Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Hills Are Alive

Today I did another shop update and I'm really excited with the addition of my beloved shapeshifters.
I call these poncho style garments 'shapeshifters' cause not only are they reversible but you can transform it into a dress by simply slipping your arm through the neck-hole and nipping the fabric in with a funky belt.
It is such a versatile item of clothing but more to the point it is awesome fun both styling and wearing it.
The ones that are up for grabs at the moment (bar the sun-glo vintage brocade one) are second-hand but still in excellent condition, however I am working on a few more that will be exclusively for the shop.
I have been sourcing fabulous fabrics for years and the time has come to get creative with them.
With the shop update comes yet another lookbook, this one is entitled 'The Hills Are Alive' and was shot in Glen Coe in the stunning Highlands of Scotland...enjoy ;)
The new shapeshifters will be in the shop within the next few days. 
I've made two already but haven't had the time to photograph them yet.
I'm slowly building up the stock in the shop, four more items to add and there will be fifty and then I think we might have to have a bit of an end of summer sale :)
Take care peeps.
Lot's of love,


Helga! said...

Jaysus you look amazing! fab pix, and fab garment!!!XXX

Fashion Tales said...

Wow, that bold orange looks incredible! I love that they're reversible! Nice shoot as well.

thorne garnet said...

What a hoot! Your photos are lovely. You're in Scotland, if I'm not mistaken. What has me smiling , is the new Anthropologie catalog came today, and their model is hopping around the highlands! It's a trend! I'm sure your prices aren't in the $$$$ area.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh these photos are beautiful, what a backdrop!! The tartan poncho is my favourite :D

Cess said...

God. These. are. amazing!!! The photos, the shape shifters, everything.... REALLY. My favorite tone(?), version(?) of the from is the red tartan, plaid one which you are wearing in the first few pictures... but they are all literally wonderful... Oh and thank you so much for following my blog!! Your blog is amazing!!!

Dusk said... you are a Goddess. A Celtic Goddess.

Katryoshka said...

LOVING the hot, highland wild woman lookbook. You do wear your clothes so well and with that backdrop its stupendous!! x

Miranda Banana said...

those red docs ughhh love them !