Monday, 4 March 2013

I spy

When I first started blogging back in 2007 on a Swedish fashion blog platform called Modette, my daily blog  post would usually only consist of a picture and a short description of what I was wearing that day.
I blogged on Modette for a year before the site was bought up by a news company that decided that they wanted handpicked & trendy bloggers rather than people like me, so my blog was unceremoniously binned. 
Then I started my first blogspot blog called Calamity Jem's Vintage Vaudeville and although I spent a good few years blogging about charity shop bargains, car boot sale treasures and my daily get-ups (mostly photographed in the same spot on the balcony) I never felt entirely happy with the blog itself.
 So in 2011 I decided I needed a change and Frocktasia was born.
To start off with I had this idea that I wanted to keep my "daily ensembles" in a separate place, however slowly but surely they've crept back in to my regular blog content.
I love looking at other people's outfits and I love sharing mine, it's as simple as that really :)
Here are my February 2013 outfits...
Have you got a favourite?
I really loved wearing the cropped lurex jumper and I'm sure it'll get a fair few outings this month too :)
Today's ensemble was a bit 'Cold War Spy'...
...mixed with a large dollop of 'Comic Strip Heroine'...
I bought these trippy tie-dye tights from a Swedish High Street store called Indiska in their sale when I was across two years ago. Shortly after I returned home they disappeared without a trace. I found them again the other week whilst going through my stash of vintage bags, they were stuffed inside a very elegant 50s handbag. Very odd but I'm sure that it must have made perfect sense at the time ;)
Vintage 70s leather coat...I do love a good leather coat! I know, I know...not very vegan of me :(
Vintage 80s jumper, satin & lace corset, latex belt by House of Harlot, vintage 80s boots, faux-leather hotpants, opera gloves, Indian sari wrap as scarf & Frocktasia earrings. 
What is your view on outfit posts, do you love them or loathe them?
How many pics of the same outfit do you think is overkill in an outfit post?
I'll leave you with a wee ditty by Norwegian singer songwriter Mikhael Paskalev
enjoy :)
Lot's of love,


Sacramento Amate said...

I am very glad they are back. I find great inspiration in other blogger´s ensembles, and you are one of them.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all your outfits,the story of your blog evolution and the mystery of the missing tights, it's better if I check all my bags after this comment!
I usually post my clothes, but I call them in-fit, because I don't go out very often during winter, but on the other blogs I prefer to see a maximum of 3-4 photos for each outfit, accessories not included. I Find every personal Style , even if different from mine ,always a great inspiration, it could be a colour match or a little detail, but I prefer it to any fashion editorial!
I really love your sense of colors, your taste in coats and stunning dresses, you look amazing in all these photos!

Jennifer said...

Cute Feb fashions!

xo Jennifer

thorne garnet said...

Favorites: The one with you sitting on the stairs
The red wrap coat.
All the tiger coat ones.The bright maxi the the black top.

But, then I tend to like all your looks.

Connie said...

I honestly can't believe that anyone would drop you from a blog. They must be NUTS!My favorite in any time you wear a beret. GIRL, you can WEAR a beret.

Misfits Vintage said...

I am all about outfit posts... and THANK YOU for including me in that lovely group of amazing women!

My faves bits n pieces are the purple gloves, the blue jacket, the psychedelic maxi (FAVOURITE!!!), the tartan Docs, the tiger coat and the red leather.

I must admit that I have less to say these days... but I still love documenting my outfits - and being inspired by my fellow bloggers!

Sarah xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I LOVE all the boots!!!! I like the outfit posts in blogs. I don't take pics every day (just don't have time on the daily) but I found I was wanting to add too much info when I was posting to places like Chictopia, essentially almost turning it into a blog... I really enjoy how your blog is a mix of your cool style, your everyday musings, your work!! Lots of inspo!!
I try not to over-do it with too many pics of the same outfit. But, I do enjoy close-up and detail pics, so I attempt to do those, too.
becky :)

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I like all your looks but especially the second look which reminds me of Madonnas video, Secret. Not literally, but in many ways.

Olga Rani said...

My favourites for Feb would be the temple skirt and the tiger coat. In your blog I like the way you mix outfit photos with some additional information from your experience, the day's events or something else. I think 5-6 outfit photos are enough.

Trees said...

I love your outfit posts so much!! You have so many great outfits already and its only March ;)

Panty Buns said...

My word, you wore an amazing number of very pretty outfits in February! I just love ultra-feminine styes, colours, fabrics and designs. It's hard choosing. The lace top and velvet gloves are a wonderful look and I love the lace dresses too. I love the Lurex top and pink hosiery in the first outfit. Your confident 'Comic Strip Heroine' look is super! I love outfit posts and am always hoping to get comments on mine. I only do about one post per month and get lots of views (over 103,000 page views) but usually only 10 or so comments per post.
I hope you keep doing outfit posts once in a while whenever you feel the impulse. I think I like the lace dress with the big bow over the lace top the best, but all of your outfits are lovely. :)

Sacramento Amate said...

Did you get my email abot the shirt- blouse???

Style Sud-Est said...

No shame at leaving it simple i say!
Love all your outfits - you are so imaginative, creative, and inspiring, keep sharing darling!

I love it!

Ariane xx

Sacramento Amate said...

I have just send you the payment. Check your spam box, lol

Vix said...

Well you know I'm all about outfit posts! Living in the land that style forget there's fat chance of any cool street style so blogs are my inspiration.
What a fabulous round up of outfits, February's been so grey, cold and dismal but you've looked colourful and smoking hot throughout! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love photos, outfits and anything visually creative so I love your posts. I really love the superhero look! That's amazing! And I like those high waisted check skirts with clashing tights too!