Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bringing you boot sale bounty, whatever the weather!

It's been a long day for me as I was up with the lark to go hunting for treasure.
When I looked out the window this morning I have to admit that I was rather doubtful as to wheather or not it would be worth my while but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.
The seller numbers always dwindle dramatically when the weather is crap but sometimes it's nice to have a more manageable number of stalls to peruse.
In the summertime when the fair-weather booters are all out in force this particular boot sale can be quite daunting and you are usually totally shaggard from rummaging after only going round half of it.
 The car boot sale season is still in its winter lull but come next month it should start getting much busier.
One of the sellers decided she'd had enough and left a whole heap of damp shoes behind.
Thankfully it wasn't pouring down but it did drizzle ceaselessly. 
Everything was a bit damp but that doesn't bother me cause I mostly buy clothes & fabrics that are washed when I get home anyway.
The HARDCORE car booters...they'll rummage to the bitter end, whatever the weather!
So what did I come away with?
Well, well...some pretty neat stuff actually!
A couple of decorative brass dishes, an awesome vintage 70s kermit green jumpsuit, a vintage Delroy Fabrics catalogue, a vintage 60s psychedelic print mini dress, a pair of vintage 70s flared jeans, vintage 80s leather boots, an African print shirt & some African print fabric.
I'm very happy with my scores, especially the funky-ass jumpsuit ;)
Two more things to share before I sign off for this time, namely another outfit...
DVF floral silk blouse, Vintage 70s dress labelled 'St Honore', Crushed velvet booties, DIYed necklace & Indian earrings
I got this lovely Diane von Furstenberg silk blouse from last weeks car boot sale and the quirky cut dress I bought from my vintage dealer friend.
Last but by no means least, look what I got through the post yesterday...
My "diving license" certification card, yay!
All I need now is a holiday to somewhere warm that has reefs & fish in abundance ;)
Have a great start to the new week peeps.
Lot's of love,


Daniel said...

Velvet booties Awesome !

Helga! said...

O,that Delroy Fabrics catalogue is a winner!XXX

La Dama said...

Aye, so many wondrous scores!
damn I would taken them shoes.
especially love the boots and hermit jumpsuit bet you will style up gorgeously.
I am dying to go to a boot sale soon.

La Dama said...

so excited by your finds I forgot to tell ya congrats on diving license!
you look delicious in floral silk blouse and cut frock. look like a penifore frock.I been looking for a circle skirt pinafore.

Misfits Vintage said...

Kermit green jumpsuit! Please model it for us! Australia is warm and has the Great Barrier Reef...

Sarah xxx

Frocktasia said...

I'm planning on doing a GREEN post in the near future & I'll be sure to incorporate the jumpsuit in it ;)
Och, If I only had the mullah to holiday in OZ I'd be over there faster than a pistol shot.