Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dirndl Mania

I've always had a fondness for traditional/ethnic/cultural clothing & over the years I have amassed a large collection of attire from all corners of the world.
Elaborately handcrafted dresses made from exotic African fabrics, rustic South American ponchos, opulently embellished Indian garments, stunning Japanese Kimonos & Chinese cheongsam frocks but there is one garment in particular that make me go weak at the knees…the Dirndl!
The dirndl is a traditional dress primarily worn in Bavaria & Austria.
Its design is based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants but I think nowadays most people probably associate it more with buxom wenches serving frothing steins rather than farming the land.
I recently acquired yet another pretty dirndl to add to my collection,
I now have one for every day of the week.
Here she is...
I've teamed the dirndl with a vintage Eastern European embroidered peasant blouse that I picked up from the car boot sale at the weekend. 
I think they look as if they were made for each other ;)
How mad is it that only the other week I also acquired this amazing Bavarian wool cloak...
I've been on the look out for a cloak like this for ages and was chuffed to bits to unearth this from a mound of clobber at the car boot sale and happier still to get it for a song ;)
Here are my other six dirndl dresses...
A few years ago I found this pretty landhaus waistcoat on a rail in a charity shop, 
it has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since...
Close-up & labels
...and yet more labels ;)
Here I am wearing a dirndl dress at the age of two...
That's all for this time folks!
Hope everyone is fine & dandy :)
Lot's of love,


Helga! said...

I love'em,and you wear them beautifully!!!
Hope things have settled down around you guys,and you're taking care out there!
Love! XXX

Vix said...

What fabulous finds, Jennie.
That cape is particularly splendid and I adore that picture of you as a little girl.
I used to wear a Bavarian jacket but my Czech friend loved it so much I gave it to her as it reminded her of home.
Have a lovely week,
much love,

Rose&Bird said...

What stunning dresses and I love the blouse too. You look amazing in all of them x

Louise said...

I can't tell you how envious I am. I've been looking for a Dirndl for months for Oktoberfest next month, all I can find is over priced fancy dress tat. I've given up. They look great.


Smashingbird said...

You're a cutie aren't you! I love that waistcoat. xx

Perdita said...

I love the style, can't wear it myself because I DO look like some kind of Carry-on-film-buxom-wench. Darn eternal puppy fat (boobs, hamster cheeks- regardless of overall body size).

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE dirndls and you look beautiful in them all Jennie. Why don't I have a dirndl?? What's going on in the world?? I clearly need one (or two)!

That cloak is INCREDIBLE and could we please have a close up of that stunning handbag?

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

What a great collection and I LOVE the cape too.

Penny Dreadful said...

Fabulous :) I love dirndl dresses, I own one myself but haven't yet been able to wear it as I need a proper puffy bosom-exposing shirt to go underneath! Yours are all lovely xx

Tomye said...

I have never stopped kicking myself for not getting a dirndle dress when I was in Austria, years ago. I vow I will get back to Europe to rectify this mistake yet! -T

La Dama said...

you look so sexy in yourdirndl dress.
I been wanting one for the longest. ofcourse I would wear it with a see trough top showing my scandlous bra.
these dresses remind of the Mexican flag colors. look what a cute little girl. you wear dirnl dresses amazeingly. green cape goes perfectly with your dress.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh look at you as a wee tiny tot - what a sweetie! Well I'm completely gobsmacked at your ensemble the dirndl is the perfect fit and the colours are gorgeous. And the blouse! What a find! How freaky is it that it's the perfect match for your dress? Don't even get me started on the cloak - I cannot believe such gorgeousness exists and it's GREEN - arrrgghhhhh! My favourite colour! Amazing with the boots - you rock my world girl! xoxoxoxoxoxo