Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Diving into fun

Two posts in one day, how very extravagant of me!
Truth is I'm playing catch-up :)
Yesterday Mark and I went down to Dive Wimbledon to book me in for my Emergency First Response course. 
Mark actually took the EFR instructor course late last year but hasn't actually done any instructing yet so he's going to sit in whilst lovely Jon is doing the instructing to really learn the ropes. 
Completion of the EFR is a prerequisite for the PADI rescue diver course which is next on our diving to-do list.
So now I've got my course material to dive into over the next few weeks, not to mention my very own private, in-house EFR instructor, to help me along should I get that sinking feeling at any time whilst reading the book ;)
After my morning coffee yesterday I popped up to the loft and found yet another bag full of forgotten about frocks.
There are actually still bags up there that I haven't looked inside for yonks, bonkers!
Inside the bag that I brought down was this delightful crimplene creation from St Michael, I believe it's from the sixties...
Vintage 60s floral print crimplene day dress, 20s tail tux jacket, repro Victorian lace-up boots, tights, driving gloves, mohair hat, soapstone & macrame heart earings, Frocktasia horse-brass necklace & Lanta Animal Welfare tote bag.
Although I absolutely love its yummy raspberry colour and ditsy floral print, it is sadly just a little too large for me so it will be joining the cornucopia of fabulous frocks in my market stock, speaking of which...
I'm very pleased to announce that Frocktasia is now booked up to be a part of  the wonderful Dandy Lion family for three more months, yay!
The next market is on Saturday the 6th of April so a preview post is in the pipeline for that, probably just after Easter.
If you are thinking of coming along to peruse my goodies and have any special requests as to what you'd like me to bring on the day, please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or requests on frocktasia@yahoo.co.uk
I will of course also be telling you about my fabulous fellow sellers in a pre-market post cause they are BRILLIANT but not all pitches have been confirmed as yet, so that will be done after Easter too :)
Can't wait for this to roll around, it's so much FUN!
Hope you are all having a great week!
Today's tune is by Inner City....BIG FUN, enjoy :)
Loads of love,


Lucys Lounge said...

what a great outfit. different to your usual style. still the 60's dress though. a bit of a 20's influence . i love it. your clothes are always happy looking. love lucyx

grunge-queen said...

Love the bright pink frock and the cloche hat, and how lovely it would be to keep finding long-forgotten frocks in attics - jealous! Betcha it's just like that thrifting shopping thrill. Wish I could go to one of your sales. :) xoxo

Rose&Bird said...

Love the pink dress and hat. How fab to find things you'd forgotten about - just like shopping, but no spending! Great to hear you're doing more fairs, Frocktasia goes from strength to strength x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the victorian looking boots. The market sounds so fun-- I really wish I could do more stuff like that here, but my vintage clothes haven't done well in the past in the one market I participated in for while.
Can't wait to hear about and see all the stuff you're bringing. You must have loads of things to forget about so many bags of clothes.
Becky :)

freckleface said...

Fancy having bags of frocks you've forgotten about, that sounds like christmas come early! Sounds like you are whipping your life into shape with all this acitivity. Well done! xxx

Panty Buns said...

The pink colours of your vintage floral dress are lovely. Someone will be very thrilled to acquire it I'm sure. Congratulations on booking as a regular at Dandy Lion and on taking that Emergency First Response Course. I loved the diving/sinking puns. It sounds like there may be some colourful good eggs around when Easter arrives.

thorne garnet said...

I love it when dresses have measurements on the labels.

Putri Valentina said...

lovely hat! and the color is great :D


Louise Mc said...

Such a pretty colour frock. I do love a spot of crimpelene. You're brave learning to dive, I love swimming but would be terrified of diving. X

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Yay! Just downloaded that song! Love it. Also love your crimpeline dress, shame it's too big, though it looks fine to me! Xxx