Friday, 30 November 2012

Apocalyptic Ragamuffin

It's been ages since I dropped a blog in the sphere, so here it goes ;)
For the past month I've been having a massive clear-out, I've sold a couple of huge job lots on eBay, taken umpteen bags to the local charity shops & another umpteen to the recycling bank. 
Even though at least seven massive bags (too heavy for one person to lift, unless you happen to be He-Man or Pippi Longstockings) containing hundreds of items of clothing have left the house, I look around and hardly notice the difference.
It's a bit disheartening at times but at least it's all moving in the right direction, albeit at a snails pace.
All this hoarding I've been doing over the past  ten years has made me "materially obese" and I've got some serious slimming down to do and just like weight-loss it is a painstaking and slow moving process that takes a whole lot of effort but it is my intention to Feng-frigging-shui the whole lot.
This year has been a year of great change for me, maybe not ostensibly but in a way of revelations and personal realizations. 
I have become much more in-tune with myself, slain some debilitating demons and finally feel as if I'm travelling down the right path.
Where to?!
It's not so much an actual destination as it is a general goal, the name of the game is to free myself from the albatross that's been hanging round my neck for all these years and once I've done that, once I am freed from the chains of possessions, things that I own that in reality own me, I'm going to go where the wind takes me.
As I watch 'Why Poverty' on the BBC iPlayer, I know in my heart that the wind is destined to blow me in the direction of those who struggle to survive. I want to help, really help, not just by sending a token sum a month to some charity and hope that the money is spent where it is most needed and doesn't simply melt away in the administration & bureaucracy of it all. I want to be there, get my hands dirty, help people face-to-face. That is the path I see myself travelling down. 
Being livid about the injustices of the world, frothing at the mouth over the wrongs done by the sociopaths that lord over us and raving on about the strip-mining, dismantling and all-out destruction of the planet by cold fish companies isn't doing it for me anymore...anger on its own is not enough!
Anger without action feels utterly impotent.
So I've chosen a path of action, positive action.

Right that was the serious bit, now for something with a slightly lighter in mood :)
  I was clearing out my hard drive the other day and came across folder upon folder of old daily outfit pics that have been taken over the past five years.
I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of some of them, a crazy cluster of outfits that I felt feel into the same style category.
A strong style inspiration for me has always been sci-fi movies and comicbooks. 
As you can probably gauge from the vast picture medley below I'm really drawn to the  warrior princess, comicbook heroine, sci-fi apocalyptic ragamuffin aesthetic.
Here are a few of my favourite style inspirations...
Aeryn Sun (Farscape), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Pris (Bladerunner), Barbarella, Modesty Blaise, Chiana (Farscape), Xena: Warrior Princess, Catwoman (Batman), Tank Girl, Aunty Entity (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)

...and here follows a rather extensive medley of past outfit pics in the apocalyptic ragamuffin vein, hope you enjoy ;)
I don't take daily outfit pics that often now, I got a bit fed up with it to be truthful especially with having to take pics for the shop etc, maybe one day my gusto for it will return, who knows?
I still go bonkers in the boudoir & play dress-up on occasion, so don't fret I haven't been abducted by the sweatpants and fleece brigade just yet ;)
Although I am perhaps just a bit too keen on wearing my trusty old "swamp jumper"...
it's bloody cold around here, that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it! 
Hope everyone is doing grand out there?!
Have a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to.
Lot's of love,


thorne garnet said...

I did a big clean out a month ago. Why do I keep stuff? I had Assistant #1 and #2 rummage through the huge pile of clothes and they pretty much got new wardrobes. What they didn't want, went to charity. It felt good to be rid of a tons of clothes that were too big, too small, too not every worn.

Annie said...

Sociopaths? You're being too kind. I reckon they're psychopaths!

I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm doing what I can in my own small way in my local community. It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness as they say.

But enough of that. What a great record of some amazing outfits. Even if you don't have all the clothes now, you've got the memories, and they are part of what's got you to where you are now.

I notice you've put up the 'game' Lara Croft. I really like Angelina Jolie in the part too.

Have a great weekend. :)

Krista said...

Someone's on a mission, sounds like your little the load and now you will be free to do more things you love! Good for you hiny, that's both brave nod selfless. You look amazing in all of these so many different looks? Good luck on your path!

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CM said...

Wow, I love tour blog! Great post! *w*

kim bim said...

you absolutely rock, cause this pictures rock!!!
i am your new follower.
i hope u visit me soon, hugs+kisses

Sacramento Amate said...

You are always lovely.
Being attached to material things has never been a problem for me.
Nice to have you back blogging.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Wherever you're traveling, whatever you're doing ... With a dash of Barbarella it will be a succes!

Milex said...

Anonymous said...

super creative outfits, I love it!

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