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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Digging the line-dancing queen

Last Sunday I went for my monthly treasure hunting jaunt. 
I've cut my buying right back to the bare bones cause I've got too much stuff already.
It's actually really nice to have my Sunday mornings back, although I admit that I did suffer from acute withdrawal symptoms the first few weeks.
Now I'm concentrating on selling rather than buying, I want to shrink my vast amassment of vintage clobber to a more manageable size cause it has grown into somewhat of an Albatross and that is not good.
  So what did I get last Sunday?
I'm currently working on some garments for the shop and I was after some vintage lining fabrics and scored well in that department.
I was also thrilled to find a fabulous vintage 80s mohair cardigan coat and a pair of awesome Wrangler pillar-box red cowboy boots. 
I had actually spied a pair just like them on eBay a few days earlier but they were a size too small for me so I didn't buy them.
Lucky old me that's all I can say cause these bad boy boots are the perfect fit and cost me less than what the eBay pair would have.
We took some pics for the shop earlier and at the end of the shoot I posed for some pics in my fuzztastic cardi-coat.
The guitar was hubbies idea, he thinks I should use more props in my pics ;)
...and here are my frigging awesome boots...
Red cowboy boots with tassels...yay, chuffed to bits!
Busy day for me tomorrow, another shop update in the pipeline :)
Take care peeps.
Lot's of love,