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Monday, 16 April 2012

She who knows the widow spider

Holiday frock number ten is fit for an Egyptian goddess...
The Frock:
This is my "Winged Isis" frock & needless to say it was one of the first garments to hit my suitcase.
It's labelled 'David Butler at Pressler' and I bought it off eBay some years ago.
I sometimes take a punt at auctions with shockingly bad pictures and this was one of those occasions.
You never quite know whether the postman is going to bring you a parcel of hotness or a parcel of notness when you do it like this but when I received this spectacular frock I felt like the cat that got the cream.
The black parts of the dress is made from a slinky sun-ray pleated material and the bodice and top of the sleeves feature a stunning three coloured taffeta fabric with glitzy lurex & fabulous flocked detailing.
I really felt a bit like an Egyptian Goddess wearing this stunning frock in such a magical place.
The Legend: 
"Osiris, Isis, and their brother Seth were all gods. Osiris was god of vegetation, Isis the goddess of fertility and Seth the god of the desert. Osiris was a "living god", like Horus he was embodied as the pharaoh. When he became pharaoh, he took Isis to be queen. Seth became jealous and murdered Osiris. He cut Osiris' body into pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt. When Isis heard, she took the form of a bird and searched until she found all the parts of his body. After reassembling Osiris' body, she beat her wings and breathed life back into him." 
The End:
I hope you've enjoyed my little post medley of holiday frocks as much as I enjoyed creating them.
A special thanks to my beloved husband who kindly gave up three holiday sleep-ins to help me take all the photos. 
Also many thanks to all you lovelies that have taken the time to comment on these posts, it really means a lot to me.
I will be doing a couple more 'holiday clobber' posts which will include random outfits that don't fall under the category frock but are frigging fabulous anyway even if I do say so myself  ;)
Lot's of love,