Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nightmare Bear

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. I was stuck in a scenario that was similar to Stephen King's The Mist but instead of being besieged by giant arthropods and tentacled monsters I was being stalked by bloodthirsty zombie bears...
  I must have frowned like a wee grumpoid in my sleep cause when I woke up the normally faint creases in-between my eyebrows had turned into furrows deep enough to plant something in.
Mark often tells me off for scrunching my face up when he's taking photos but I can't help it.
More often than not it's got nothing to do with being displeased, worried or angry. Bright light, reading for a long time & lack of sleep usually does it. 
Curse my frowny furrows of non-worry!
Still I mustn't complain, for a face that has been exposed to the elements and endured the emotional roller-coaster that is life for almost forty years, its holding out not too badly.
I was keeping a beady eye out for any pesky zombie bears in the park, you just never know ;)
We actually bumped into a couple of zombies a few week ago when they were filming up there.
Vintage 70s caped maxi dress, fun-fur jacket, 80s boots, Frocktasia disco-ball earrings, necklace & bangles.  
A frock fit for a zombie apocalypse?
I think I'd probably wear something a bit more like this instead, a super long maxi dress would greatly diminish your ability dodge bloodthirsty bears.

The apocalyptic soundtrack would have to be this tune, enjoy ;)
Friday is within sniffing distance, huzzah!
Loads of love,


Lucys Lounge said...

firstly can i say i can't believe you're nearly 40 i thought nearly 30. secondly i love your dress, again a beautiful choice. and i liked your dream bears are good even zombie ones. love lucyx

Jet Kuhn said...

Yipes, I would've been screaming in my sleep! Hey, that makes me wonder why in zombie movies only humans are affected? (Yes thanks to my zombie obsessed husband, I'm now zombie obsessed.) The dress is lovely on you, but you're right, not for a zombie apocalypse! Leather (lots of it -- harder to bit into!) and docs would see you through much better, so keep them at the ready... just in case (; XXX

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Scary!!! I hate nightmares! I wrinkle my brow, too. You look incredible and I would of never guessed you were nearly 40. I LOVE your dress-- such stunning maxi!
Becky :)

Mtl Street said...

Hi Jennie!

Oh wow what a dream! i dream a lot these and i remember a first for me, i usually don't remember for some reason i do remember - I dream about paths, roads, choices, weird stuff i guess it means a change of life, carreers ect..
I have been catching up and i read that you were almost 40?? is this right? you look 25 top girl!
Must be the frowning that keeps you young, hahaha!

I love all your beautiful vintage dresses oh boy are they wonderful! Leslie your friend caught my eye with her outfit and red hair, what a woman!

Hope your vintage business goes well and making lots of sales! I'm thinking of selling some items on E-bay, i have so much, any tips for me?

Take care darling

Ariane xxxx

thorne garnet said...

Yuck to night mares. I hate having them, waking up all freaked out.

Looks like it's warming up in your neck of the world. Pretty dress

Panty Buns said...

I adore that gorgeous vintage 70s floral maxi dress. You look fabulous in it!
I love the coquettish look as you look back over your shoulder.
I wish I had the flexibility to twist around that far when I'm modeling my knickers.
Ah, to be young like you again (I'm ancient).
I liked your Apocalyptic Ragamuffin outfits from last November, Too bad about the nightmare.
Perhaps you should rise up and conquer those bloodthirsty zombie bears of your nightmares.
You can do it. I know you can! After listening to the
song in your embedded video I logged in to YouTube and re-watched your own video -
I love the beautiful echoing music of Nordkvist- "We Take No Prisoners" in the YouTube video "The Haggis Hunter" by You and Mark
with the slideshow of pics your hubby took of you in your Frocktasia shapeshifter poncho in a Glen Coe spectacular setting.
I'm watching and listening to it again now.
Here's to a fabulous fashionista Friday and beautiful weekend!

Carina Rosenholm said...

The spring is slowly coming to our parts of the world and the Bears are wakening but hopefully they stay in the Woods .... pretty dress!!

Sacramento Amate said...

I programe myself not to remember my dreams. I wouldn´t mind if they were all about beautiful floral dresses like the one yoy are wearing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Love, love the bolero, ahhhhhhhhhh

edie pop said...

I often remember my dreams, sometimes they haunt me all day long, especially the nightmares or the weird ones!The zombie bear sounds terrifying!! Definitely a great contrast with this beautiful floral dress! I love the pink fur jacket too!
Have a wonderful weekend!
xxxxx Love

Emalina said...

You look so gorgeous, no lines or wrinkles to be seen, and that maxi dress is the floaty beautiful stuff of my dreams!

Underemployed said...

At 40, you're just beginning to experience the really interesting stuff. My advice? Go back and read all the literature you thought was boring in high school.

Connie said...

Wait a minute. Is that a furry pink BEAR jacket you're wearing? I, too, just loved The House of Elliot. I was completely addicted while it was on and noone was allowed to disturb me while I watched. Wouldn't it be fun to have an old style fashion house?

Penny-Rose said...

Such a beautiful dress and the fur jacket is so cute! 40 is fantastic - for me some of the best years of my life have been since i turned 40!

Trees said...

I love your frock - but agree - its not ideal for running away from zombies! Your dream does sounds a little crazy - although I do love horror movies and have to admit I would totally watch a horror movie with giant zombie bears :P

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous frock and such a cute little jacket! Mind those zombie bears now, Jennie! xxx

Lyosha said...

lovely dress! I adore the pattern

Inside and Outside Blog

Sharon S said...

Hi there-what an unusual dream to have, very crazy, haha! Really love your dress and that jacket is gorgeous xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

argh, horrible dream! Hope the creases have de-furroughed now. Not that I can see them in these photos. What a stunning dress!