Monday, 15 April 2013


I feel very lucky to live within striking distance of a park. As someone who grew up near nature, living in a city can sometimes feel very stifling. The park is like a sparkling emerald in a sackful of builders rubble and when I go there I can at least pretend that I am far away from the urban jungle.
I bought the frock that I'm wearing today a few years ago from a charity shop in Holloway.
Needless to say I was immediately drawn to its zesty colour and quirky print but after also seeing that it was 'MADE IN SWEDEN' (just like me) I knew that we belonged together.
I wonder how it ended up in England?
The pose in the next pic made me think of Desiree, she always pulls off the best poses. 
If there was a prize for wicked posing, she'd win it every time!
My beloved on his trusty two-wheeled steed...
I love our daily jaunts to the park :)
Soon the ground will have dried off and we'll be able to lay on the grass and watch the clouds drift by, I can't wait!
 Here's a wee happy tune for you to tap your foot to, enjoy ;)
Hope your week has got off to a great start?!
Loads of love,


Krista Gassib said...

I love a good park too and was quite impressed with Hyde Park when in London. Your made in SWeden dress, just like you, has bold beautiful colors and I would want it too. Ah if only our frocks could talk:) actually I would want mine to keep their mouth shut ;p
Enjoy you week!

Panty Buns said...

I feel like a dunce for having expressed amazement that you could speak Swedish. I've probably been inattentive or had an extended senior moment. I hope my forgettery doesn't misplace the fact that you were made in Sweden in the future. These are lovely photos of your Swedish made self in a largely emerald coloured Swedish made dress in the emerald of a park and of Mark. As you know I love green and pink fashions styled together and the pink and green colours your dress (with a touch of orange and yellow) is lovely. That was skillful climbing and posing for the photos without damaging your pretty dress.
It was a beautiful day here. I actually worked outside for a few hours.

Melanie said...

Your tree pose is the best!! It also reminds me of dear Helga. I love that wild pattern with those tights and those fur-topped booties. Do you ride your bike wearing that incredible dress? The Man is handsome...!

Olga Rani said...

When I lived in London our house was near the park too. It was always a pleasure to walk its paths and to feed squirrels and birds.
The dress is very springy, love its juicy-green colour.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the tree shot! You two are so cuteeeeee!
Becky :)

Louise Mc said...

That's definitely a Desiree pose, but you pull it off fabulously. I live finding those foreign labels in vintage clothes, always makes you think there must be a story behind it. Xx

pastcaring said...

Great little frock, how cool to find a fellow Swedish beauty!
Ahh, lovely to be out and about in the park, you can tell everyone is desperate to be outside after what seems like a LONG winter.
Let's all go and pose in trees! xxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Hetare än Bagheera där bland grenarna! Ännu hetare när du bejakar den svenska bruttan i dig både vad gäller youtube-klipp och (apsnygg) klänning. Och inte upphör lovorden här, utan jag vill fortsätta att hylla dina spetsbeklädda ben, dina karismatiska ansiktsdrag och dina färger. Stekhet!

Lucys Lounge said...

jennie, you look so well. i love the dress it was made for you. the photos are great. happy hunting. love lucyx

Sabrina said...

I really love your coat and booties! They go really nicely with that gorgeous dress.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

love the green dress. Blossoms always come out earlier in London, you're lucky you get to enjoy them and have a green space and the city to enjoy

freckleface said...

Doesn't it feel lovely that Spring has finally arrived? And that is the perfect Spring dress. Made in Sweden, how lovely, so many good things are! xxx

Ali Cat said...

Fabulous dress - LOVE the look-at-me shade of green. Totally complements all the pink perfectly.