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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

She was the Egyptian camel traders favourite wife

Holiday frock number three is pure vintage gold...
The Frock:
I came across this frock about a month ago at my usual Sunday morning stomping ground. 
The lush print immediately drew me in and I was thrilled to bits when I clocked that it was by 'Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin'.
If I was thumbing it from Istanbul to India then I'd want to be wearing this frock cause it is amazinly comfy to wear, not to mention tremendously Hippie chic but perhaps most importantly for a shoestring traveller the magnificent print would obscure any minor stainage picked up along the way.
The Shoot(s):
We shot this dress twice cause on the first attempt the wind began to howl (as you can probably make out from my messed up hair) and the spot that we'd picked was pretty exposed. I plonked a hat on but to no avail, a playful gust of wind blew it off my head within minutes.
The second shoot was more successful cause we made sure we were on site and ready to go as soon as the sun peeped over the horizon.
The Trimmings:
Also featured in these pics is my favourite suede waistcoat that I bought from my vintage dealer friend some years ago. The leather belt with a little brass seahorse on it is a handcrafted one from Kenya that I picked up from a local car boot sale. The hat was another car boot sale buy, it's made from paper.
The Camels:
There were wild camels out in the desert, we didn't see any during our photo sessions but we did see quite a few on our way to Luxor. There were also three camels belonging to the resort being traipsed up and down the beach several times a day poor things. 
Frock four is yet another hippie chic number...hopefully I'll find the time to post again tomorrow :)
Lot's of love,