Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pricetags & KATI frocks

This morning something really lovely landed on my doorstep; a parcel containing this fabulous vintage 70s frock...
I've recently bagged four dresses by the same label, namely 'KATI at Laura Phillips'.
Two of them I won on eBay and one I bought from my vintage dealer friend. 
One is still in the post & it's actually the same as the one below but in navy.
When I went to Portobello Market last Friday I actually spotted this dress on one of the stalls there, the seller was asking a whopping £70 for it.
So personally I wouldn't recommend Portobello Market as a place to go bargain hunting but for inspiration it's a cracking place.
How much would this frock cost at Portobello Fashion Market...I wonder ;)
I was scouring the net earlier for 'KATI by Laura Phillips' frocks and I found quite a few on eBay, etsy and various other vintage clothing retail sites. 
I've stuck a heap of links below if you want to click around and have a wee peek on what's up for grabs out there in virtual vintage land.
I did find one frock with what I thought was a 'piss take' rather than a 'price' (and it was in the sale)...
I'm sure you will figure out which one I'm on about if you have a flick through the links but most of the frocks are more than reasonably priced and there's even one up for grabs from the very lovely Liz over at vintage-a-peel...
it's a beaut, I think you'll agree?!
Here's another 'KATI' frock that I bought on eBay last Christmas...
I'm not the only one who likes to wear a 'KATI' frock though!
Here's the always ├╝ber stylish Vix in two of her 'KATI' wonders...
She bagged the blue one from 'the 20p man' at her local Wednesday market...
that chap wouldn't get very far at Portobello, the other traders would have his guts for garters ;)
Here's that list of links for your perusing pleasure, 
each one will take you to a 'KATI at Laura Phillips' frock:

The last one is the same as the one I bought on eBay, obviously they must have made a shedload of these cause that's the fourth I've seen in one month ;)
 I hope my other 'KATI' arrives tomorrow, I can't wait to try it on in blue ;)
Lot's of love,
YOWZA, go Jessie J :)

P.s. Darlings don't forget to enter the That's my bag! giveaway,
it finishes on Thursday evening ;)


Nelly said...

I do love that 1st dress and that black dress and how I wish I could get my things cheap as like VV does.Makes me think its well worth getting a ticket to the UK with a few empty cases.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I just LOVE the first one and the red xmas one Jem - you look beautiful, as always.

I do my costing and don't care what other sellers are charging at markets. I know some are cheaper and some are more expensive and I fall somewhere in the middle.

I do change my prices (and my stock) to reflect the sale location - a monthly market, where my overheads are a lot less and people coming looking for a bargain, will have lower prices than a vintage fair, where my overheads are a lot more expensive, and people come looking for quality. And then there's ebay and etsy pricing... it's complicated!

You have to just set your prices and be done with it - you can't control how other sellers will respond. And frankly, it's none of their business anyway!

Good luck!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Ooo,I adore that first frock,darling!! AND the red one!! It's a bloody interesting subject,I must say.Vintage is getting steep here,vintage shops especially.They have their overheads,though,to consider,so I suppose it's fair enough.It is harder to find good stuff now,as these shop sellers are out and about scoring it all,which bums me out,cos it's a small country and there isn't a lot of it around! But I guess it's a fair cop if they want to make a living out of something they love.Hmmmm.It's a hard call.I just like to whinge about not finding the great bargains I used to find!!
Now,G wnats me to thank you for your lovely compliment to him the other day!! He went all bashful like,and was VERY chuffed!!! I have done the odd "G Spot" (!),and I really should do more.Gonna get that boy into his finery!!!
XXX (can't wait to see your new frock either!)

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely dresses as always, especially the first one.

I agree with Sarah, you just have to decide what you want to charge for an item and not worry about what others think. At the end of the day, it's better to have stock selling than sitting on a stall from week to week.

Good luck when you do go ahaed x

Kitty said...

Pricing is such a tough call, of course no matter where you are competition is always rife and there's always someone who will be jealous of you for some reason...so best not to let others worry you too much! From what I know of you it seems you'd be happier selling at the cheaper end of the market. Give it a go, you'd soon build up a name and regular clientele for yourself and if you don't you can try elsewhere or adjust your prices as necessary. The pricing issue never gets any easier!!

Vix said...

Eeeek! There's me in my favourite 20p frock.
I adore that top one of yours, it's certainly a sweet label. I was watching one on ebay last week, I think you bought it!
I have no idea about pricing, as you know I never pay more than a tenner for anything. That's not to say I think there's anything wrong in charging a packet for a frock, people have to make a living.
You just have to mark them up at a price you feel comfortable and see what happens. Remember that you aren't your target market, people with disposable incomes are.
Best of luck,

La Dama said...

about pricing, im with what vix said, if their willing to pay top and can afford it. Then yes adjust to the area where your going to sell.
I go to boot sales to find bargains not a vintage fair. Thats i am always complaing about how some sellers expect too much for their junk.
Vix always finds treasures,.
Love your lacey black frock.

Adora Mehitabel said...

Lovely blog

Ca├žadora de Gambuzinos said...


Do you have any contact of Kati that worked for Laura Phillips? I only know that now she is living at USA and her grandaugther name's Simone Phillips.

I'm looking for her because may parent's lived for a few time at Hitchin Herts with her family.

So, if you could help me...

Best Regards

Raquel Rosa