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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Upon a hill across a blue lake

Bare feet against soft moss, magnificent mountains as far as the eye can see, a light breeze to keep the midgies at bay, that is all it takes to please me. 

I really love injecting a little bit of drama and movement into my pictures because I prefer photos that are a bit quirky. I call my favoured posing style 'Jazz Hands' as it often involves some sort of flailing of the arms and hands.
I was given this magnificent book from the early 1900 by my former boss at The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden. It contains a collection of  The Sketch, which was a society magazine with regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, cinema and art studies. It was in print from 1893 to 1959.
I love spending a few hours just flicking through its pages, being wowed by the fabulous theatrical get-ups and picking up posing pointers from ladies that had the old Jazz Hands posing nailed.
I have been a very busy bee of late, since my last post I have become auntie again and bagged a wee freelance gig selling scuba gear on eBay.
The Commonwealth Games have rolled into town and  little old me is taking part, and before you ask...No, I am not racing against Usain Bolt.
I am a member of  The Aquatic Field of Play Intervention Team and I will be doing a couple of shifts at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre here in Glasgow next week.
So, you may be wondering what I will be asked to do if called upon, well, well...
If someone gets into the pool, who should not be there, and the police and security can't persuade them to get out then The Aquatic Field of Play Intervention Team steps in and forcibly removes the person(s) from the water. I really hope that we won't have to step in mainly because it would interrupt the games and ruin the vibe for competitors and spectators alike.

Sunday was spent in Ballachulish painting mum's living room and doing various little jobs around the house , then we fired back down the road on Monday briefly stopping off in Glen Coe for an impromptu photo session. I always like to bring a wee bag of clobber, accessories and wigs just in case an ideal opportunity presents itself and on Monday it did.
 As it is peak-season now we had an audience of bemused tourists and surprised looking walkers for most of our photo session.
This spot is just next to the main road and cars and trucks are passing all the time but you would never have guessed it from looking at these photographs. Mark is pretty good at cropping out roads, pesky power lines and walkers sporting day-glo.
The frock has been in my collection for well over five years. I haven't worn it before and to be honest when I bought it this was exactly the kind of thing I had in mind for it. I wanted to capture its beauty in some nice pics before letting it go again. I have quite a few frocks with a theatrical vibe and I can't think of a more stunning backdrop for them than the beautiful Highlands.
Look, no Jazz Hands!
 Last year we shot a stunning red velvet frock by Quad and a spectacular bronze coloured extravaganza by Priscilla in the Glen.
This frock is labelled 'California - The Look You Love' and here I am sporting it with a long black wig bought on eBay and a belly-dancing coin belt worn as a headdress that I picked up from a car boot sale in London.
The picture editing frills were added with PicMonkey.
I hope you are all doing grand folks.
I'll leave you with the banging tune that was blasting through the car speakers as we drove through the Glen, Yeehaw!
Loads of love,

Saturday, 11 May 2013

There's not much Shroom in here!

The beautiful Rhododendron bush in the park has started its annual floral display and needless to say I was keen to get some pics taken with this stunning backdrop.
I even dug out a very special frock for the occasion  ;)
I call this my 'psilosybin doodling dress' cause the print looks as if it was drawn by someone who was casually doodling away whilst on Shrooms.
I bought it on eBay many moons ago and I love it but unfortunately the top part is a wee bit of a snug fit, that's why I like to team it with my suede waistcoat cause it keeps the buttons from straining. Like the other psychedelic print maxi that I showed you back in March it's a frock I'll never part with.
It is labelled 'Courtaulds Dicel' the latter being the brand name of the fabric rather than the maker I believe. When I googled the name I found Curtise wearing a spectacular frock of the same label, lovely lady!
Anyone else out there with a 'Courtaulds' frock hiding away in their vintage wardrobe?
 There is something really rather special about a frock with a hood, I feel a little bit mystical wearing it ;)
Vintage 60s psychedelic hooded maxi, 60s suede waistcoat, 70s boots, Handmade African earrings & necklace. 
Here's a close-up of that gloriously trippy psilosybin doodle print...
I wish you all a groovy weekend!
Here's Jefferson Airplane to play us out, enjoy :)
Loads of love,

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Shiny Happy People

The sun finally decided to make an appearance in the afternoon and a mass exodus ensued here in our neck of the woods. Houses were emptying at a rate of knots and people were pouring into the park. Sun starved North Londoners are grabbing even the minutest opportunity to bask in the sun. Every single bench was occupied with impromptu picnickers and the boating lake, playground, skate park, tennis- & basket ball courts were all a hive of activity. There were so many people feeding the birds that even the pigeons had had enough. I think it is safe to say "DING DONG! THE WINTER IS DEAD!"...good riddance!
I bought the frock that I am wearing today from the same charity shop that the green maxi from Thurdays post came from and I've had it for just as long.
Once when I wore it, two Swedish ladies started slagging it off to each other after spotting me wearing it on a bus, thinking that it was safe to do so cause they were in London and I wouldn't understand what they were saying. As they were getting off the bus I beamed a smile at them and said 'ha en trevlig dag' which means 'have a nice day'. I wish I'd had a camera cause their faces were priceless.
Today there were no people slagging my frock off though, instead it got a few lovely compliments :)
The guy at the local Afro-Caribbean cosmetics center where I buy my liquid eyeliner & henna even asked me where I had bought the dress saying that his wife would love it.
For me a life without wearing frocks like this one would be a very dull one indeed.
Give me psychedelic prints, a rainbow of colours and one-off vintage pieces and I am a very happy woman.
Speaking of  a rainbow of colours, check out the visual delight I am treated to on a daily basis...
The wig emporium two doors down has expanded yet again, they keep on going from strength to strength, wigs are very much in demand seemingly. This is the one that I've got my eye on...
 WARNING: Posh pinkie in the reflection, who needs a Royal Doulton teacup when one has a camera ;)
Hope you've all had a cracker of a weekend with some sunshine to make you smile..
Thanks a million for all your lovely comments, I'm so sorry if I haven't been around to visit your blog or left a comment in ages, I hang my head in shame. I promise I'll try my best to get around to visit you all before next week is over, you lovely peeps ROCK!
Loads of love,

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nightmare Bear

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. I was stuck in a scenario that was similar to Stephen King's The Mist but instead of being besieged by giant arthropods and tentacled monsters I was being stalked by bloodthirsty zombie bears...
  I must have frowned like a wee grumpoid in my sleep cause when I woke up the normally faint creases in-between my eyebrows had turned into furrows deep enough to plant something in.
Mark often tells me off for scrunching my face up when he's taking photos but I can't help it.
More often than not it's got nothing to do with being displeased, worried or angry. Bright light, reading for a long time & lack of sleep usually does it. 
Curse my frowny furrows of non-worry!
Still I mustn't complain, for a face that has been exposed to the elements and endured the emotional roller-coaster that is life for almost forty years, its holding out not too badly.
I was keeping a beady eye out for any pesky zombie bears in the park, you just never know ;)
We actually bumped into a couple of zombies a few week ago when they were filming up there.
Vintage 70s caped maxi dress, fun-fur jacket, 80s boots, Frocktasia disco-ball earrings, necklace & bangles.  
A frock fit for a zombie apocalypse?
I think I'd probably wear something a bit more like this instead, a super long maxi dress would greatly diminish your ability dodge bloodthirsty bears.

The apocalyptic soundtrack would have to be this tune, enjoy ;)
Friday is within sniffing distance, huzzah!
Loads of love,

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Brown Belle

I bought the dress that I'm wearing today because of the label.
It's not that the frock was made by a well known designer or is exclusive in any way, I just simply loved the look of its groovy label...
I also rather like the crochet detailing and trumpet sleeves.
The colour isn't my favourite it has to be said but you can't have everything.
Vintage 70s maxi dress, 90s teddy fur jacket, 70s boots, gloves, crochet & soapstone heart earrings.
 For me brown clobber conjures up thoughts of being a kid in the 70s. 
Here are some pics from Swedish mail-order catalogues from that era...
Here's me rocking that 70s look back in the day...
My love for a groovy all-in-one goes way back it seems.
Do you have a colour or colour combination that you associate with you childhood?

Here's Boney M for your listening pleasure, enjoy :)
Loads of love,

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Atomic winter

I sometimes have the oddest thoughts! 
As I was hanging the washing out on the balcony the other day, freezing my fingers off, I started thinking...
"What if this is it, what if winter becomes permanent and this is as good as it will get temperature wise".
I know, the stuff of nightmares right?!
It is thought that the climate would be profoundly effected if for instance nuclear war was to rage across the planet or perhaps a supervolcano decided to erupt or a comet or an asteroid happened to slam into the globe.
The theory goes that if vast amounts of smoke and soot was to be ejected into the earth's stratosphere, the little spinning ball that we call home would be plunged into perpetual winter.
Horrible thought, eh?!
Of course the snow covered naked branches of the trees are pretty and create spectacular backdrop but I have to say that I am now officially fed up with winter and I want spring to march on in and sweep the bastard thing away once and for all!
I was very happy to see that the bird lovers had come out in force today,  there was seed scattered everywhere on top of the snow by the pond.
I'm not the only crazy bird lady around this neck of the woods, I'll have you know ;)
The other day this sweet little girl came up to me as I was hand feeding Lilo and asked if she could have a go. I lent her my "feeding glove" and she was absolutely ecstatic when the Lilo started eating seed from her hand, so sweet!
It's been snowing heaps here today and there's still some snow fall forecast for tonight.
When will this snowy madness end? 
Vintage coat by Spinney, 90s velvet catsuit, hooded cloak dress, Handmade African necklace  gift from my mum, DM boots, 99p stores snood, gloves, slouchy hat & Frocktasia earrings.
I'm playing catch-up with my 'daily ensemble' pics, this is what I wore to go and see Leslie yesterday...
My sister in Copenhagen sent me this awesome 70s bright red needle cord maxi skirt. I'm guessing that the flowers were hand-painted by Inger Leth.
The stunning necklace was a car boot sale bargain from last year, it's a really unusual piece. There's an inscription at the back which reads 'By Laurent Guinci'.
Vintage 70s cord maxi skirt, 70s suede lace-up waistcoat, 80s butterfly belt, 80s boots, 90s floral lace leotard, I also wore a great big faux-fur coat, a faux-fur hat, gloves and was freezing and damp outside yesterday.
Leslie sent me this pic from last months Can't Buy Me Love market...
There's me peddling my gear to a very dapper chappy. You can also spot  Mark looking on proudly as his wife gets into the swing of things & lovely Sara from Hello The Mushroom :) The pic was borrowed from the CBML blog.
I won't be there this month because my other sister is popping over from Sweden for Easter and we are heading up to Edinburgh for a few days which will be ever so splendid.
If you are in London on the 30th of March you can still go and see Jet-Marie, Leslie and all the other brilliant sellers that will be there at the Can't Buy Me Love Easter Special.
I'm hoping to return there next month, so watch this space ;)

Today's tune is Atomic by Blondie, enjoy :)
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Loads of love,

Thursday, 21 March 2013

You make me feel like I am fun again!

Have I told you lately how fabulous you all are and how much I appreciate having you wonderful peeps in my life?
Yes, Jennie stop going on about it or we'll have to make the bucket beside us a permanent feature, K?!
It has to be said though, in the past few months my lust for blogging has returned with a vengeance & a cursory glance at my yearly blog archive spells it out...
...this years post tally is speeding past the previous years at a rate of knots.
I personally put it down to your encouraging continued visits to my little nook of the blogosphere :)
For a long time I isolated myself, I became the silent onlooker to a party that I felt unworthy of part taking in.
I watched you all being fabulous and having fun, interacting with each other and even though I wanted to join in I felt  too craven to do so. 
I felt that through my silence, I'd lost my place in the gang.
Then one day I started taking tentative steps back into the circle and was very happy to find that there were still people there ready to welcome me back with open arms.
Then all of a sudden I felt as if I was fun again!
It was like a flower bomb of colour and warmth had gone off quite unexpectedly.
I started commenting and getting comments in return.
I felt welcomed, encouraged, inspired & enthralled.
I felt like busting open the bags and diving into the drawers to unearth fabulous clobber to wear.
Thank you for rekindling a fire that had all but gone out and thank you for being there for me after my long absence, I guess that is the mark of true friendship, virtual or otherwise.
I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me...gush over (for now).
Vintage 70s velvet psychedelic print maxi skirt,  60s lace panel top, 70s suede jacket, 50s booties, 60s velvet painters beret, opera gloves, brass bangles & Frocktasia 'Grumpy Suns' earrings.
 Today's tune is 'Lovesong' by The Cure,  enjoy :)
Loads of love,

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lucky Dipping

I haven't bought anything on eBay since before Christmas and to be honest I hardly even look anymore. 
On a rare occasion I'll do a bit of window shopping, bang a few of my favourite search words in to see what they conjure up but the last thing I bought was another dirndl dress for my collection (I haven't actually shown it to you yet).
Back in the eBay 'glory days' I got to know my postman rather well cause frocks would arrive almost on a daily basis.
Postage prices were much lower then and you could get really brilliant vintage garments for a song.
That was before hobby sellers realized the importance of listing items properly & with a half decent picture.
I would indulge in 'Lucky Dipping' i.e. bidding on stuff with really dodgy pictures, you never quite knew what you'd receive; would it be a vintage gem or rags for the revamp box?!
However most of the time, I was very happy with my purchase and the lucky dip had paid off.
Nowadays most people are wise to the ways of eBay selling, I guess they spend a little more time on doing research and better grasp the concept of good presentation equals more profit.
So the really dodgy photos, where you can't even make out if it's a scrunched up dog blanket or a frock you are looking at, seem to be all but gone.
The last garment that I lucky dipped was the dress that I am wearing today...
the auction photo was so dark that you couldn't even make out the print but I went for it anyway and boy am I glad I did :) 
Vintage floral print maxi dress, faux-fur jacket, vintage hat, vintage faux-fur trim booties, gloves, Ankh necklace & handmade Kenyan earrings...two pairs of tights to stave off the chills.
I was more than chuffed to bits when I pulled this beauty out of the package I can tell you and I reckon that properly presented it would have fetched far more than the 99p that I paid for it.
Look at that awesome print :)
There were no bearded film dudes interrupting our pic taking today.
In fact we almost had the park all to ourselves :)
It wasn't quite as icy cold today but it's still a bit too chilly for bare arms. 
This frock got to travel with me to Egypt last year and was featured in one of our early morning desert photo sessions...
It such a comfy dress with a very forgiving cut which was great for my post all inclusive buffet belly... 
so much delicious food, so little time, so much unbridled gluttony ;) 
I bought the dress in 2011 and it quickly became a favourite, here I am wearing it on NYE 2011 just before heading off to BrewDog in Camden...
Now I would like to know...
Do you indulge in 'Lucky Dipping' & if so what was your best score?
Are you still buying heaps on eBay or have the ever rising postage prices put you off?
What was your latest eBay buy?
You don't have to answer if you don't want to, you are quite welcome to leave a comment  anyway.
Just because I love you here's the Brand New Heavies, enjoy :)
...and another one cause they are so awesome...
 Loads of love,