Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pulling a swinging sickie

In all honesty I should be lying in my bed right now with Gino the giraffe, my hot water bottle. 
I woke up yesterday with an extremely debilitating dose of the vileness...
cold as death, woolly headed, sneezy, wheezy and generally frigging sore all over, not to mention looking like a festering meat-bag.
I knew as soon as I got out of bed that I'd be absolutely no use to anybody, so the only sensible thing to do was to neck some night nurse & return to bed.
I'm still feeling pretty rancid today but we managed a quick walk up to the pond to feed the birds.
I thought that as I'd made the elephantine effort to peel myself off the bed, I'd try and cheer up my chops with another one of my loud psychedelic frocks and a bit of slap.
Plastering make-up on a flu bedraggled face is pretty daft I know but I was hoping that it would somehow magically make me look less didn't bleeding work :(
I also stuck a wiggy-woo on to keep my noggin warm & toasty.
At least the frock looks "fucking blinding" :)
Vintage 60s psychedelic print maxi dress, 70s  cropped suede jacket, 80s leather boots, 80s Kangol beret, wiggy-woo , gloves, pendant necklace  and bangles galore.
When we fed the birds the other day, I spotted a Canada goose that looked rather worse for wear. 
 It seemed to feed alright and it didn't look as if it was in distress but I still took some pics of it & contacted the RSPCA.
I've been a bit worried about the wee feathered fellow, so that's why we went back up to the park today with another baggy of delicious seed mix for the birdies...
Here's the poor wee thing, its wing is damaged and its rear end warps to one side...
I've read about a condition called 'Angel Wing' that is believed to be caused by a substandard diet, high in calories and low in nutrition. 
There's actually a notice up by the pond telling people not to feed the birds stuff like white bread but unfortunately some people still do.
Here are two other birds that were hanging by the pond today...
A pretty mandarin duck and a  handsome grey heron
Right, I can't even focus on the screen anymore, so I guess that's my cue to go back to bed.
Have a superlative Sunday folks!
Lot's of love,


thorne garnet said...

Get well, being sick is awful. I do like the dress your wearing. Because of you and Vix, I want a crazy print maxi, and I want one now.

Trees said...

So sorry to hear you're unwell - you still look fabulous though. I love your hair in these photos - so fabulous. Sorry to hear about your sickly bird friend :( I have to admit that some of the city birds around here don't look the best, its most likely due to poor diets (eating leftovers from rubbish bins and what not). Get well soon!

Olga Rani said...

Get well soon Jennie! Anyway, I love your look in this post. Black hair and your pale face look great together. And the dress is superb.

tanaya said...

Feel better soon...Flu or not you look fab! Huggs

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look awesome even though you're sick! Hope the duckies all end up all right. That angel wing thing doesn't sound good at all :(
Feel better!
Becky <3

Wise Rabbit Says said...

great jacket ! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
ashley xxx

Vix said...

Ye gods, that dress is a stunner! The perfect foil for fooling people into thinking you're in rude health when you're actually at death's door.
Hope that poor goose made it!
Feel better soon! x

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I have a caftan in the exact same fabric ... but it's too short.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Is that you looking ill cos that's me looking really good? Nice to meet you. You look great. I love the dress especially. Hopefully the RSPCA will turn up and help! x

Franca said...

hope you feel better soon! glad you managed to dress up!

Mrs. D said...

Crap! I hope you're feeling better now. It seems like everyone is coming down with it - I was off sick for 2 days this week for the exact same reason!
The loud print is fantastic, I just hope it didn't scare the birds away, scaredy creatures they can be :o)

Llara G said...

Owt better than trying to ward off badness with cheeriness! Valiant attempt x

Helga! said...

People are so stupid! Poor darling, it's arse is all skew-wiff.
Jaysus, hope you're felling a bit perkier. I loathe being ill, I just want to lay myself out ready for the coffin and be ignored until it goes away.You look frightfully glam, however, and I really wouldn't have known you were crook! I'm blinded by the beauty of that AMAZING frockage!!! LOVE IT!

Rosalind said...

Hope the ghastly nastiness of your lurgy is fading a little, though I have to say that you hide it totally behind the glamour of this fabulous maxi - which certainly brightened up my day.