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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Not from the Dirty Thirties

This seventies frock echoes a much earlier fashion era, with its elegant floor-skimming length, adorable ruffle sleeves and shoulder button trim detailing, I'm thinking the thirties.
These pictures are from a Swedish dress making magazine dated 1934.
Here are two thirties dress pattern pics, found on pinterest.
I know that reproduction vintage fashion can sometimes be an apple of discord for real vintage aficionados but the only thing I have a problem with is when sellers (on-line in particular) are not straight up about how old a garment actually is and even remove labels in an attempt to disguise the fact that what they are selling is a dress from a High Street store bought last year, that sucks!
I've had this frock for years but I only recently rediscovered it hiding in a storage bag up in the loft. There aren't that many mystery bags left up there now, I'm slowly getting on top of  the hoard.
 Yay & there was much rejoicing! 
Vintage 70s does 30s maxi frock, Handmade Sami art necklace, 80s Pierre Cardin sandals, soapstone earrings & umbrella.
I did get a couple of bemused looks as I was feeding the birds by the boating lake earlier but personally I think this frock is just fine to wear for a stroll around the park, teamed with my cropped denim jacket it looks almost casual ;)
Yesterday Mark and I went to check out Muswell Hill Market as our lovely friends Sue and Mark were trading there.
Mark , Sue, Mark & loadsa gorgeous jewellery :)
Sue makes her own funky jewellery and Mark has a very  keen eye for beautiful vintage costume jewellery with a particular penchant for fabulous vintage brooches.
At the last Can't Buy Me Love market Jet mentioned that I may want to consider doing a stall at the Muswell Hill Market at some point and after seeing it yesterday I think Frocktasia will hopefully be there next month with a rail full of fabulous frocks and other gorgeous goodies, so watch this space peeps.
This venue scores high on one very important point,  it is virtually door to door on the W7 bus route, so even if Mark is working on the day I can very easily make it there on my tod.
Ideally I'd love to do at least one market a week.

I hope you've all had a fabulous & funderful weekend folks!
Loads of love,

Friday, 3 May 2013

Rail full of the joys of spring

I'm very excited about this Saturday's Dandy and I've been working away on my rail all week. While we were up in Scotland I decided that I would theme my rail from now on to make it more cohesive rather than just offering up a random motley mix of vintage & retro threads. I've been very much inspired by the spell of gorgeous weather and the veritable explosion of greenery in the park. I'm bringing a plethora of flirty cotton dresses made for springtime strolls in the sun, chic retro frocks that are perfect for garden parties and BBQs and a whole bunch of festival worthy frocks & separates for those who want to sort out their festival wardrobe early.
Here are all the garments (bar the gents) that will be featured on Frocktasia's full of the joys of spring rail at The Dandy Lion Market on Saturday :)
 Close-ups of details, prints and labels...
If you're in the Kentish Town area on Saturday please pop in and have a wee natter and a rummage. There's a fabulous line-up of traders this month, most of which have a feature folder on The Dandy Lion FB page, so  you can check them out there if you so wish. There's even going to be a stall selling wigs, how cool is that?!
Happy days!
Here are a few pics that Leslie snapped at last months Dandy featuring me, my little stall  and some of my fabulous fellow traders :)
I'll leave you with a fabulous tune by SOUL II SOUL, enjoy :)
May the sun shine on your path and happiness fill your heart!
Loads of love,

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nightmare Bear

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. I was stuck in a scenario that was similar to Stephen King's The Mist but instead of being besieged by giant arthropods and tentacled monsters I was being stalked by bloodthirsty zombie bears...
  I must have frowned like a wee grumpoid in my sleep cause when I woke up the normally faint creases in-between my eyebrows had turned into furrows deep enough to plant something in.
Mark often tells me off for scrunching my face up when he's taking photos but I can't help it.
More often than not it's got nothing to do with being displeased, worried or angry. Bright light, reading for a long time & lack of sleep usually does it. 
Curse my frowny furrows of non-worry!
Still I mustn't complain, for a face that has been exposed to the elements and endured the emotional roller-coaster that is life for almost forty years, its holding out not too badly.
I was keeping a beady eye out for any pesky zombie bears in the park, you just never know ;)
We actually bumped into a couple of zombies a few week ago when they were filming up there.
Vintage 70s caped maxi dress, fun-fur jacket, 80s boots, Frocktasia disco-ball earrings, necklace & bangles.  
A frock fit for a zombie apocalypse?
I think I'd probably wear something a bit more like this instead, a super long maxi dress would greatly diminish your ability dodge bloodthirsty bears.

The apocalyptic soundtrack would have to be this tune, enjoy ;)
Friday is within sniffing distance, huzzah!
Loads of love,

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Diving into fun

Two posts in one day, how very extravagant of me!
Truth is I'm playing catch-up :)
Yesterday Mark and I went down to Dive Wimbledon to book me in for my Emergency First Response course. 
Mark actually took the EFR instructor course late last year but hasn't actually done any instructing yet so he's going to sit in whilst lovely Jon is doing the instructing to really learn the ropes. 
Completion of the EFR is a prerequisite for the PADI rescue diver course which is next on our diving to-do list.
So now I've got my course material to dive into over the next few weeks, not to mention my very own private, in-house EFR instructor, to help me along should I get that sinking feeling at any time whilst reading the book ;)
After my morning coffee yesterday I popped up to the loft and found yet another bag full of forgotten about frocks.
There are actually still bags up there that I haven't looked inside for yonks, bonkers!
Inside the bag that I brought down was this delightful crimplene creation from St Michael, I believe it's from the sixties...
Vintage 60s floral print crimplene day dress, 20s tail tux jacket, repro Victorian lace-up boots, tights, driving gloves, mohair hat, soapstone & macrame heart earings, Frocktasia horse-brass necklace & Lanta Animal Welfare tote bag.
Although I absolutely love its yummy raspberry colour and ditsy floral print, it is sadly just a little too large for me so it will be joining the cornucopia of fabulous frocks in my market stock, speaking of which...
I'm very pleased to announce that Frocktasia is now booked up to be a part of  the wonderful Dandy Lion family for three more months, yay!
The next market is on Saturday the 6th of April so a preview post is in the pipeline for that, probably just after Easter.
If you are thinking of coming along to peruse my goodies and have any special requests as to what you'd like me to bring on the day, please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or requests on
I will of course also be telling you about my fabulous fellow sellers in a pre-market post cause they are BRILLIANT but not all pitches have been confirmed as yet, so that will be done after Easter too :)
Can't wait for this to roll around, it's so much FUN!
Hope you are all having a great week!
Today's tune is by Inner City....BIG FUN, enjoy :)
Loads of love,

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plant loving crackpot

If I were able to have a whole house full of rescue dogs, cats, birds and miscellaneous wildlife I totally would but as things are that is sadly not possible.
There is one thing that we can and do rescue and give a new home to and that is abandoned houseplants.
Mark found this yucca plant in a terrible state a while back. 
The previous owner had kept it in a very small terracotta pot and the plant was completely rootbound inside of it. 
You can see how one of the plant trunks is completely warped & that was wrapped onto the rim of the wee pot.
Instead of repotting the plant they had just put it out with the rubbish as it was dying.
As soon as Mark brought him home, I took a hammer to the pot, liberated Mr. Yucca and re-potted him into a big poundland planter and he has thrived with us ever since.
In fact he has been growing so well that the other day I had to venture up to the nature trail in search of a "crutch" for him.
The warped trunk looked as if it was straining under the weight of his marvelous crown, so I found a perfect stick to support it.
We love our houseplants and like Prince Charles we do talk to them.
 Call me a crackpot if you like but my plants make me very happy and I do like to tell them that :)
Once it gets a bit warmer outside, I shall bring them all out on the balcony to repot them into some fresh soil and bigger pots if needed... 
I call this Yucca plant Odie cause when Mark brought him home he reminded me of the dog from Garfield, all long-necked and lanky. The big pic is Odie today and the one to the right is when he first moved in with us ;)
Question time...
Do you keep houseplants or are you lucky enough to have a garden where you grow things?

Today we had rain & sunshine in the morning, snow & strong winds in the afternoon and to finish off, our little corner of London was treated to a lovely pink sunset.

Today's ensemble:
Vintage 50s jacket, 60s psychedelic floral print mini dress, crushed velvet booties, layered tights (plain red and acid orange fishnets), bangles galore & Frocktasia earrings & horse-brass necklace.
I curled my hair this morning but it started snowing & blowing a gale when we were feeding the birds, so by the time these photos were taken you could hardly tell, och!
It was great reading your comments about 'Lucky Dipping' and eBay purchases. 
I know I'm a nosy parker but I just love reading your wee stories, so thank you for taking the time.

Today's song is by Crowded House, enjoy :)
Loads of love,

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lucky Dipping

I haven't bought anything on eBay since before Christmas and to be honest I hardly even look anymore. 
On a rare occasion I'll do a bit of window shopping, bang a few of my favourite search words in to see what they conjure up but the last thing I bought was another dirndl dress for my collection (I haven't actually shown it to you yet).
Back in the eBay 'glory days' I got to know my postman rather well cause frocks would arrive almost on a daily basis.
Postage prices were much lower then and you could get really brilliant vintage garments for a song.
That was before hobby sellers realized the importance of listing items properly & with a half decent picture.
I would indulge in 'Lucky Dipping' i.e. bidding on stuff with really dodgy pictures, you never quite knew what you'd receive; would it be a vintage gem or rags for the revamp box?!
However most of the time, I was very happy with my purchase and the lucky dip had paid off.
Nowadays most people are wise to the ways of eBay selling, I guess they spend a little more time on doing research and better grasp the concept of good presentation equals more profit.
So the really dodgy photos, where you can't even make out if it's a scrunched up dog blanket or a frock you are looking at, seem to be all but gone.
The last garment that I lucky dipped was the dress that I am wearing today...
the auction photo was so dark that you couldn't even make out the print but I went for it anyway and boy am I glad I did :) 
Vintage floral print maxi dress, faux-fur jacket, vintage hat, vintage faux-fur trim booties, gloves, Ankh necklace & handmade Kenyan earrings...two pairs of tights to stave off the chills.
I was more than chuffed to bits when I pulled this beauty out of the package I can tell you and I reckon that properly presented it would have fetched far more than the 99p that I paid for it.
Look at that awesome print :)
There were no bearded film dudes interrupting our pic taking today.
In fact we almost had the park all to ourselves :)
It wasn't quite as icy cold today but it's still a bit too chilly for bare arms. 
This frock got to travel with me to Egypt last year and was featured in one of our early morning desert photo sessions...
It such a comfy dress with a very forgiving cut which was great for my post all inclusive buffet belly... 
so much delicious food, so little time, so much unbridled gluttony ;) 
I bought the dress in 2011 and it quickly became a favourite, here I am wearing it on NYE 2011 just before heading off to BrewDog in Camden...
Now I would like to know...
Do you indulge in 'Lucky Dipping' & if so what was your best score?
Are you still buying heaps on eBay or have the ever rising postage prices put you off?
What was your latest eBay buy?
You don't have to answer if you don't want to, you are quite welcome to leave a comment  anyway.
Just because I love you here's the Brand New Heavies, enjoy :)
...and another one cause they are so awesome...
 Loads of love,