Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello I am Inga, from Sweden!

I've just had the laziest weekend ever & it's been bloody grand!
Besides an hour long compass training session in the park yesterday, I've pretty much based my hours around sleeping & eating.
 Slumbering in bed, snoozing on the sofa, catnapping in the kitchen, nodding-off in the bath & dozing on the balcony (whilst stargazing & trying out our cosy new sleeping-bags).
Sometimes my body and mind just needs to switch off for a couple of days and when that need arises I don't fight it, I don't feel guilty about having a seemingly unproductive weekend, I just let everything go, roll up like a little hedgehog underneath my duvet and drift off cause I know that once I have gone through this process I will feel completely rebooted.
I've had lot's of fantastical lucid dreams too which is always nice.
Last week whilst having a root around in my vast amassement of  vintage clobber, I unearthed a pair of kick-ass cyber goth boots that I bought a couple of years ago.
Now when I'm not buying so much anymore & perpetually bringing new stuff into the house every weekend, I'm actually starting to find stuff around the house that I really love and want to wear.
These boots ROCK...they are chunky as hell and made by DESTROYER, how very apt.
I also found a pair of spangly lurex hot pants from my clubbing days; just as well they are stretchy cause my derriere is not as dinky as it once was.
On my last car boot sale jaunt I picked up a new wig, when I put it on my husband told me that I looked like a stereotypical Swedish chick ;)
The beastie boots...

Last week I added thirty vintage frocks to my Frockfest  album on Facebook.
I've plenty more to add and I'm hoping to do a FROCKTASIA store update this coming week too.
I'm looking to add autumn stuff like vintage coats, more jackets and shapeshifters.
Here are all the frockfest dresses...
Now that I've had a good weekends sleep I'm raring to go...
Monday...bring it on!
Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend :)
Lot's of love,


Vix said...

Loving the Abba-esque wig, Jennie! Those hot pants are ace, I used to have a all-in-one number back in the late 80s. If only I'd held on to it!!!
You have been busy with your frocking, there's some beauties in that lot! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the 90's club scene inspired outfit and that blond wig looks amazing on you !!
Great work!How many beautiful frocks,I'm already in love with some of them!

grunge-queen said...

Love you as a Swedish blond and I'm digging the 1990s club look too! I'm also going through a fashion flashback these days: all I want are 1990s floral dresses, remember those? :)

Krista said...

Ah this outfit takes me back to the days of my twenties, hell I still have some of those short shorts :) This outfit is ace! I always get a kick out of your wigs too. I'm digging that purple baby doll dress too!

Sometimes you gotta unplug and recharge. Good for you!