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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hair today gone tomorrow

I've been a busy bee today preparing my stock for the The Dandy Lion Market on Saturday.
Here's a sneaky-peek preview of  most of the stock that I'll be bringing with me...
Prices will range from £5 to £30 and there will be a bargain box too.
I've still to sort out some bags, shoes, accessories & knick-knacks  to bring but I'll do that tomorrow.
Here are some random 'label, print and detail' close-ups...
I'm bringing a few bits for the boys too...
This is where I'll be trading on Saturday...
Like I mentioned in Tuesday's post the event is a get together with Oxfam to celebrate International Women's Day.
It will help raise funds to support women living in poverty around the world.
I have pledged 10% of my takings and I've also donated a retro 80s coffee jar filled with coffee sweets for the tombola.
If you are in Kentish Town on the day please pop in and see me and all the other fabulous sellers ;)
This was today's ensemble...
After reading Olga's post yesterday I was inspired to wear one of my African blouse tops.
Olga's blog is called Local Fashion and it has an amazing back catalogue of interesting posts, it's blooming fabulous!
Abstract print African blouse top, sequin leggings, 80s cropped jacket, Moschino belt, Indian block print chiffon wrap,  80s worm-coil earrings, 80s boots & Tibetan prayer bangle. 
 Other news...
Today I got so fed up with my natty hair, I made hubby cut it for me, so now it's in a sort of bob style.
I'm not a big fan of going to the hairdressers so I very seldom do.
My hair is so tremendously flimsy & fine, it takes any hairdresser about two minutes to cut it and it just feels like a waste of money to be honest.
Another thing that really gets my goat about hairdressers is that even if you wash your hair yourself five minutes before the appointment, they go...
-"We still have to wash your hair!"
-"Why, do you not trust my hair washing ability?"
I know that quite a few of my blogging buddies trim their own tresses too, so I'm in good company :)
After all it's only hair & it will grow out again eventually.
Hope you will have a groovetastic Friday folks, here's a tune to put you in the mood...
 Lot's of love,