Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A-Z of Frocks

Over the past week I've been enjoying reading the A-Z posts featured on several peoples blogs. 
I did for a brief moment entertain the thought of doing one myself but decided against it after remembering how flipping long it took me to do a similar post in the past. 
I always seem to get stuck & can't think of anything remotely witty to write. 
So I thought instead of doing an A-Z about myself, I'd do an A-Z about some of my fabulous frocks, much easier!
If you haven't already, you can pop over to Helga's, La Dama's, Vix'sDesiree's blogs to check out their proper A-Z posts but before you leave here's my frocking one ;)
A is for Autumnal colours
B is for Batwings
C is for Chinese print
D is for Dominatrix
E is for Eighties
F is for Floral print
G is for Gold
H is for Heritage prints
I is for India
J is for Jive
K is for Kanga
L is for Ladylike
M is for Maxi
N is for Nautical
O is for Oceania blue
P is for Psychedelic print
Q is for Quirky print
R is for Ruffles of lace
S is for Swinging sixties
T is for Theatrical
U is for Urban Warrior
V is for Velvet devore
W is for Wool
X is for Xena
Y is for Yardgrass green
Z is for Zebra print
That's all for this time peeps!
Lot's of love,


Nelly said...

Loved you ABC and I could happily have most of those outfits in my collection and you always look so great in your photos

Helga! said...

Holy SHIT Jen,what an aweosme take on the A-Z thingy!!!! Freakin' FABULOUS pix,you are so gorgeous and so bloody versatile and styley!!! EEEK!

Louise said...

Wow what a Tuesday morning treat, all of those amazing frocks. X

Perdita said...

Superb idea! Love them all. I want to hit the vintage and charity shops now...but i have to have a clear-out first, as I seem to have the 'war and peace' of clothes lurking in my overstuffed wardrobe, let alone A-Z.

pastcaring said...

What wonderful frocks and what beautiful photos.
Great idea!
Nope, it is not possible to pick a favourite! xxxx

Vix said...

Dear Jennie,
That's an ABC and a half and must have taken you hours. I was dithering about posting mine but enjoyed reading everyone else's and it's ace to find out random facts.
I'd forgotten about those glorious velvet ankle boots, I remember loving them last year!
Lots of love,

La Dama said...

I knew you would do something spectacular with A to Z. this must of taken you longer. I love what a fab chameleon you are. I adore the singing sixties, velvet, nautical, lady and wool dress.

You know how to rock amor!