Sunday, 22 April 2012

One Thousand and One Outfits (not really)

Hope you've all had a splendiferous weekend.
I've finally finished sorting through all the holiday pics, huzzah!
 As I mentioned in an earlier installment I would do a 'random holiday outfits' post as well, so here it is.
First off is a caftan that I bought from a car boot sale two months ago...
This stunning turquoise caftan is perfect for throwing over a bikini when going for lunch or just as a cover-up when doing a spot of beachcombing.
I brought a few pairs of lightweight trousers with me cause I read that it can get pretty nippy out in the desert at night.
 These ones I bought several years ago from an Indian clothing shop, they are double-layered with a stunning cream jacquard fabric and sheer black chiffon...
This quirky top was another car boot sale buy and I've teamed it with one of my Indian choli tops that I won on eBay last year.
These are the trousers that I for some obscure reason deemed suitable to travel in.
Wide-leg trousers are possibly the worse thing to wear when traversing the London Underground during crush hour and especially when you are loaded up with heaps of luggage.
My foot got caught in the swishy trouser leg but luckily I have cat-like reflexes and I managed to grab onto something instead of loosing my two front teeth, phew!
I do love these trousers though, just not to travel in.
Emporio Armani top teamed with another one of my Indian choli tops.
I got this wine red mesh top from the car boot sale the week before we went away.
The design is really quirky and its even got a hood.
Harem jumpsuit, tribal mirror & coin belt, Topshop hammered brass disc necklace that I scored from the car boot sale for a quid.
We went to Luxor for an outing and visited the very impressive Karnak temple complex, The Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut's Temple.
It was a real whistle stop outing and we even managed to cram in a short boat trip on the Nile.
Those double-layered trousers got another outing,  I teamed them with a rose print silk blouse by Diane Von Furstenberg and my trusty vintage jazz dance trainers.
I brought my harem jumpsuit & two pairs of harem pants, I'm still in love with this roomy trouser style...
Indian silk harem pants, tassel-tastico hippie top and in the last picture my beloved vintage 70s suede vest/waistcoat.
The second pair of harem pants have more glitz than you can shake a stick at...
Bronze harlequin diamond patterned harem pants teamed with a sequin embellished mesh top and low-slung leather belt.
Shake your tail feather! OMG, I think I've just attracted a randy ostrich ;)
Here I've added an embroidered chiffon top and my funky sequin elephant cap.
 We also went for an awesome day out to the stunning Sataya reef where you are sometimes lucky enough to swim with dolphins.
Unfortunately the dolphins stayed away until we were on our way back home, so we saw them from the boat, however we did get to swim with a huge-ass Napoleon fish and we also managed to do some pretty spectacular freediving.
Those Indian silk harem trousers again,  this time teamed with a cut-out butterfly Tee, turban fashioned from a sarong and my bestest fashion accessory hubby of course!
Early morning at divers paradise Tondoba Bay, chilling before scuba ;)
As we spent most of the day on the beach or in the sea I was sporting a bikini or my wetsuit most of the time...
I brought two bikinis and one tankini. The fabulously colourful one was a gift from the divine Helga.
Hubby scored this Mares wetsuit on eBay...what a kind, clever and awesome man I am blessed with.
Snorkeling, freediving  and scuba...I absolutely LOVE IT! The Red Sea is awesome and I couldn't recomend Egypt and Marsa Alam highly enough.
Last but by no means least my underwater kit...Mares fins, Scubapro snorkel and Cressi mask all purchased off eBay.

That's it you've seen all my holiday get-ups.
Now I'll have to put my thinking cap on to figure out what to blog about next, any requests?
Have a fantastic week!
Lot's of love,


Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - more beautiful outfits and SPECTACULAR photos! You look absolutely amazing in the black straw wide brimmed hat, Jem and I love the amazing turquoise kaftan. Everything is so lovely! Sarah xxx

Krista said...

This just looks like you had the best time ever! I love all these pictures and I never thought harem pants could look that good! Love the turquoise and pink caftan too best picture is you smoking that hooka, what was that song ...pass the doobie on the left hand side :)). I also did yo' crib man. You are a cool ass chick.

How about a day in the life of you post? I'm curious to see what an average day is like for you:)
Take care love-

Helga! said...

Holy SHIT this post has got me dribbling....firstly,you are SO inspiring as regards a travel wardrobe! I always panic,and worry about practicality and end up taking things I don't even like...I am going to have to revisit this post when I am getting ready to pack for the States...diff climate,same concept!
I love evrything you wore,and everything you saw and did!You look really at home in Egypt,actually!
And OMG the snorkelling!!! Looks divine!Something I'm a little scared of,in a sort of claustrophobic way,but o so beautiful!
Such a lot to take in,it will be hard for you to top this series!!! What a trip!

Anonymous said...

What amazing shots, you look so happy!


Natasha Fatah said...

Love all your eclectic stuff, but most especially that beautiful turquoise piece in the first few pics.

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

his_girl_friday said...

Terribly fabulous. Very exotic.

Mila said...


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Dude. That red mesh is PERFECT.

Vix said...

Hi Jennie! I went through your blog as soon as I got back and am in total awe at your tremendous travel wardrobe. Egypt and the Red Sea look amazing and your poses are stupendous. Well done Mark for scoring the wet suit, what a perfect fit. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katrina said...

Ah that blue dress is amazing! But to be honest i love everything that you choose to wear - it`s so my style as well! And the scenery is amazing)


vintage process said...

Really nice ! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for share your spectacular journey with us!!
This post was so amazing that I felt like living in a dream while watching at all these beautiful photos!
All your outfits are so fabulous that I need to study them for planning mine on my next holydays!!
I love the turquoise caftan, the swimsuits and all the harem pants!!

pastcaring said...

Such fabulous photos and outfits! xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You know what I absolutely adore about all of your holiday outfit pics? You don't look like a tourist coz you're not wearing greige cargos, team hat and t-shirt. You look like an incredibly exotic character from Death on the Nile, especially with your black floppy hat and flowing clothes at Karnak:)). The Indian tops have been an amazing addition to your fantastic wardrobe and you've found such amazing ways to wear them!!! I just want to give you a giant arse-squeeze at the sight of you in the asymmetric top and trews. So gorgeous!!! Oh and what magical reef pics! xoxoxoxoxo

La Dama said...

Such glorious photos! Amar all your outfits. You look wonderful in your brim hat and that Kaftan turquoise takes the cake.
I also adorar how you layered the Indian choli top.
Gracias for sharing such a lovely dreamy vacation.

Katryoshka said...

Hi, just completed a video inspired by the fabulous mirrored images you did on holiday. Thanks, once again, for the inspiration!! Kat x

Olga Rani said...

Really great outfits! And I liked your idea about cholis. I have a couple myself but somehow never thought about wearing them with western outfits. Will try now :)