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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Jennie goes to Bollywood

The other week whilst chucking random words into the eBay search engine I happened upon a stunning traditional three piece outfit.
The seller had listed it as an 'African skirt suit' but after seeing the fabulous attire some of the guests wore at the wedding Christina of Fashion's Most Wanted attended a while back, I just knew that it had to be Indian.
I think that this slight listing faux-pas worked very much in my favor as I had no competition.
I've seen similar outfits going for considerably more, so needless to say I'm chuffed to bits.
The outfit is made up by a Lehenga (skirt), a choli (top) and a massive dupatta (shawl wrap).
It is in pristine condition and finished to a very high standard.
Lucky old me, that's all I can say, it's flipping gorgeous!
Here I've teamed it with some ornate bindis, quirky Indian earrings & loads of bangles all from the car boot sale.
You can see in the pics that the dress I was wearing before was slightly tight in the waist region ;)
It has to be said that I wouldn't normally pick a garment that puts my midriff on display but for this stunning outfit I'll make an exception.
I feel like I should be Bollywood dancing ;)
The skirt is very long and as such would be quite tricky to incorporate into an everyday outfit but the choli top could certainly be worn with a shorter skirt or some trousers.
Here are some glorious close-up pics...
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.
I'm off to scoff some Bombay mix & crack open a bottle of non-alcoholic Indian Cobra beer, cheers or A la sature as they say in India ;)
Lot's of love,