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Monday, 11 February 2013

Voodoo child

Back in the days when I was a mere pocket-sized person, growing up in a small backwater village in the south of Sweden, I roamed free from early morning until dinnertime with very little adult supervision.
My little pals and I would run wild in the local forest, which proved to be the best playground a child could ever wish for.
We climbed trees, splashed around in the stream, built huts and played elaborate games. 
I didn't have many toys but to be fair the ones that I did have mostly gathered dust indoors, I was far more interested in playing games.
We were pirates, spies and troll hunters.
When I was five a playground was built just outside our house and we all thought it was the bees-knees until we realized that we were surrounded by "playground police".
Annoying adults sticking their oar in every five minutes, directing play and making up stupid rules that we had to abide by.
Needless to say we soon abandoned the spanking new playground and went back our beloved forest, where we were left alone to do as we pleased.
These days I still enjoy playing games, dress-up related ones in particular and sometimes when the "playground police" aren't looking I go for a wee spin, spin, spin on the merry-go-round :)
I bought this floral lace dress from a car boot sale ages ago. 
It was a dreary pale blue colour, so I decided to give it a dye-over & revamp.
I began by removing the inside lining and the zipper.
Then I dyed it twice, first with pink and then with purple.
My inspiration for this colour combo was the heather covered hills of the Scottish highlands.
Because the lining has been removed it is pretty see-though, so I prefer to 
team it with my trusty spanx pants and a leotard.
The necklace is also one of my own creations, made from deconstructed necklaces and bits and bobs that I have picked up on my travels.
The coat I'm wearing was bought in the January sale of 2000.
Mark and I spent NYE 1999 at my sisters in Copenhagen and while we were there I spotted this awesome faux-fur tiger stripe coat in H&M.
I fell head over heels with it but at £80 it way way beyond my budget. 
Then in January we moved to Glasgow and I had an interview for a job at the Sauchiehall street centre; t'was a horrible interview with a snooty biatch. 
On my way out I passed H&M and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tiger striped sleeve sticking out from a rail, I ran up to it and found the coat in my size for £15, not only that I also found a matching mini skirt for a £5.
I didn't get the job but I did get my amazing "rockstar" coat for a mere £15, magic!
H&M coat, revamped lace dress, 90s lace leotard, 80s boots, self-made necklace, 80s deadstock tights, gloves, mohair hat & wiggy-woo
 Goose update: despite my recent bout of something akin to the black death (or maybe it's just the man flu that has jumped sex), I have been making regular trips up to the park to see how our poorly feathered  friend is getting on. The RSPCA has been in contact with me and have asked me to monitor the bird and get in contact if its condition deteriorates.
Here's a little Hendrix to funk up the start of your week...
Thanks for your lovely 'get well' comments peeps, after spending the majority of the weekend in bed, I'm feeling much better now.
Lot's of love,

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Highland Games

It's raining, it's raining,
There's pepper in the box,
And all the little ladies
Are holding up their frocks.
Hubby and I went for a wee stroll in the park in-between downpours yesterday and staged an impromptu game of good old Highland caber tossing :)
What I Wore:
FROCKTASIA revamped denim shorts
90s Alien clubbing top with grey cami underneath
Miss Selfridge tights
Steve Madden kick-ass boots
Crochet knit beanie
Turkoman bag
80s sunnies
An assortment of bangles
Caber tossing action, hai-yah...
I'm hoping to revamp some more of these funky cut-offs in the near future. 
I've got a whole stash of hubbies old jeans, a mega lot of Dylon that I scored on eBay a couple of years ago and more decorative buttons and embellishments than you can shake a stick at ;)
I've also got a rather fabulous book about different tie-dye techniques that I'd like to try out.
When I made these two pairs a couple of weeks ago I just winged it with a whole bunch of rubber-bands.
I still think they turned out really cool though...
Last but by no means least here's some caber tossing action by my beloved hubster...
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend :)
Lot's of love,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Frocktasia's Mohairy Midsummer

It's been a while since my last installment, just haven't had the time nor the inclination lately :(
However I thought that as it's midsummer already, I'd better do at least one posting before June ends :)
So far summer has been a a story of starts and stops, just when you think you can push the tights & jumpers to the back of the wardrobe temperatures take a nose dive and I'm back sporting my trusty grey beanie.
We have had a few cracking days though so I guess I shouldn't complain too much...this is England after all!
We had planned to get out of London this weekend, pitch our new tent somewhere on the coast and just sit on a beach and chill-out but we decided against it as the weather forecast pretty much spelled rain in bold capital letters for most of the country.
We did go for a wee walk along an urban nature trail to forage some elderflowers and snap some pics instead.
I brought with me a few of my current wardrobe faves and a couple of bits that I have made/revamped recently... 
I love this quirky 80s mohair jumper that I bought on eBay a few years ago.
It's super comfy and it goes really well with my bright orange revamped cut-offs...
These denim cut-offs were made from a pair of hubby's old jeans.
I tie-dyed them with Dylon and embellished them with faux-gems salvaged from a top that I got from the car boot sale.
The kick-ass Steve Madden boots were also a car boot sale buy from a few years ago.
Whilst on the subject of  fabulous car booty buys...
I bagged this frigging awesome camo jacket from the car boot sale a while back.
I absolutely love camo jackets and I love Bob Marley so for me this jacket is DA BOMB!
I bought this refashioned desert camo jacket from a shop in Camden a few years back.
It's fabulously fitted :)
The vintage Moschino belt was a second hand market find, the 80s aviator sunnies where dead-stock off eBay and the funky handmade African earrings were a pressie from my folks.
I made the headdress from a bunch of  deconstructed chiffon scrunchies fashioned into cabbage rose shapes and mounted on a wide padded Alice band...
My trusty grey knitted beanie...
...that I'm rocking a helluva lot more than I should be doing considering it's late June!
Never mind, there is still time for summer to sort itself out and when it does I'll be on the first coast bound train out of here, armed with my tent and sleeping bag, I can't wait ;)
Hope you are all having a wonderful Midsummer weekend.
Lot's of love,

Friday, 22 July 2011

Frocking Fetish

This morning I woke up to blazing sunshine and to celebrate I decided to wear my twin 'KATI by Laura Phillips' frock that I won on eBay last week.
In my earlier post I stated that the dress was navy but it is in fact black & this is when I shamefully admit that I sometimes buy things on eBay based only on the title & pictures, in other words I'm too lazy to read the description. 
Never mind, I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was black rather than navy & that also means that I may be able to get a trio in different colours ;)
Here it is...
Vintage 70s dress (eBay), Handmade Balinese earrings (from vivacious Vix), Vintage 80s Pierre Cardin peep-toe flats (charity shop), Vintage 80s belt & floppy straw hat (car boot sale), Bangles galore
Maroon or black, which one do you prefer?
Earlier on in the week I popped onto the VOUGE website & learnt that apparently fetish is going to feature on the trend agenda for A/W 2011.
I don't follow trends but I do seriously love a bit of fetish gear, so I thought that it would be interesting to see how I could incorporate a fetish element into an ensemble without looking too much like a maƮtressese.
I bought this 'Midnight Fashions' zippy halter top in Camden many moons ago and I've used it as a waistcoat style top before, it looks wicked over a plain white shirt.
Here I've teamed it with my new 'KATI' frock, giving the dress a distinct minxy beer wench slant.
The other outfit is one I wore the other day...
I bought these funky boys dress pants from the car boot sale and added the bobble-trim myself...
Here are some more outfit pics from the past that illustrate my love for "slick & sleezy" materials ;)
That 'Midnight Fashions' top again. I made the necklace/headdress from a pair of old PVC trousers that had split at the backsie, I'm all for a bit of fetish clobber but I'd rather not go out with my arse falling out of my pants ;)
This is one of my shapeshifter ponchos in PVC & houndstooth fabric. I've got a small collection of PVC boots too, these are very 'Pretty Woman'. On the full frontal pic you can perhaps also just make out the necklace that I made from half an old vinyl record.
The belt was another project that I managed to do using the old PVC trousers & in the pics below I'm sporting yet another pair of my supa'shiny fetish stylee boots, yay, kick-ass!

So what do you lovely people think...
fetish attire for A/W 2011, YAY or NAY?!
Hope you will all have a fabulous weekend what ever naughtiness or niceness you choose get up to ;)
Lot's of love,