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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ruddy reflections & fabulous frocks

I was so intensely happy to see the back of last week, I could have cried tears of joy on my way home from work.
It was just one of those weeks that dragged on like a vexatious Eastenders omnibus or a jukebox stuck in a brain-numbingly ceaseless loop of Steps "greatest hits".
Friday night was celebrated in a flurry of fajitas and non-alcoholic cider and today we went for a relaxing stroll along the Thames.
We made a quick detour to Brick Lane to take in a few of the vintage shops that are sprinkled in that area but for once I didn't buy a thread which for me is almost unheard of behaviour.
Never mind I've got a car boot sale to go to in a few hours and I daresay I shall not return from it empty handed.
The weekend is zipping past like a blue bottle on bennies and Monday already feels uncomfortably near.
It feels like time speeds up at the weekend and there are so many things that I want to cram into those two gold dust days.
I just never quite seem manage it all & this frankly bums me out somewhat.
Too much running around like a headless chicken to amass bits of paper with some old crone with a crown printed upon them and it's not even as if I've got a well stuffed mattress with mullah...OH NO!
As quick as I can make them, some other fecker claims, rent, bills, bills, bills!
I wish I could live outside this detestable loop, break free from the perpetual hamster wheel & move
somewhere nice with lots of trees, far far away from Starfucks designer coffee shops & groTesco.
Anyway enough of my rantings, here are a few snaps taken during our lovely riverside stroll...
I'm wearing: Vintage 60s psychedelic paisley day dress, DKNY longsleeved top, ribbed tights, vintage 80s cowboy boots, wide leather belt, vintage 70s camera bag & vintage 80s sunnies.
Here's my lovely hubby wearing a folksy top that I bought for him at last Sundays car boot sale. In the background you can see 'the shard' or Mammons butt plug as I like to call it.
In my last post I showed you some of my latest frockquisitions & I'll end this post with some pics of the rest of my recent frocking loot...
Have a fantastic Sunday peeps ;)
Lot's of love,

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meanwhile at the base of the Pyramid

We've been back home for almost two weeks, the post holiday radiance has all but ebbed away and the dreaded back in Blighty blues has come knocking.
When I went back to work after Easter I found that my hours had been changed.
I'm doing more hours, more work (for the same pityful pittance) and as if that wasn't bad enough they've given me a much crappier shift too.
Employers really have the knack of wringing every last drop of joy out of your soul don't they.
What really infuriated me though is that I wasn't even consulted beforehand about these changes just expected to fall in line like a good little epsilon-minus semi-moron, needless to say I'm back on all the jobsites looking for another gig. 
Och, the joys of being a wage-slave.
One day I will be my own boss and it will be frocking fabulous!
A bit like this awesome get-up that I won on eBay last year...
This was in the same bundle as the INTERLINKS - LONDON frock that I also brought with me to Egypt. 
I really hit the eBay jackpot that day!
Again I apologise for the mirror image overkill but I really like the Rorschach effect that you get when you do this. 
Just look at the pic above, can you also see the big face in the desert sand?
I think that one is quite obvious but when you study the others mittor image pics a bit more closely you can see all-sorts of weird and wonderful things... 
if you just let your imagination run riot ;)
This is a very versatile get-up, so ideal holiday garb.
You can wear the top with shorts on the beach, the skirt with casual top for an outing and it looks just like a frock when you wear the two pieces together, so that's the evening wear snorted too ;)
Only two more days until the weekend, huzzah!
All we need now is for the weather to get its bleeding act together.
Come on it's May soon, give us some Sun & warmth will you :)
Lot's of love,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Supermarket Sheep

We've had yet another sizzling day here in London.
The only downside with this heat is that I find it extremely hard to stay focussed on work.
 All I want to do is to grab a blanket and a cool bag full of chilled drinks & hit the park.
It gets horrendously hot in the flat during the day and horridly humid at night and as a result we’re going through rocket lollies, squash & ice cubes as if they were going out of fashion.
We had to pop up to groTesco earlier to replenish our stock of these very items...
I like to read the label on everything cause there are so many things that I'd really rather not consume...aspartame & corn syrup being top of that long list!
Hubby and I both loathe big supermarket chains & I really feel like the biggest hypocrite alive when I wander down the isles of groTesco.
I buy most our fruit & veg from either the £1 a bowl man or a family run greengrocer not too far from our house, they sell freshly baked Turkish bread and delicious olives too.
However for every year we've lived in this area the number of these small family run businesses seem to dwindle and yet another 'groTesco local' or one of the other supermarket giants move in.
The variety seemingly shrinking in favour of more of the flipping same.
What are you looking at ;)
Another thing that really gets my goat about these supermarkets is that the prices seem to change every time I go &  in my experience contrary to what the TV adverts proclaim it is more often a hike in price rather than a drop.
  There are so many things that I detest about groTesco but the thing that I hate the most is that I actually shop there.
I'm a self-confessed bread-o-holic but I find that if I bake it myself it's more filling, supermarket bought bread is often full of air & additives.
It still makes me laugh cry when I see how warped food pricing is in this country, especially in the light of the damaging effects that it has on the general public.
It was one of the first things that stunned me when I moved to the UK from Sweden back in 1994, I couldn't for the life of me understand why bad stuff like microwave meals, crisps, soda pop & biscuits were so cheap compared to good food.
I grew up with these things as rare treats and they were not at all part of the daily diet.
I was briefly acquainted with a young mother back in the 90s and was completely appalled with what she was feeding her kids...frozen pizza (that's why bad mums go to Iceland), chips, ready meals, white toast bread, chocolate spread and crisps. 
Never a meal cooked from scratch and never a piece of fresh fruit, horrible & if you ask me, tantamount to flipping child abuse!
The government should in my opinion subsidise fresh fruit & veg and make sure that supermarkets prices are regulated, so that the good stuff is affordable to everybody. 
If the powers that be really don't want a nation of morbidly obese people on mobility scooters in the future then surely this is what needs to happen?!
Busted! There I was thinking I could get away with sneaking a bag of delicious vegetable oil laden potato bits in the basket without hubby noticing ;)
Hubby and I are both vegetarian. 
When people ask me why we're vegetarian, I tell them to go on YouTube and check out the PETA's 'Meet Your Meat' video cause that should bring it all home.
Today's frock is vintage 50s by 'Global' and was an eBay purchase from a few years ago.
So what did we buy at groTesco?
Two bags of carrots for juicing (I've been juicing everyday lately and I'm developing a nice little David Dickinson glow)
Coffee for the cafetiere (we both need a daily fix)
Bottlegreen apple & plum cordial (I've been drinking pints & pints of this stuff)
Ice lollies (you've got to have them, when it's hot)
Mushrooms & garlic nan breads (for tonights curry)
As you can see above, I was caught lurking in the crisp isle...
I know I really shouldn't but we got a bag of potato sticks to share ;)
Close-up for the print & label lovers ;)
That's me all ranted out for one day!
So where do you stand?
Are you a supermarket sweeper or a supermarket weeper?
Lot's of love,