Sunday, 14 April 2013

Shiny Happy People

The sun finally decided to make an appearance in the afternoon and a mass exodus ensued here in our neck of the woods. Houses were emptying at a rate of knots and people were pouring into the park. Sun starved North Londoners are grabbing even the minutest opportunity to bask in the sun. Every single bench was occupied with impromptu picnickers and the boating lake, playground, skate park, tennis- & basket ball courts were all a hive of activity. There were so many people feeding the birds that even the pigeons had had enough. I think it is safe to say "DING DONG! THE WINTER IS DEAD!"...good riddance!
I bought the frock that I am wearing today from the same charity shop that the green maxi from Thurdays post came from and I've had it for just as long.
Once when I wore it, two Swedish ladies started slagging it off to each other after spotting me wearing it on a bus, thinking that it was safe to do so cause they were in London and I wouldn't understand what they were saying. As they were getting off the bus I beamed a smile at them and said 'ha en trevlig dag' which means 'have a nice day'. I wish I'd had a camera cause their faces were priceless.
Today there were no people slagging my frock off though, instead it got a few lovely compliments :)
The guy at the local Afro-Caribbean cosmetics center where I buy my liquid eyeliner & henna even asked me where I had bought the dress saying that his wife would love it.
For me a life without wearing frocks like this one would be a very dull one indeed.
Give me psychedelic prints, a rainbow of colours and one-off vintage pieces and I am a very happy woman.
Speaking of  a rainbow of colours, check out the visual delight I am treated to on a daily basis...
The wig emporium two doors down has expanded yet again, they keep on going from strength to strength, wigs are very much in demand seemingly. This is the one that I've got my eye on...
 WARNING: Posh pinkie in the reflection, who needs a Royal Doulton teacup when one has a camera ;)
Hope you've all had a cracker of a weekend with some sunshine to make you smile..
Thanks a million for all your lovely comments, I'm so sorry if I haven't been around to visit your blog or left a comment in ages, I hang my head in shame. I promise I'll try my best to get around to visit you all before next week is over, you lovely peeps ROCK!
Loads of love,


Panty Buns said...

I love it! Finally someone has declared the Winter to be dead! Ding Dong indeed! My furnace is on it's last legs and it's good to be getting past the fear of freezing for the next couple of seasons. There are signs Spring has arrived here too. I'm afraid I'll only get another couple of days before the lawn and weeds demand attention. I'll be on the lookout for swarms of people out and about enjoying the weather. It's nice to read that people have come out of hibernation in your neck of the woods.

I didn't know you spoke Swedish! You're constantly amazing me. I love your frock. The colours are wonderful and it fits you amazingly well. Do you tailor your frocks to fit or pick frocks that fit well or both? It looks lovely on you. The jewelry you're wearing adds a nice touch to the look of your outfit.

That's an amazingly large assortment of brightly coloured wigs at the Wig Emporium two doors from you. That wig you've had your eye on is a beauty!

I love that music video "Shiny Happy People" by REM!!! (I love her outfit too).

Olga Rani said...

Love this dress! Actually I have a very similar one: dark-blue upper part and bright-printed lower one. I bought it last year but have not wore yet. It seems that it emphasizes my hour-glass figure just too much and I am in doubt to wear it...
Those wigs seem to be in every colour one can imagine :)

Carina Rosenholm said...

Älskar färgerna på den kjolen! Vi har äntligen fått lite vår här i Norrland med även om det i dag är i form av regn .

Vix said...

I'm at a loss to understand why anyone would bitch about you wearing that dress, you look gorgeous!
Talk about a north-south divide.
We had some sun of Saturday morning but it was cold enough to require fake fur and yesterday was dreadful!
I remember that amazing wig shop when I came to visit. I wonder if the red one you're after is cheaper in our local emporium? I'll let you know - it might save you a few quid! xxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

I am glad that the sun is shining on you at last, my dear Jennine.

Trees said...

OMG I LOVE that story about the two ladies slagging off your dress!! So funny! Similar thing happened to me and a friend in Korea, we said a young Korean guy on the train looked like Zac Effron (we're not bitches or anything - he really DID look like a Korean zac Effron) when he got off the train he spoke perfect English and was like "Hey ladies thanks" ;) I LOVE your dress and I can't imagine why ANYONE would slag it off!! Hooray for fun, vintage prints :D

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look fantastic! The wigs are brilliant. Really just too hot for wigs here.
Becky :)

Krista Gassib said...

Those ladies haven't the balls to wear anything like that. You look happy and beautiful in that sunshine! I think the wig shop looks like a blast and that pink one should be yours!

Underemployed said...

Well, I like it and the wig, too! They're just jealous.

pastcaring said...

No, I don't get why anyone would have a problem with your dress - it's beautiful!
Get the wig, get the wig!
Love that song. xxx

Jet Kuhn said...

Its slowly warming here in NY, I was out in the garden over the weekend and saw some action which made me happy! LOVE that dress on you! Oh dear, the wig shop looks scrumptious! I have so many as I used to sell them when I had a brick and mortar shop, but always want MORE! I think I'd lose my mind in there! XXX

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I want to visit that shop! Look at all those wigs! Get that cerise one! xx

Leslie Wilson-Rutterford said...

Cute blog this Sunny day, Jennie, made all the sunnier wit your jolly disposition. The red wig would look ace on you, and the dress is fab. I love the boots, too! That is priceless how you were able to shock those ladies with your obvious understanding of all they had said. Relating to the wigs, I hope you enjoy the next Dandy and the Tangled Wigs makers who are also coming to trade. I suggested she and you should get together to match up some wigs with vintage frocks, and do a bit of a fashion show, and she loved the idea. Said she would get in touch with you! So, could be a bit of fun in store for the May Date at the Dandy! Looking forward to seeing you! Lxx