Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meanwhile at the base of the Pyramid

We've been back home for almost two weeks, the post holiday radiance has all but ebbed away and the dreaded back in Blighty blues has come knocking.
When I went back to work after Easter I found that my hours had been changed.
I'm doing more hours, more work (for the same pityful pittance) and as if that wasn't bad enough they've given me a much crappier shift too.
Employers really have the knack of wringing every last drop of joy out of your soul don't they.
What really infuriated me though is that I wasn't even consulted beforehand about these changes just expected to fall in line like a good little epsilon-minus semi-moron, needless to say I'm back on all the jobsites looking for another gig. 
Och, the joys of being a wage-slave.
One day I will be my own boss and it will be frocking fabulous!
A bit like this awesome get-up that I won on eBay last year...
This was in the same bundle as the INTERLINKS - LONDON frock that I also brought with me to Egypt. 
I really hit the eBay jackpot that day!
Again I apologise for the mirror image overkill but I really like the Rorschach effect that you get when you do this. 
Just look at the pic above, can you also see the big face in the desert sand?
I think that one is quite obvious but when you study the others mittor image pics a bit more closely you can see all-sorts of weird and wonderful things... 
if you just let your imagination run riot ;)
This is a very versatile get-up, so ideal holiday garb.
You can wear the top with shorts on the beach, the skirt with casual top for an outing and it looks just like a frock when you wear the two pieces together, so that's the evening wear snorted too ;)
Only two more days until the weekend, huzzah!
All we need now is for the weather to get its bleeding act together.
Come on it's May soon, give us some Sun & warmth will you :)
Lot's of love,


Sara said...

Ah, LOVE it! ::swoon:: I love that's it's 2 versatile..and I really dig it with that beautiful belt! eBay jackpot, indeed! You're just gorgeous! My, I've used an awful lot of exclamation points. :D

Sorry to hear about your post-holiday blues. Always happens to me, too. But, here's to the weekend, lovely weather, and a fabulous gig on the horizon. :)

RETRO REVA said...

tHIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! I LOVE it with the wide belt, it suits your frame perfectly-you are such a beauty!
Lookin forward to the feature!
Did u get my questions?
Take your time and I have loaded a few of my favorite images to post along side the answers :)

Krista said...

You really do have an eye for the utterly unique. I am loving the two piece but I swear if I saw it listed on ebay I would miss it. I do love that it's a two piece I don;t own anything like it.

Wage slave, I can relate. I'm a commission only sales gal, have been for almost 15 years, I guess I do have the luxury of working from home and I really do get out of it what I put in. That being said I hate the electronics industry at this point!
Wishing you some warm days~

Ivy Black said...

Just gorgeous! I do love these photos, they work ever so well.
Yeah, wage slave...ain't it great?!
Never will be sunny soon. Soon. Honest.xxxx

lasophia said...

Um, these pictures are just too cool for me. The best thing I can think of is to put one hand on my hip and here you are in the desert doing magic and ish. haha.


pastcaring said...

Stunning photos, as always, Jennie.
Love the two-piece, beautiful colour on you. xx

Katryoshka said...

Sorry to hear about your bump back into reality after your holiday. Boooooooooo! On the upside those pics are amazing, I love the mirror effect, work that desert!! X

La Dama said...

Hope things get better for you at work. I simply adore this two piece red outfit.Work it! I am not tired of seeing you gorgeous twins.
The weather has gone crazy here. I heard we will have a sizzling hot summer this year.