Sunday, 26 February 2012

Underwater Love

I've not been very active on the blogging front for a bit cause I've been learning how to dive.
Hubby and I decided to give ourselves a PADI open water diver course for Christmas and we booked it for early February. 
Two weekends worth of classroom time, confined water dives in a pool and finally the qualifying open water dives which took place at Wraysbury lake last weekend.
I am very proud to declare that both hubby and I are now qualified PADI open water divers, which means that next time we go on holiday we can hook up with all those cool peeps in wetsuits and go diving...HUZZAH!
We fell in love with the underwater world during our snorkelling excursions in Thailand the year before last and have been talking about progressing to diving ever since, it just felt like the natural thing to do.
I've already scored a "new" wetsuit, fins & mask on eBay, the actual SCUBA diving gear is rather expensive so that will have to be hired until we can afford to splash out.
 I can't wait until our next magical mystery tour i.e. holiday abroad...
This is what started it all off, snorkelling in Thailand 2010...
This was me last weekend at a rather chilly Wraysbury lake doing the 
'tired diver tow'...
I think that I was probably more tired  than Sergey ;)
All the peeps at Dive Wimbledon were fantastic, especially Anton our brilliant instructor...
If it wasn't for AWESOME Anton's patience of a saint and steadfast encouragement I don't think I would have managed it through last weekend. 
You really couldn't ask for a better instructor, the dude deserves a medal.
You only really notice the sheer weight of your SCUBA kit when you get back up on "dry" land.
I was loaded up with a ten kilo weight belt plus all the other kit, my knees weren't loving it to put it politely.
To willingly descend into +4°C English lake water in the middle of winter certainly isn't everybody's idea of fun but if I was asked to do it again (as crazy as it may sound) I'd do it at the drop of a laden weight belt!
However I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll like diving in tropical waters even more.
Hope eveyone has had a splendid Saturday!
I'm off to the car boot sale later, first one in weeks ;)
Lot's of love,


Krista said...

Congrats how wonderful is this. You are one tough chick! I got mine about 10 years ago and I am sad to say I never even used it :( I found it to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done, especially when we had to do a surf entry with all our gear on. Maybe I too need to go somewhere tropical as I do still love snorkeling.

Ivy Black said...

Fantastic! What a great thing to do. I did smile at the difference between the Thai waters and Wraysbury lake though!!xxxx

Perdita said...

SCUBA is amazing! A mate of mine had a scuba romantic!

Vix said...

Well done, Jennie! It'll open up a whole new world of foreign travel for you both. I wonder where your next trip'll be?
I'm far too much of a wuss to try it, I loved snorkelling off the Gili Islands in Indonesia but training in a freezing cold grey disused mine shaft (where our PADI courses are held locally) scares the bejesus out of me.
Good luck at the boot sale.
Much love,

Rose&Bird said...

Well done, you and hubby! Being able to dive will add another dimension to your trips x

amenfashion17 said...

Wow i wish i would dare to dive! Must have been such an amazing experience!!
lots of love Amen Fashion 17

Franca said...

Wow, diving in 4 degrees! I've done a bit of diving when i lived in belize, but am far too chickeny to try it in Britain. Well done on getting your qualification!

La Dama said...

Good on you amor!
I don't even swim, I need to learn.
snorkelling looks like so much fun.
look at that gorgoeus water that will make me dive.
Your a brave biatch swimming in cold ass weather.