Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sunshine on a rainy day

It's been a little while since my last blog offering but as the saying goes time flies when you're having fun.
Here I am basking in today's five minutes of sunshine :)
 As I was desperately trying to find something to pair this maxi skirt with this morning the doorbell rang and outside waited my ever smiling postie with a wee parcel from Sweden.
My beloved mother must have known that I was in dire need of funky summer tops cause the parcel contained not one but two of these crochet beauties.
Vintage 70s maxi skirt (eBay), handmade top (from my lovely mum), Boho belt,  retro sunnies & necklace (car booty), Hush Puppies sandals (chazza) and Frocktasia handmade bag.
Last Friday my beautiful friend Zandra came over from Sweden to stay for a few days. We went to school together in the mid to late 80s and remained pen-pals for a number of years after I moved to another town when we were in our teens. In the mid 90s I moved to the UK and lost contact with a lot of my old pals including Zandra but thankfully we found each other again through Facebook.
 This was the outcome of our attempt to do a 'Past & Present', I'd had a gin or two by then, so I couldn't remember which side I had to go on ;)...
I always admired Zandra's creative & individual style when we were kids. When the majority were jumping on the Adidas tracksuit bandwagon she would rock chunky boots, revamped jeans & oversized blazers. She was never afraid of doing her own thing and she had a real flair for quirky styling even as a youngster.
Here's Zandra back in the late 80s...
She's still one of the coolest cats I've ever met. Zandra and her husband Jens run one of Sweden's top tattoo and piercing studios called Heavenly Ink
We had a fabulous few days of reminiscing about old times, catching up on twenty years of life stories and just enjoying each others company, it was awesome and I can't wait to do it again!

Whilst on the subject of  wonderful women, a couple of days after Zandra left I had another fabulous visitor.
Jo who writes the blog Joyatri's Adventures in Vintage came for an afternoon of tea drinking, chatting and some light rummaging. I've met Jo three times now but it feels as if we've been pals for years, she's a gem of a gal and if you haven't as yet please check out her fabulous blog. Much like Zandra she's got a real flair for quirky styling, she's very creative and has a beautiful soul steeped in kindness. Jo brought the most delicious vegan muffins I've ever tasted, baked to perfection by her own fair hands. She'll be returning to the US in a little over a weeks time and then you'll be able to peruse and purchase from her fabulous Etsy shop again :)

On Sunday Frocktasia will be braving the elements and joining the fabulous Dandy Lion Market when it does a turn at the first ever Kentish Town Carnival...
According to the BBC weather website, rain is forecast for Sunday but I've been cosmically ordering sunshine for weeks so I'm simply not having that!

Rain or shine I'm sure it will be a fabulous day  :)
Hope you've all been keeping well.
Loads of love,


Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Du ser ut att må prima, vilket är fullt förståeligt när du har hängt med bästa pen-pal'n! Underbart, och ni är lika söta på båda bilderna. Fotoautomatbilder är den bästa dokumentationen av vänskap.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Det är så roligt att hitta igen gamla kompisar och upptäcka att man ännu har'det' med dom . Varför är det så svårt att hitta toppar till maxi kjol? Har också det bekymret ...

Underemployed said...

Thank you for the trip down memory lane! I would shrivel up and die without my girlfriends, who are my lifeline. Love your mom's crochet top. I'm inspire to go make one myself!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love the old friends pics!! Your girl is def stylin'!! I wish I could pop over to Sweden and let her do the new tattoo the X-man wants!
Your a lucky little duck to get those tops from your mom,

Joyatri said...

Thank you for all of your kind words and compliments! My afternoon with you was so much fun. You could lock me in your stockroom for days and I'd be a happy camper :) That embroidered bag did not go unnoticed when I was there. Love the calico-like print of that maxi. That lovely crocheted top from your mom looks great with it and you could even wear it like a waistcoat over frocks or tops.
Like you, I was lucky enough to see a very old (in years that we've know each other, not age!) friend. But, I agree, it was like you and I have known each other far longer than a couple weeks.

Emalina said...

Wow what a gorgeous outfit, I adore the beautiful red skirt, you and your Mum clearly have the best taste! Glad you've been having fun with old and new friends.

pastcaring said...

A lovely skirt, and the perfect top to go with it - clever mum!
How great to meet up with an old friend (love the back-in-the-day pic!) and with a new friend too, in lovely Jo. xxx

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a gorgeous skirt - looks fab in the rare glimpses of sunshine!

Style is... said...

Love the crochet top, perfect for the hot sunny weather, hope it comes back soon. Great to catch up with old friends and loving their style both then and now!