Friday, 2 November 2012

The Saints Go Marching Out...

I nipped out earlier to get some squidgy skull sweeties and was quite taken aback by the sheer speed of  which Christmas is now replacing Halloween in the aisles. 
I thought that maybe they'd have a wee sale on all the Halloween stuff for a week or so; this is what they usually do for Easter and Christmas but I was wrong. 
Gone were the plastic spiders, coffin shaped trick or treat buckets and skull goblets & in their place a metallic rainbow of tinsel, blingy baubles and Santa ornaments that look as if they were painted by someone with a bad case of the DTs.
I'm still very much in a Halloween kind of mood, it is All Saints' Eve over in Sweden today (which also happens to be my beloved mother's birthday) and All Saint's Day on Saturday, so I'm sticking with the darkly delicious gothness for a bit longer, Christmas kitsch can wait!
Vintage 70s Kati by Laura Phillips lace dress, 90s velvet platform boots, scarlet harlot wiggy-woo & Dear Darkness  headdress.
I bagged the above frock about a year ago from a vintage dealer friend. 
It would be perfect for a gothic bride, it's stunning!
I have a few vintage Kati by Laura Phillips frocks and the other day I happened upon the green twin of the one below on eBay...
I really can't justify (nor afford) spending almost £100 on a dress right now, so I'll just have to make do with my red one for now.
I do actually have a pair of Kati dress twins already, 
so I guess I shouldn't bemoan things too much...
I scored both of these on eBay last year :)
I've banned myself from buying anything on eBay for a bit cause I'm trying to save the pennies for our rescue diver course in spring.
It's only hard cause I still torment myself browsing by for frocks on eBay every now and again.
Whilst on the subject of browsing fabulous stuff on the net, I'm gearing up for another store update this weekend...
any sequin sluts out there will wet their panties in delight, just saying!
I'll keep you's posted :)
Have a fabulous Friday!
Lot's of love,


CityScape Skybaby said...

I thought the same thing about the black dress as well, it is very bridal. I noticed all the Christmas stuff had immediately replaced the Hallow'ene stuff too, I always go in the day after Hallow'ene to buy stuff for next year in the sales but it was all gone. We still have our ghoulish deccies up though, my little boy insists on them staying up for a week. xx

Vix said...

That black dress is so lovely on you, I'd look like a crazed witch with my hair, but you look utterly spectacular!
£100 for a Kati dress? That makes the 20p I paid seem like rather a bargain. I love the red one you've got and the green version is rather lovely but that's mad! June's got a few in Second To None for a very reasonable £14-£17 which puts crappy Primark quality & prices to shame!
Happy Birthday to your lovely mum! xxxxx

Krista said...

Christmas crap already no!!!!!! I love this gothic number on you and your two floral dresses. I have never heard of Kati, I will have to check her out! Ebay is a killer for me $$$$$. I love your red dress and your pretty bright space, pour a cuppa for me will ya :)

Happy Birthday to your MUM!

pastcaring said...

The Kati at Laura Phillips dresses are gorgeous, especially the red one, but the black lacey number is a perfect Gothic treat for Halloween! I have one Kati dress, which a friend bought for me from a vintage shop, but that was a fairly reasonable £25. I've sold a couple on Ebay - but not for anywhere near £100! xxxx