Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ruddy reflections & fabulous frocks

I was so intensely happy to see the back of last week, I could have cried tears of joy on my way home from work.
It was just one of those weeks that dragged on like a vexatious Eastenders omnibus or a jukebox stuck in a brain-numbingly ceaseless loop of Steps "greatest hits".
Friday night was celebrated in a flurry of fajitas and non-alcoholic cider and today we went for a relaxing stroll along the Thames.
We made a quick detour to Brick Lane to take in a few of the vintage shops that are sprinkled in that area but for once I didn't buy a thread which for me is almost unheard of behaviour.
Never mind I've got a car boot sale to go to in a few hours and I daresay I shall not return from it empty handed.
The weekend is zipping past like a blue bottle on bennies and Monday already feels uncomfortably near.
It feels like time speeds up at the weekend and there are so many things that I want to cram into those two gold dust days.
I just never quite seem manage it all & this frankly bums me out somewhat.
Too much running around like a headless chicken to amass bits of paper with some old crone with a crown printed upon them and it's not even as if I've got a well stuffed mattress with mullah...OH NO!
As quick as I can make them, some other fecker claims, rent, bills, bills, bills!
I wish I could live outside this detestable loop, break free from the perpetual hamster wheel & move
somewhere nice with lots of trees, far far away from Starfucks designer coffee shops & groTesco.
Anyway enough of my rantings, here are a few snaps taken during our lovely riverside stroll...
I'm wearing: Vintage 60s psychedelic paisley day dress, DKNY longsleeved top, ribbed tights, vintage 80s cowboy boots, wide leather belt, vintage 70s camera bag & vintage 80s sunnies.
Here's my lovely hubby wearing a folksy top that I bought for him at last Sundays car boot sale. In the background you can see 'the shard' or Mammons butt plug as I like to call it.
In my last post I showed you some of my latest frockquisitions & I'll end this post with some pics of the rest of my recent frocking loot...
Have a fantastic Sunday peeps ;)
Lot's of love,


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Getting out and about with your adorable hubby is a wonderful way to spend those two golden days, rain or shine. I love your purple eye-popping tights and magnificent collection of new frocks! Xx

Vix said...

Hi Jennie!
It looks like you got the better of the weather yesterday, it didn't stop drizzling here all day, not the best day for the annual "Walsall By The Sea".
Love the frock and purple tights combo and Mark's tee is fantastic. Jon's been whingeing about the distinct lack of decent second-hand men's wear since we got back.
Love that lace and ethnic print maxi and the silver lurex number and the Jean Varon's a cracking find!
Have a great week, here's to sunshine and warmer temperatures.

pastcaring said...

Yes, the weekends fly by, but it sounds as though you had a lovely day, hope the car boot proved productive.
Love a bit of paisley, especially with those fab tights.
Great frock finds - love the lurex and the turquoise, and who doesn't want to stumble across a Jean Varon? xxx

Krista said...

What a lovely weekend, Thames river I will see you soon. I love them boots girl and the bright tights make the outfit! I am loving all these outfits too I want the green maxi and Vix should rock the last onexxoo

Romina Rose May said...

Love the black lace dress! :) And your header is just breathtaking and beautiful! :) Best wishes from Germany


Great tights :)

La Dama said...

Looks like you had a lovely day with your handsome hubby.
Your paisley frock, cowboy boots and fab belt are bellisimos.
Those frocks oh my I love the lurex print tan one.
I adore the Jean Varon batwing stripey frock.

alex said...

I love the outfits!