Friday, 1 February 2013

Praise PicMonkey

I'm sure most you clever cookies already know about PicMonkey but just in case there is still someone out there unaware of its awesomeness, I thought I'd better do a quick blog about it.
I've been using the same antiquated photo editing software that came with our very first scanner for years; I'm actually too embarrassed to tell you how many, it's that long.
I just got used to it (read:LAZY) and thought that learning anything new would be a complete hassle, so I didn't.
I was always admiring photos on other peoples blogs, convinced that they had all been edited by Photoshop wizards using mega expensive software.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon PicMonkey which is a partly free photo editing website.
The service is a so-called 'freemium' with a whole bunch of ad-supported features that you can use to your hearts content at no cost and some premium features that you can only access though paying a monthly membership.
So far I have only used the free stuff but I have to say that I am very impressed with how the pictures are coming out and needless to say my old editing software has finally been retired....and there was much rejoicing!
I have been playing around with it for the past few days and my favourite feature is the 'Overlay' cause you can add your own.
So now I can finally create those dreamy layered pics that I've been hankering over.
It's pretty straightforward, even I (a complete cave dweller when it comes to stuff like this) was able to get a handle on it after a few hours.
So if you haven't used it before, pop over and have a play around, I'm sure you won't regret it.
Just in case you are wondering, PicMonkey did not give me a bagful of cash to sing their praises (if only), I genuinely want to spread the word about this service cause it ROCKS & a lot of it is FREE which in my book makes it even better!
Are you using PicMonkey already, if so for how long have you been using it and would you recommend paying the monthly $4.99 for the Royale membership?
One of my layered images ;)
HAPPY FRIDAY everybody, I can almost smell the weekend ;)
Lot's of love,


Helga! said...

O, I have heard of it, but not tried it! I usually use Picasa, or Photoscape, but neither does this lovely layered look! Takes me AGES to get around to new technology.....

Mariela said...

That looks like a really cool photo. I'll have to try it out.

Penny-Rose said...

PicMonkey is great - it makes my photos upload so much quicker to my blog. When its cold and rainy I will sit down and spend more time exploring, but for the time being I am happy just using the collage function.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about it!!!I love to edit my photos with Photoshop, it takes time, but I love to use it! Now I 'll give this a try!
Your photo is great!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

freckleface said...

All of a sudden I am hearing a lot about it. I must investigate. It seems to do so many wonderful effects. I might set it as a project for the man to figure out and then show me. That's how LAZY I am!

That layered photo of you is absolutely beautiful. Love the wink ;) xxx

Perdita said...

I usually use pixlr which is a similar kind of deal, online editing (I give my photos a kind of '70s' vibe and a border, nothing too expert LOL)... but Pixlr doesn't seem to have the the 'add your own overlay' which I luuurve. Thanks- I will definitely try this site out now.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Thanks for the Picmonkey info--- I totally didn't know. Gonna check it out!

Mrs. D said...

Oh my, I must try this!!!
Thanks for sharing!