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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Music to my ears

Last Sunday Leslie and I went to see her son Erik play at The Old Queen's Head in Islington. If you live in London or if you are visiting then I can highly recommend going to the Sunday Social
It is on every week and it's free. If you pace yourself and don't go totally bonkers at the bar, it's a very good value for money afternoon.  I couldn't get over how good all the acts were and it has totally reignited my passion for watching live music. 
As always I took loads of pics so that I can share some of my awesome day with you.
 Erik was first to go on and did a set of six splendid songs. 
I want to give you a taster of all the acts so here's Erik doing one of his awesome tunes...
Next up was a girl who totally gave me goosebumps when she started singing.
Her name is Hannah Rose Platt and here's one of her beautiful songs...
Third on was a brilliant duo Super Full Moon with Michael Palmer playing guitar and singing and Jozef Secnik playing an extraordinarily beautiful bass.
This song almost had me jumping up on a table to have a boogie but thankfully I restrained myself...
I just had to take a pic of Jozef's impressive instrument ;)
Next up was Eden Billy Simpson with the devastatingly beautiful Noelle on cello...
I just loved what this pair were wearing Eden's printed shirt and waistcoat combo and Noelle's fabulous vintage 80s secretary dress and slouchy pirate style boots, both of them looked impeccably stylish with talent to boot. 
Here's one of Eden's tunes...
The last act we had time to watch before moving on was the brilliant Spekki Chris.
As we were getting ready to leave I spotted these cool peeps and I just knew they were the next act on. 
I mean lets face it, you don't look this cool unless you're in a band...
I took their details so that I could check them out on-line and boy am I glad I did, they're AMAZING!
They are called Wyldeck and I will definitely go to one of their gigs in the near future.
Here's a fab video clip for their wonderful song Wolves...
Erik was doing an open mic at The Torriano Bar the same evening and as we were having such a fab time, we decided to tag along.
The Torriano is Leslie's local watering hole and it's a bar with an endearing personality.
On their site it says: 
"It's the kind of place you can walk into on your own and walk out at the end of the night with new friends"
Yup, totally true! A wonderful place run by some very lovely people.
Every Sunday they have open mic sessions open for anybody to part take in.
More talent was on the cards but unfortunately by now I'd had a few jars and even if I did ask people their names etc, in the morning that information was no longer stored in my mind.
Most of these acts are just starting out, so they are not at the calling card stage yet.
  However even if I can't remember their names or have any links to provide, I still want to share the pics that I took as they convey the wonderful vibe of the place and you'll just have to take my words for it, all these guys were amazingly good :)
I fell head over heels in love with The Torriano, it is such a fab, friendly and all-round awesome place.
Speaking of AWESOME, I'm so frigging happy that I met Leslie, what an absolute gem she is :)
Then it was closing time and after playing silly buggers outside the pub for a bit, Leslie walked me to the bus stop and off I went home after a day of more fun than you can shake a stick at :)
So that was my Sunday folks!
I couldn't really face blogging about it yesterday cause my head was just a wee tad woolly ;)
Hope you are all doing grand & not freezing to death.
Loads of love,