Sunday, 21 October 2012

Markets, creative juice and more undercrackers

Today I visited the Princess May car boot sale in Stoke Newington and Netil Market  in Hackney.
For once I didn't go as a buyer, I was merely scoping them out to see if they'd be any good to sell at. 
At most car boot sales you pretty much know what to expect, punters want bargains and you have to make like ASDA and stack 'em high and sell 'em low.
Netil Market was a bit of a disappointment cause I was expecting something a lot bigger, don't get me wrong the quality of what was on offer was perfectly good but I prefer my markets to have a glut of stalls with lots of stuff on them.
Maybe it's just me but I feel a bit awkward stopping at a stall that has just got a few bits laid out on it and when you pick something up the seller gives you a "don't touch the precious things of the shop" death stare!
I'll definitely keep it in mind but
I'm checking out a few more places tomorrow so hopefully I can find one that's even more to my liking.
Travelling to Hackney from my pad is also a bit of a drag as the bus takes ages.
When I got back home I spent the rest of the day/evening making adornments and flicking through vintage mail-order catalogues.
I made these funky Twiggy inspired earrings for the shop... 
and two threaded bead necklaces...
...and one horse brass necklace, I named it 
'You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two'...
I really love it and I'm very tempted to keep it but I'm not going to.
The rest of the evening was spent flicking through a number of old mail order catalogues from the 70s that my mum bought for me a couple of years ago. 
When I was a kid my sister and I would cozy up in bed on a Saturday morning with one of these and play a very simple game in which we had to pick one favourite thing from every page of the catalogue but we weren't allowed to pick the same item...I really loved that game!
I remember we would giggle our little faces off when we got to the mens underwear section :)
I found more panties than you can shake a stick at...not that I'm obsessed or anything!
Bring back psychedelic print on undercrackers!
Oo'er Missus!
When it comes to undies I prefer the good old retro shaped brief, I'm not a fan of flimsy thongs or frilly knickers!
Last but by no means least here are some for the boys :)
Do guys still wear Long Johns?
Chicks are lucky, we've got tights and leggings for when it gets Baltic outside.
I promise no more undergarment related posts for a while now, I just wanted to share these fab old catalogue pics with you all.
Have a great Sunday!
Lot's of love,


CityScape Skybaby said...

I used to play that catalogue game with my daughter too, though we didn't do the men's underwear section. I love that horse brass necklace, I'm not surprised you're tempted to keep it. xx

Anonymous said...

did i possibly spy vintage pubes on at least one female model (ie the blue panties) a nice change from being made to feel you can only wear nice underwear by being waxed to the hilt!

Vix said...

Jon wears long johns, essential for car booting and freezing festival nights! If he owned anything that fabulous he probably wouldn't bother wearing jeans over them! Loving the undies, too. I hate bras but I think I could happily wear those unwired and non-padded lovelies!
Gorgeous jewellery makes, love the earrings!!! xxx

Frocktasia said...

Anon - I find it kind of sad how a lot people recoil in horror when the see a woman with hairy pits, pins or a bushy beaver, it is after all just the natural way!
I'd even go as far as to say that for women nowadays unfettered hair growth is considered a social taboo & that we have been conditioned into equating hairiness with something unclean, a "perfect" fallacy that sells a whole lot of hair removing shit & kit.

Kitty said...

Oh those undies are hilarious!! Hope you find a good market to sell at, but isn't it going to be hard without a car??

Catarina said...

thank you!! lovely blog! <3 xx

Nora said...

lol i did wonder whether guys still wear long johns! i keep thinking that they must get cold without them, maybe its time to bring them back? :) love old catalogues - my dust allergy makes it difficult for me to keep too many old magazines/catalogues, so thanks for sharing!

Nora Finds

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Great inspirations!