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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Addicted to stuff

Turquoise and red ochre paired together always makes me think of Egypt.
That magical country is never far from my thoughts at the moment, it will be a year next week since we were there and I can't wait to go back.
My dream trip to Egypt would include a train journey from Aswan to Alexandria...
...some time exploring the white desert...
...and to finish off we'd spend a few weeks in wonderful Marsa Alam by the Red Sea coast. 
There we'd hang out with our Facebook friend & diver extraordinaire Ahmed
I got to know about Ahmed when I stumbled across his fabulous blog last year and I would love to go diving with him in real life. 
Both Mark and I are big fans of him and his blog.
Maybe if I cosmically order a big windfall, this dream journey will come to pass ;)

 Anyway I was ecstatically happy to see a small scattering of holes in the thick blanket of cloud yesterday morning. 
The never-ending drizzle had dried up overnight and the temperature was slightly more agreeable so that I could bare arms and wear a low-cut cleavage dress...
...whilst basking in the glory of Ra ;)
It's not just the sun that brightens up my day though, you wonderful peeps spread love and light on to my screen as well. 
I'm humbled by each and every comment left & I love the fact that I can pop over and have a read of what you've been up to as well, it's blooming grand!
To my last post a few of you lovelies commented on how brilliant it would be to find bags of forgotten about clobber. Truthfully, it's a strange mixture of horror and joy. 
I was addicted to hoarding stuff for quite a few years and I am now dealing with the result of that addiction. I would just buy loads of  stuff every week,  wash & dry it, fold it away, stick it in a bag and forget all about it. If I was looking for something, it would often take me days to find it. Like most addicts I was living in denial and if you'd asked me a year ago to stop doing what I was doing, I'd probably come up with some lame-ass spiel about how it was the only thing that made me truly happy (cue the violins). A year ago I still wasn't quite ready to face up to my addiction but the thoughts were certainly forming in my head and shortly after our return from Egypt I decided that enough was enough. I had found something else that made me happy, something that enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams. Diving in the Red Sea was like my wake up call. All of a sudden I just wanted to sell & save so that I could go diving again. My Sunday morning trek to the car boot sale, the jostling with knife elbowed bargain hunters and the inevitable bringing home of yet another bag of stuff stopped at last, hallelujah!
In the past six months I've only been to three car boot sales and on all three occasions I've kept to a strict budget and I've only bought stuff that I know with get used or sold.
It feels great to be free of the buying demon and it feels great that the albatross that has been hanging around my neck for years is finally getting lighter.
Yes, of course I love finding forgotten about frocks but at the same time I am looking forward to a day when I don't anymore :)
I'm not sure if my hoarding addiction was about the need to own stuff or just to get that fleeting buzz from the thrill of the chase/purchase, probably a combination of the two.
It doesn't really matter now, what matters is that I've got a hold on the situation and that I'm working towards liberating myself from the result of years of  accumulating stuff.
I also love how getting dressed seems a thousand times more enjoyable now, mainly cause I don't have to spend  hours hunting down garments that I want to incorporate into an outfit.
That makes me very happy indeed :)
Vintage 70s coat by Spinney, 70s maxi dress by Richard Shops, slouchy hat, 70s boots, Frocktasia grumpy suns earrings  & Ankh necklace, a plethora of brass bangles, opera gloves and retro sunnies.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by having to much stuff in your life?
Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday :)
No tune today but here's the brilliant George Carlin on 'STUFF'...
Loads of love,