Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Breaking the habit & learning to let go

A stop and start spring has taken a big leap into summer over the past few days and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is a wee taster of what's to come.
It's been two years since I last wore this funky 70s frock & I'm just sitting here wondering why that is?! I love the amazing trippy print and the gorgeous colours. Here's the last time it had a proper outing...
It was my pressie to myself when I quit working at The Lamb and Flag when it was taken over by Fullers. They did offer me a job under the new management but with reduced pay, less perks and an enforced dress-code, I told them where to stick it.
The fabric to the top part of the frock is a little bit on the sheer side, hence me teaming it with my trusty waistcoats in both the get-ups. 
The waistcoat I'm wearing today is a traditional Austrian one that I snapped up from a charity shop several years ago, it's got a great fitted shape, the embroidery is stunning and even the buttons are brilliant.
I think that frocks and waistcoats were made for each other.
My suede waistcoat (that I wear all the blooming time) was bought from a vintage seller friend of mine.
 After I quit the pub two years ago, I undertook one almighty life laundry but I realize now that it wasn't severe enough. 
 We've still got too much stuff hanging about, so it is time for 'Life Laundry 2' and this time I mean business. No more hanging onto things that I know I'll never use, wear or look at gone clutter, be gone!
So it would be lovely if the sun could stick around for a while so that I can use the balcony for sorting stuff out. I attacked a few boxes earlier that had been gathering dust under the daybed for past two years since I last went through them and that yielded a bin bag full of stuff and it also resulted in me getting sunburn on my shoulders and knees, I won't forget the factor 50 tomorrow ;)
I'll leave you with a few pics that I snapped in the park earlier of the growing goslings, look how their flight feathers are starting to peek through the fluffy down :)
So gorgeous!

To play us out here's Linkin Park, enjoy :)
Hope you are all doing grand peeps.
Loads of love,


Underemployed said...

I LOVE "Life Laundry" time! I do it several times a year, I'm so addicted to the wonderful feeling afterward. And then I go shopping...

Helga! said...

O, I am often ashamed at how long it is between wears of fabularse frocks! But well, when you have as many as we do, it's understandable!
We had a good clean out in the garage recently, so I feel rather virtuous about that, without looking at my crap!!!

Reva Ford said...

My beauty!
perfect frock and I suppose my boobies probably wouldn't fir the pink :(
(I've gained a spot;)
super hugs

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I see you are wearing my suede vest again...
Life Laundry. It's so hard. I am horrible. I feel sorry for the X-Man, he'd just toss it all w/o a glance back!
Becky :)

Vix said...

Yay! Great to see that dress again. Waistcoats are perfection with everything but don't tell everyone or we won't find them second-hand so cheaply!
Good luck with the chucking out, so liberating! xxx

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear!! The dress is truly gorgeous, you look great! Best of luck with Life laundry 2! xx

Connie said...

You remind me of a young Marianne Faithfull in that dress. So boho! I just moved which forced a "Life Laundry". Amazing how much stuff we little people can accumulate!

Joyatri said...

That dress and Austrian waistcoat were made for each other! The are both simply stunning.
Don't do anything rash with your cast-offs before I come for a visit :) I've had a dearth of shopping opportunities this trip. Shall we aim for the day after your friend leaves?

his_girl_friday said...

You look amazing. Absolutely. Amazing.

Sacramento Amate said...

"Life Laundry" indeed.
Great to let go of things and get new ones, lol.
Much love , dear Jennie.
Have a fabulous and sunny weekend.

Emalina said...

You look the epitome of hippy chick cool in that charming outfit, I love the floppy hat and fringed bag as the divine finishing touches! Very Anita Pallenberg!
Best of luck with your life laundry - those things can take it out of you, but the feeling of achievement at the end will be immense I bet.

Style is... said...

That dress is amazing! I love the floral print. I can definitely understand not wanting a job with an enforced dress code (plus less of the other benefits)

Panty Buns said...

Another gorgeous frock! When you mentioned that it was slightly sheer I immediately thought how it would undoubtedly look wonderful with pretty corsetry underneath but the waistcoat is a beautiful addition to the look.
Sorry to hear that rotters took over the management of your previous place of employment. It seems that sometimes business types who acquire establishments having plans for increasing profit have utter disregard for how adding injury to insult effects their employees.
I'd no idea that you still had so much delightful clobber left on your path to de-cluttering. Lucky for those who attend your vintage sales!
Those goslings are growing fast.

Vale ♥ said...

I adore that dress, so pretty !

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