Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Pigs Might Fly Post

Hello again :)
At the beginning of every month I think to myself...
"This month I will start blogging again!"
but so far this year it has all kind of fallen by the wayside.
Stocking my Etsy shop & just generally trying to get into the swing of running Frocktasia as a proper business has been an all consuming pursuit for the past wee while. A painfully slow crawl up a very steep learning curve but I believe things are finally starting to slot into place & even make a bit of sense.

Frocktasia had a fabulous outing at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Glasgow Student Union last month and it was by far the busiest market we've ever done. We will definitely attend every Judy's here in Glasgow from now on and hopefully (once we get a car) branch out to the one they do in Edinburgh too. The next one in Glasgow is held at Wasps Artists' Studios on the 17th of May the day before Mark and I are off to Loch Long with Aquatron to do our final day of the Rescue Diver Course and hopefully bag our certificates.
Mark is working at Aquatron Dive Centre now; what started as a Dive Master Internship turned into full-time employment and he couldn't be more thrilled if he tried. 

The move to Glasgow has been a marvelous thing for both of us so far, long may it continue :)
Our wee pitch at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair last month. A wheel came off one of our bags en route to the venue so we were pretty flustered by the time we got there. We had some jolly nice stall neighbours on the day though, Scott and Ross from Breaking Pop Vintage.
Last Sunday we were back at Sloans for another lovely day at Little Birds Market :)
Vintage scarves & ties have turned out to be a big hit with our market and fair customers.
One thing I really miss about London is its awesome car boot sales and markets. I'm running a bit low on scarves at the moment so I thought I'd check out the local car boot sale but it was pretty dreadful in comparison to the ones that I used to frequent down south. Maybe it will get better once the fair-weather sellers come out in force, if not I'll just have to jump on the bus and go for a cheeky wee boot sale buying weekend in London.
 There is an absolute glut of charity shops here in Glasgow but I'm yet to find a real treasure trove.
My shopping lust soon fades when all I'm faced with is rails upon rails of second hand F&F, George & Atmosphere.
Don't get me wrong it is not like I'm running out of stock or anything, I have a storage unit full of fabulous threads to "shop" from for the foreseeable future :)
I made these necklaces to give away to our market customers last Sunday as 'Rock Up Early Rewards'.
To this months Little Birds Market I wore a fabulous 70s frock by Susan Small and a pair of suede pixie boots that my awesome mum-in-law gave me when I went up for a flying visit last weekend.
This was lovely Palma's Blithe Spirit Vintage Jewellery stall at Little Birds, I loved those fabulous cut-outs...
Palma has a well stocked Etsy store where you can peruse and shop her spectacular collection of vintage jewellery.
That pretty much wraps it up for this time and if my past track record is anything to go by my next blog post will happen after I've done Judy's at Wasps Artists' Studio, my Rescue Diver Course and my first ever proper dive in Scottish waters but who knows I might surprise you all and blog more frequently from now on?!
....and then again pigs might fly ;)
Here I am diving (and looking freaky) in Wraysbury lake last year, hopefully the water in Loch Long has slightly better visibility.
Until next time folks, enjoy!


Panty Buns said...

Welcome back!!! I clicked on one of the links on the right side of your blog that led to the FROCKTASIA Etsy Shop, "Frocktasia Vintage & Retro, a lovingly curated collection of amazing threads from past fashion eras." An understatement! FIVE pages of gorgeous frocks! It was all I could do to keep myself from commenting on the individual treasures you have for sale there.
Good gracious, you and Mark have been busy and are incredibly organised! Despite having that wheel come off en route to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair your pitch there came out picture perfect. Well done you. I love the dress you wore in that photo. That Susan Small 70s frock you're wearing at the Little Bird's Market at Sloan's is fantastically bright, colourful and artistically conceived. It's a beauty!
Pigs have been flying for some time now, though not without incident, and regardless I'm optimistic that you'll post where I can read it once in a while this year (I'm not on Facebook).
Please promise that if you go diving in Loch Ness and Mark captures a photo of you riding Nessie that you'll post it on your blog? If anyone could pull that off I'd suspect the two of you could. I'm extremely impressed by the your and Mark's accomplishments in rescue dive certification and everything you managed doing to get to that level.

thorne garnet said...

It's not like you haven't been busy.
I keep promising to do more outfit posts, I've had too much on my mind lately to remember to pull out the tripod (did I pack it up?). Enjoy your diving.

pastcaring said...

I'm so pleased to hear that life is happy for you and Mark in Glasgow. It certainly sounds as though the work side of things is coming together, for both of you! Your Frocktasia pitch always looks so inviting, and that Susan Small frock is fabulous. Keep going, you're doing brilliantly! xxx

Underemployed1 said...

That IS an amazing frock! I think you're just going to have to fill that hole in the Glasgow market by opening the hippest resale store they've ever seen.

Show 'em how it's done.

Trees said...

I always love to see your posts when you return! It looks like Glasgow has been wonderful to you both - so nice to see people so happy! Have you found any families of geese to adopt yet? (I remember how you loved feeding the birds near your old place). Love that green frock!

Connie said...

Look at you. So pretty and organized. Now am I correct? You haul all this stuff without a car? And you're a diver? You, my Girl, are a fricken' Rock Star!!!

Panty Buns said...

Your "wee" pitch at Judy's Affordable Vintage looked beautiful. I wish you and Mark the best of luck finding a reasonably price, reliable car that suits your needs so you can set up in Edinburgh as well. You and Mark having to take a bus to London and make the return trip burdened down like sherpas would be a daunting challenge.
I ran in to a bit of an impediment to my social networking a couple of days ago. I hope you don't mind me writing down what it was:
It appears some nasty threatening comment trolls from another site where I commented made good on their threat and managed to get my Twitter account suspended. I had not violated any Twitter rules whatsoever. I just wanted to let you know that I refrained from posting your link on the troll-infested site (Disqus comments at xoJane) and also to let you know that if I don't Tweet you it's because my appeal to un-suspend my Twitter account has not been successful as of yet. Fortunately my YouTube and Blogspot blog at have not been affected (yet anyway). Unfortunately if my Twitter does not come back, since I am not on Facebook, the only way I'll be able to keep up to date with what you and Mark have been up to is through your blog. I loved this post.

Panty Buns said...

My Twitter is back! I am probably not going to do #FFs (Follow Friday's) on Twitter tomorrow figuring I'll allow some time for false-flaggers and/or errant algorithms to get sorted out (hopefully), but I can follow your Tweets again! Have a wonderful Friday and best of luck to you and Mark with all of your epic endeavors and adventures there in Scotland!

Panty Buns said...

P.S.: Thank you for your kind comments on Twitter :D