Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Autumn U-turn

Hope you've all had a mighty fine weekend?!
This morning I was up with the lark to get the early bird bargains at the boot sale.
On my travels I actually managed to get lost & had to call my hubby to guide me in the right direction.
I hit the boot sale an hour after it had opened but despite my tardiness, I was not disappointed with my hoard.
Three of my favourite sellers were there, so I came away with a bounty of vintage frocks, yay!
Travelling home was like sitting next to the devil & his twin in a sauna whilst wearing a rubber bodysuit, the bus was absolutely heaving and naturally everyone who had come from the boot sale was laden with bags, wheeled trolleys, paintings & even furniture, ¡Ay, caramba!
Never mind, I'm back home now...
all bathed & smelling of roses with a well deserved cold beverage at hand.
Here are some pictures that were taken the other day when hubby and I went for a stroll along the urban nature trail.
Earlier that morning I had been pouring over the super cool sisters of the black moon website & their awesome eBay auctions.
I think it is more than evident that I felt rather inspired by their bohemian lusciousness!
What I am wearing:
Vintage 80s paisley patterned skirt
Pink Soda floral print blouse
Vintage 80s tribal patterned waistcoat
Western studded leather belt
Vintage leather boots
DIYed tassle necklace
That's all for now peeps!
All the best to you :)
Lot's of love,


La Dama said...

What an amazing outfit, love Pink Soda floral print blouse and studded belt makes me want to add guns to it.
oooh a rubber suit, I'm curios to know see what you were wearing.
It was scorching today at the boot sale's ,but well worth going. I came back a gresier Mexican.

Have a great night amor

Helga! said...

Darling Jen,you look totally AMAZING!!!XXX

Perdita said...

That paisley is gorgeous. Perfect 70s-80s boho- love it!

Nelly said...

Love the boho look I love how you can out it together and make it look so great!

Vix said...

Dearest Jennie,
I thought that was another Afghani dress, the whole shebang loks wonderful together. Very Autumnal!
That Sisters Of The Blck Moon is just fab, what a whole heap of hippy inspiration for us to copy.
Loads of love,

pastcaring said...

I love how all those prints look so great together, you really work the hippy/boho look well! Especially amongst the greenery! x

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous! I love that look.
All hail the Sisters of the Black Moon!xxx