Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Addicted to stuff

Turquoise and red ochre paired together always makes me think of Egypt.
That magical country is never far from my thoughts at the moment, it will be a year next week since we were there and I can't wait to go back.
My dream trip to Egypt would include a train journey from Aswan to Alexandria...
...some time exploring the white desert...
...and to finish off we'd spend a few weeks in wonderful Marsa Alam by the Red Sea coast. 
There we'd hang out with our Facebook friend & diver extraordinaire Ahmed
I got to know about Ahmed when I stumbled across his fabulous blog last year and I would love to go diving with him in real life. 
Both Mark and I are big fans of him and his blog.
Maybe if I cosmically order a big windfall, this dream journey will come to pass ;)

 Anyway I was ecstatically happy to see a small scattering of holes in the thick blanket of cloud yesterday morning. 
The never-ending drizzle had dried up overnight and the temperature was slightly more agreeable so that I could bare arms and wear a low-cut cleavage dress...
...whilst basking in the glory of Ra ;)
It's not just the sun that brightens up my day though, you wonderful peeps spread love and light on to my screen as well. 
I'm humbled by each and every comment left & I love the fact that I can pop over and have a read of what you've been up to as well, it's blooming grand!
To my last post a few of you lovelies commented on how brilliant it would be to find bags of forgotten about clobber. Truthfully, it's a strange mixture of horror and joy. 
I was addicted to hoarding stuff for quite a few years and I am now dealing with the result of that addiction. I would just buy loads of  stuff every week,  wash & dry it, fold it away, stick it in a bag and forget all about it. If I was looking for something, it would often take me days to find it. Like most addicts I was living in denial and if you'd asked me a year ago to stop doing what I was doing, I'd probably come up with some lame-ass spiel about how it was the only thing that made me truly happy (cue the violins). A year ago I still wasn't quite ready to face up to my addiction but the thoughts were certainly forming in my head and shortly after our return from Egypt I decided that enough was enough. I had found something else that made me happy, something that enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams. Diving in the Red Sea was like my wake up call. All of a sudden I just wanted to sell & save so that I could go diving again. My Sunday morning trek to the car boot sale, the jostling with knife elbowed bargain hunters and the inevitable bringing home of yet another bag of stuff stopped at last, hallelujah!
In the past six months I've only been to three car boot sales and on all three occasions I've kept to a strict budget and I've only bought stuff that I know with get used or sold.
It feels great to be free of the buying demon and it feels great that the albatross that has been hanging around my neck for years is finally getting lighter.
Yes, of course I love finding forgotten about frocks but at the same time I am looking forward to a day when I don't anymore :)
I'm not sure if my hoarding addiction was about the need to own stuff or just to get that fleeting buzz from the thrill of the chase/purchase, probably a combination of the two.
It doesn't really matter now, what matters is that I've got a hold on the situation and that I'm working towards liberating myself from the result of years of  accumulating stuff.
I also love how getting dressed seems a thousand times more enjoyable now, mainly cause I don't have to spend  hours hunting down garments that I want to incorporate into an outfit.
That makes me very happy indeed :)
Vintage 70s coat by Spinney, 70s maxi dress by Richard Shops, slouchy hat, 70s boots, Frocktasia grumpy suns earrings  & Ankh necklace, a plethora of brass bangles, opera gloves and retro sunnies.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by having to much stuff in your life?
Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday :)
No tune today but here's the brilliant George Carlin on 'STUFF'...
Loads of love,


Misfits Vintage said...

I'm always getting rid of stuff! I am a lot more discerning about the stuff I collect these days... I like stuff, but I also like space... and I hate cleaning and dusting because I'm so lazy!

Good for you for getting rid of stuff and also being more discerning with your money and time and space.

You look absolutely GORGEOUS - and I also love this beautiful colour combo on you. The frock and coat are both spectacular, and as always, you have styled them to perfection.

Sarah xxx

MYSTYLE said...

Hi there-boot sales are such a magnet for finding and buying, its definitely the thrill of the chase and its so easy to get caught up with it all. I know where you're coming from. Love this blue dress, can't wait for some summer sun to get all the summer gear out without a coat or jacket attached!! xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I had a similar problem so I am constantly digging through things trying to find what I need. I have years of things I am sorting through to get rid of... I have some weird fantasy about having like 20 items in my wardrobe!! Then I would always be able to find what I want w/o it looking like a clothes bomb went off in my room.
The turquoise dress is so lovely and I love the necklace. When I think of turquoise and red I think of Native culture and I love it :)

Perdita said...

I love lots of stuff but only buy things I will use, I am quite proud of that in a funny way.

My clutter comes from keeping things long after I've stopped using them/they are old. TO THE CHARITY SHOP! That is where I should put it all!!

thorne garnet said...

Your photos of your Egypt trip got me reading your blog.

I stopped going to yard sales a few years ago when I realized I really didn't need to get up at 6am on Saturday to buy stuff. Now I keep my shopping trips to thrift/charity shops and once a year I do a clean out. Last fall I invited my 2 assistants to have first dibs on a huge pile of clothes I was getting rid of. Money strapped students enjoy getting free stuff.

Krista Gassib said...

I think a lot of women have a problem with over buying crap they don't need, I'm guilty of it for sure. Two years ago my hubbies Grannie died and she was a hoarder and it took us 6 months to clear out the house. It was so so so very sad. So much stuff that never saw the light of day and kept her from ever having people over. It was just what I needed to scare me straight. Giving feels so much better than getting anyway.

I think it's grand that you found a new love! You look really good in this yummy green dress!

freckleface said...

Ah, now you put it like that, it looks completely different. Well done for coming out the other side and dealing with it. I have very mixed feelings about stuff.

Diving in the Red Sea, now you're talking. Whenever I have to have something gruesome done to my person, I transport myself in my mind to the Red Sea in Israel where I imagine myself snorkelling once more. It is a magical place of calm and beauty. The world goes all quiet. I have never been to Egypt, but spent a few years living in the Sudan, which is a wonderful country. Or was, I should say. I had a necklace just like that.

Your turquoise dress is beautiful on you and makes me think of the sea you want to go diving in.xx

Sacramento Amate said...

I never get attached to material things.I am only attached to people I love. I know it sounds corny, but it has taken me many years to get here, lol
My husband is a keeper of cars, cameras, gadget, etc.

Franca said...

I'm also trying to get rid of my massive wardrobe. well, get rid of a bit of an exaggeration, but reduce it slightly. When i lived in Belgium last summer and then when i was preganant and now when I'm breastfeeding i had so few clothes, and it made dressing really easy, so I kind of want to hold onto that once i get all my clothes back.

Vix said...

Since I was a child there's been a succession of houses to clear, from three maiden aunties in quick succession, Jon's Mum and Grandparents and my own Grandma and Mum has given me a dread of accumulating too much. At the moment there's my Dad's house still packed to the rafters that I've got to deal with eventually.
I'm glad you're starting to part with your collections, much better to do it yourself than leave it for the bereaved to, it makes the loss even worse.
God, how depressing! On a lighter note that's a gorgeous colour combo and I'm extremely jealous that you've been able to bare your arms today, it's unbearably cold here again! Building memories from fabulous experiences compared to a cupboard full of stuff, no comparison! xxxx

Hola Bambi said...

That coat is beautiful xx

Lucys Lounge said...

i am on aproject this year to clear my house. i have too much stuff. but it really makes me happy.
you must have sucha big wardrobe for all your clothes. i again love your outfit. make lots of money at the fair and you shall go to egypt. love lucyxx

HighlandFling said...

I really want to visit Egypt! One day, it looks amazing! I love your Ankh as well! It is very pretty.

E x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That is a gorgeous colour combination. Well done for getting control of something which was spiralling away from you, I'm certain you still have an enviably vast collection of stunning clothes though.

I've never been to Egypt, but I have done diving years ago. I'd love to combine the two.

Panty Buns said...

I love that clip of George Carlin talking about "stuff". He was brilliant and found such wonderful ways of looking at ironic truths to provoke simultaneous laughter and thought.

Yes, I've been overwhelmed by hoarding and having too much stuff in my life - and I'm working hard on trying to make decisions and let go of things.

I love your turquoise dress with its floral lace inset puffy sleeves and overlay beside the deep V neckline and the cute bow in the back. I've been yearning for a nice frilly turquoise top myself. I's such a pretty colour and pairs up wonderfully with a range of colours - brown, tans, maroons, fuchsias and pinks (my own favourites).

Re-discovering collected treasures can be a nostalgic experience - perhaps doing the Time Warp and walking like an ancient diving Egyptian?

Olga Rani said...

This combination of turquoise and ochre colours is stunning. One more fab coat in your possession, love it. Cool glasses.
I do have a few things that I bought and never worn but with time I became more careful in buying stuff, and I choose only what I really really like. But then again, from time to time unneeded purchases still happen (usually when I am in bad mood and go shopping for therapy)

Mrs. D said...

Argh. I definitely own too much stuff... I've had periods of now buying much and keeping it under reins but others when I just buy loads of stuff. I do try to wear everything though, at least once before passing it on to someone else. My only issue is that I don't know a lot of people who like the kind of stuff I like around here... makes it a bit harder to give away stuff. Ha well, there's always charity shops :)

That brown coat is marvelous! Looks very comfy too :)

Underemployed said...

Beautifully written. I hear you! Following our hearts takes us to unexpected places, no? And that is a gorgeous dress.

MakiMaki Vintage said...

Adorable outfit! You look so cute!

xo MakiMaki

MakiMaki Vintage

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I think the sign of a hoarder is thinking that you can't get rid of something because you think you might need it in the future. I've found forgotten things and it is a bit worrying. Clearing things out or giving them away is also really good. Your dress is beautiful, so are the coat and gloves, perfect Egyptian colours. Your dream journey sounds fantastic

Trees said...

Oh God - the never ending "Stuff" battle!! I've gotten much better with stuff and spending money of stuff. A friend of mine arranges clothes swaps every few months, which has helped me with my stuff addiction (as long as I come home with less than I take). Love turquoise blue on you:D