Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Two peas in a berber waistcoat?

Since my last offering was full of frocks, I thought I do a completely frock free posting today.
A little while ago did a post featuring my beloved mum & some of her clothing that is now taking pride of place in my own wardrobe.
On my last visit to my folks I sorted through a box of old photos and I was thrilled to find a couple of mum wearing some of the garments that I still have.
After finding these photo's I felt a strong urge to try and recreate my mum's look myself, so today I gave it my first bash.
My mum bought this woven waistcoat from a berber market in Morocco back in the late 70s and I remember her wearing it quite a lot teamed with her impossibly tight jeans and clog boots.
At the time we were living in a small white-bread Swedish village and no doubt my mum was considered a bit of a bohemian for wearing stuff like this.
Here's my mum in the late 70s or very early 80s...
...and here I am thirty or so years later ;)
So what's the verdict, two peas in a pod?
I did want to curl my hair like my mum used to do hers but I managed to completely destroy my curling tongs the other week. They snapped in half after I clumsily dropped them on the floor.
Never mind, I've still got my bendy curlers, so all is not lost.
The weather here in London has been amazing today, so I decided to kick start my biannual domestic cleaning extravaganza by washing & line dying all our rag rugs...curtains next!
Lot's of love,


Krista said...

Some of you ladies had such stylish Mum's it's no wonder you all got such STYLE. I love this vest on both of you and your hair pretty straight or curly I'm sure.

La Dama said...

I see where you get your sense of style. Your mama was certainly a stylish beauty. I love old family pictures. my mama never took too many photos. That waistcoat is gorgeous, love your bag. Tell me about i live in sponge rollers. Your hair looks good both ways amor.

I am about to run out of mexi-food. On my next order, i will send you some mexi drinks. The rice water is pretty easy to make. Mely has a recipe on her blog. I havent seen any tamarind around here or hibiscus plants. I am trying to grow my own tomatillos to make my green salsa. Gets expensive ordering my foods.

La Dama said...

I forgot to say
Adorar your boots, yes you are two peas in pad amor.
You got her look down to a t.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You look quite the bohemian yourself dear Jennie - you have some top shelf genetic material in you and look gorgeous in your mum's waistcoat. I love the way you've copied your mums look - bag and boots - WOW!! xoxo

Kitty said...

It's an awesome look on both of you :0 I still haven't gotten over my mum throwing all her old stuff out.

Nelly said...

How lucky that you have so much of your mums things and that she was so stylish.I know my mu doesnt throw out much but she has been into frills and lace for years so wont be much for me to want to nab But I shall have her faux fur and one 70s dress I know she has when I go visit next month.

Ivy Black said...

You're mum looks like she's in a fim still there!
You are both very stylish ladies and it must be lovely to be able to wear clothes she wore...clothes are such strong links to people I think. What about this weather? The summer we didn't have compressed into a week?!!xx

pastcaring said...

Both you and your mum look beautiful - stylish ladies! How nice to have some of her treasured clothes and be able to recreate the same look, and have it work just as well 3 decades apart.

Vix said...

Dear Jennie
You and your mum are so alike, it's uncanny.
I remember my Mum dressing in an almost identical way, skin tight white jeans, an ethnic waistcoat and Romika clogs. Your pictures look like they were taken in another era.
I've just washed today's jumble/car boot haul, thank goodness for a the sunshine to dry it.
Lots of love

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

SO amazing. x hivenn