Sunday, 24 June 2012

Frocktasia's Mohairy Midsummer

It's been a while since my last installment, just haven't had the time nor the inclination lately :(
However I thought that as it's midsummer already, I'd better do at least one posting before June ends :)
So far summer has been a a story of starts and stops, just when you think you can push the tights & jumpers to the back of the wardrobe temperatures take a nose dive and I'm back sporting my trusty grey beanie.
We have had a few cracking days though so I guess I shouldn't complain too much...this is England after all!
We had planned to get out of London this weekend, pitch our new tent somewhere on the coast and just sit on a beach and chill-out but we decided against it as the weather forecast pretty much spelled rain in bold capital letters for most of the country.
We did go for a wee walk along an urban nature trail to forage some elderflowers and snap some pics instead.
I brought with me a few of my current wardrobe faves and a couple of bits that I have made/revamped recently... 
I love this quirky 80s mohair jumper that I bought on eBay a few years ago.
It's super comfy and it goes really well with my bright orange revamped cut-offs...
These denim cut-offs were made from a pair of hubby's old jeans.
I tie-dyed them with Dylon and embellished them with faux-gems salvaged from a top that I got from the car boot sale.
The kick-ass Steve Madden boots were also a car boot sale buy from a few years ago.
Whilst on the subject of  fabulous car booty buys...
I bagged this frigging awesome camo jacket from the car boot sale a while back.
I absolutely love camo jackets and I love Bob Marley so for me this jacket is DA BOMB!
I bought this refashioned desert camo jacket from a shop in Camden a few years back.
It's fabulously fitted :)
The vintage Moschino belt was a second hand market find, the 80s aviator sunnies where dead-stock off eBay and the funky handmade African earrings were a pressie from my folks.
I made the headdress from a bunch of  deconstructed chiffon scrunchies fashioned into cabbage rose shapes and mounted on a wide padded Alice band...
My trusty grey knitted beanie...
...that I'm rocking a helluva lot more than I should be doing considering it's late June!
Never mind, there is still time for summer to sort itself out and when it does I'll be on the first coast bound train out of here, armed with my tent and sleeping bag, I can't wait ;)
Hope you are all having a wonderful Midsummer weekend.
Lot's of love,


Vix said...

Hello stranger!
My Mum would have gone berserk over that leopard mohair sweater, I can't imagine an item of clothing that summed up her crazy style ever! It looks brilliant with those pimped-up shorts and killer boots.
Love the Bob Marley jacket with a passion, what a wonderful find.
We've been planning a garden camp-out all week but the weather's been too bad to even pitch the tent. I'm keeping everything crossed for a fortnight's time, our next festival,. It can't possibly be any colder than last month's! xxx

Krista said...

These are all totally rocking! I love camo anything and love pairing it with pink :) Those orange DIY shorts are my fav! I think its hilarious the sweater could sum up Vix's Mum, its unbelievable! The boots are tank girl worthy and I love them too! You can do tough and pretty like no one else!

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-just adore the mohair jumper, that really was a wonderful find and looks great on!! The Bob Marley jacket is fab too x

Katryoshka said...

Wicked outfits once again! Its weird when you go off bloggin and a break helps to refresh one's self I think. I love the way you put this shoot together with the grungy green background and the accessories, well done, Kat x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous green jumper, I also purchased a oversized mohair jumper from ebay, black one with rose print on it

am following, hope you are able to follow back

La Dama said...

I just adorar these electric photos of you in green jumper. you got that animal instinct biatch going in your blue blue eyes.