramp in my fingers whilst hand-sewing all those individual leafs together but watching Black Books on YouTube made almost bearable.
 Needless to say I'll also be bringing the usual medley of vintage & retro frocks. This one is a newbie on the rail...
 Mark isn't working this weekend and has very kindly agreed to assist me on the day, so I'll be able to bring a few more bags and shoes as well.
I'll also be bringing some more of my handmade accessories too.
 As I already mentioned I'm trying out some different stock on the rail this month, it's mostly late 80s/early 90s separates...
I would have killed for some of these pieces back in the day, that dead-stock bikini is amazing but I just wouldn't be able to do it justice...much like Madonna it simply demands a young body to cling on to.
I'm bringing a whole heap more but if you want to see the rest of it you'll just have to poodle along to The Dandy on Saturday ;)

To go with the 90s clobber here's Sabrina Johnston to sing us out with a euphorically happy tune, enjoy!
Happy Friday folks, hope you will have an extraordinarily good one.
Loads of love,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Dandy preview post

I've been very busy these past few days getting everything ready for my stall at The Dandy Lion Market this coming Saturday.
Even though it's still intermittently snowing and the temperatures are no where near spring like I have thrown caution to the wind and gone for a rail full of sunny frocks and spring hell with winter I say!
Perhaps I was inspired by the bravery displayed by some peeps in Edinburgh, chicks wandering around bare legged in mini skirts and chaps wearing short-sleeved shirts and no jackets in sub zero temperatures.
Here in London people are still piling on the clobber and I can honestly say that I have not seen so many furry hats on peoples heads this side of Easter before, it is really rather bonkers!
Oh, spring where art thou? I'm more than ready for you dear!
Here's the collection of fabulous vintage clobber that I shall be bringing with me on Saturday...
I'm bringing a few of my handmade accessories too...
A smattering of close-ups for the first volley of vintage...
There's a whole heap more :)
I'm bringing awesome prints for the gents too...
I'm going solo this month as Mark is working the weekend, so I can't bring as much stuff as I wanted to. I've tried to mix it up so that there's something there for everyone. I am perhaps bringing too many frocks and not enough separates this time around but what can I say more than there is a good reason to why I chose the name FROCKTASIA ;)
If you happen to be in the Kentish Town area on Saturday it would be lovely if you could swing by and say hello. You can check out all the other fabulous sellers that will be there on The Dandy Lion Market FB page.
I'm knackered now ;)
Hope you've all had a fab week.
Friday tomorrow, huzzah!
Loads of love,

Friday, 22 February 2013

Vintage jumble sneaky peek

The past few days I have been very busy preparing for Saturday's vintage jumble at The Boogaloo.
We don't have a car so it's a case of whatever we can cart, can come!
This amounts to about a rails worth of frocks, a bag of miscellaneous clobber, a suitcase of handbags and knick-knacks and a box of boots and hats.
It should be enough for the virgin run, I'll be taking notes for future reference.
My clothing rail is one of those cheap ones from Argos that falls over when you hang anything on it unless you've got it tied to the wall; needless to say this felt a little disconcerting. 
I've had daymare visions of my rail tumbling over and smashing up someones stall,  a floor covered in a holy mess of vintage frockery, broken teacups and cupcakes and me getting an almighty kicking from an angry fellow jumbler in a pristine vintage frock and victory rolls.
I was considering going out and investing in a sturdier rail but then hubby came up with a brilliant idea.
Up in the loft we had two mic stands and they are now acting as the base of my el cheapo rail & it is steady as a rock, fingers crossed it stays like that...
I still have to price-tag  all my stock, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.
The prices will range from £3-£20 and I'm also planning a £1 bonkers bargain box too.
Here's a sneaky peek of some the stuff we'll be bringing on Saturday...
 Some close-ups...
If you see anything you fancy why not pop along and see me on Saturday, have a good old rummage and come away with some fabulous bargains...
This was today's ensemble:
Vintage 40s floral print silk dress, mesh underskirt, cropped lurex jumper (AGAIN!), crushed velvet booties & tights.
Goose update: I'm very pleased to say that our feathered friend (now known as Lilo) has returned and seems to be a whole lot perkier.
Cue the happy music :)
Have a wonderful Friday peeps!
Lot's of love,