Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Like a bat out of hell another month goes by

I can't believe it is March already, time is speeding past like Jay Kay in a Koeningsegg One:1.
At least it is speeding towards lighter and warmer times.
Today I've been busy adding more stock to the Frocktasia etsy shop. My target is two hundred items before the end of the month, so I've got a few days of hardcore work still ahead of me. I'm trying to coordinate my online selling activities in with my market outings, so any stock that is featured in a market preview and doesn't sell on the day can go straight onto etsy. So I'm having plenty of photo session with Barbara before the markets and then getting stuck into editing, taking measurement, writing descriptions and finally bringing it all together into a listing after. Online selling is a whole heap of work but it is also were you reach the largest number of potential customers, so it simply has to be done.
I would love to be able to survive on doing markets alone but it's just not feasible, especially since I don't have my own transport & even if I did, I'd have to learn how to drive it first.
Speaking of markets, last Sunday we were back at the fabulous Little Birds Market at Sloans...
Frocktasia's stall at Little Birds Market.
Mark and I absolutely adore this market. It is very easy for us to get to in the morning, (just a five minute walk to the station then a twenty minute train ride and another five minute walk) when you are weighed down like a Himalayan Sherpa, stuff like that really matters. Sloans is situated slap bang in the middle of Glasgow and the Little Birds team headed by the very lovely Vicki work their tail-ends off to get people through the doors. We had some fabulous customers on Sunday. My heart always skips a beat when someone comes back from the powder room with a smile on their face, hands over the garment and goes " Can I have that please"...I love it!
We had Curtise's identical frock twin on our rail on the day , it didn't sell so it will be joining the other frocks over in my etsy shop.
We shared The Snug room with the lovely Palma and her fabulous Blithe Spirit Jewellery again...
A couple of weeks ago we were at another market called Granny Would Be Proud and there we were delighted to meet the gorgeous Jenni of Retro Rainbow Vintage, a fellow vintage lover and trader based near Glasgow. Jenni started selling vintage online when she fell pregnant five years ago and haven't looked back since. She runs a very successful eBay store and does the rounds on the Glasgow market and fair scene. On Saturday we are both doing Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair held at Glasgow University Union and Jenni, being the very experienced & professional seller she is, has already posted her preview folder on the events page. I on the other hand have only half-arsed sorted my stock out. I'm sure I'll get up to speed at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. At the moment it pretty much nonstop GO GO GO! 
Jenni and her rail vintage fabulousness. On the day she was wearing the most exquisite blouse by Gunne Sax, she has an expert eye for a stunning vintage garment this girl.
I fell in love with these fab dolls by Oscar Cat Creations...
This was me on Sunday morning en route to Little Birds wearing the same old dress that I wore to our first ever Dandy Lion Market a year ago.
I'm looking very anemic, bring on the spring sun!
Leslie is doing a special Mother Appeal fundraising edition of The Dandy in partnership with Oxfam on the 22nd of March, so if you happen to be in London that day do pop along,  I can highly recommend a visit. 
Tomorrow Mark and I are heading up to the storage unit to pick up some fresh threads for Judy's on Saturday and then I'll be flat out prepping for the event, I am so looking forward to it.

Hope you are all doing grand folks.
I'll love you and leave you with the amazingly talented Meat Loaf...
Loads of love,


Panty Buns said...

All the frocks and antique jewelry on display at the Little Birds Market at Sloans in Glasgow are beautiful. You've curated some real treasures. It all looks so neat and pretty. I love the look of the dress you're wearing in the first photo at your stall there. I hadn't seen the FROCTASIA Etsy shop before - lovely! Best of luck with your hectic schedule as Spring begins to sproing in less than 9 days. I'm looking forward to reading and seeing your posts and photos when you have time. Speaking of frocks and jewelry, the frocks being worn by the people hand painted on the oval piece of gilded ceramic jewelry (lower right photo in the lower right corner of the third grouping of images) look pretty amazing. I wonder what century that scene was from? I love the patterned tights you were wearing in the "anemic" photo where you are awaiting the Spring sun.


PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look amazing--the dress is so cute!! I was not successful with markets and so online is much better for me...

Vicki said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog Jennie and I look forward to hearing more :-) Thank you so much for your lovely words about the Little Birds Market - we are very lucky to have so many talented exhibitors join us x x

Vix said...

Give me our kind of work (if you can call selling gorgeous clothes to like-minded lovelies, work)any day of the week!
Loving the dress you're wearing and glad you are making new contacts and finding new opportunities across the border.
Dying to hear about Judy's, I've heard wildly differentiating reports from sellers. Hoping yours is one of the more positive experiences!
Good luck. xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Love the frock you're wearing, and your pitch looks so inviting. My dress twin didn't sell? I'm shocked, it's fab! But what a great feeling to get some good sales and happy customers, long may it continue, Jennie! xxx

Helga! said...

I have NO IDEA where this year is going! Can't believe we're halfway through March!
Love that frock, it's quite delicious. Glad business is going so well!!! XXX

Blithe Spirit said...

It was lovely to share "the snug" with you and Mark again, and the cup of tea which Mark kindly got me first thing set me up for the rest of the day! Your clothes are gorgeous and I wish you loads of success, Palma xx

Underemployed1 said...

I love, love, LOVE that your market has a bar. And that your shop is right in front of it. Cheers!

Vanessa said...

I nearly hyperventilated when I saw your gorgeous frock. It's incredible!

I'm in the process of learning to drive. One of my goals is to get my license so that I can start running market stalls on a regular basis.

thorne garnet said...

beautiful dress you have on. We have nothing like those markets here. They look like a lot of fun

Emalina said...

What a fabulous dress you're wearing! Looks like you're working hard but when work is such a pleasure you're playing hard too, the best combination :)

Leslie Wilson-Rutterford said...

Thanks for the wonderful plug my dear. I only curserly acknowledged this post, being very under the cosh as of late, but am now sharing on the Dandy page. I hope to catch up soon, hear how Judy's went, and you look wonderful, as always. Missing you loads, Leslie xx

Panty Buns said...

That dress of yours is a beautiful piece of vintage art! Your stall in Little Birds Market at Sloan's looks like a fabulous place to shop for beautiful frocks, and so neat! It looks like you have some wonderful fellow vintage sellers there.
I hope your Mother Appeal fundraising edition of the Dandy with Oxfam went well.
I loved listening to Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf.